A small tier 3 subsidiary city that actually had a prince of the 4-star strength surprised Fei a little. Besides the [Five Eagles], there were also the [Ten Elites], [Nine Warriors], [Eight Pro], [Seven Wolves], [Six Heroes], [Four Blades], [Three Mad], [Two Hidden], [One Sword]. These people were obviously not some insignificant characters, especially the 10 people in front of the 4-star level [Five Eagles]; their power was obviously terrifying.

This discovery made Fei suddenly feel a sense of urgency and made him feel like a little frog sitting at the bottom of a well… He originally thought that Chambord city had been developing pretty well recently, but now that he looked closely, it wasn’t close to being enough. It still wasn’t enough to just rely on the “Hulk Potion”.

“But in addition, tier 4 Lake City has always been very close to Chambord. Lake City’s King Blanco and your Majesty’s father had a very close relationship, calling each other brothers. This time, the little prince Modric that came to congratulate is only 16 years old, but is already recognized to be one of the [Ten Elites], with a pinnacle 2-star strength and an immeasurable future. I think your Majesty should personally meet Prince Modric,” Bast suggested.

“Okay. On the matter of the reception of the embassy, you will arrange everything and let me know the result.”

Fei’s head was getting a little big from this kind of conference. Countless little things piled up and became cumbersome. He thought for a second, and directly left the mess to his future father-in-law Bast, Brooke and the others, and then he shamelessly patted his butt and directly fled from the hall.

In the hall, everyone looked at each other in an awkward silence.

There were so many people in this world who wanted to ascend to the throne this high, and after they got the throne, many of them would hold on to their power tightly in fear of sharing a tiny bit with others. However, Alexander was the exact opposite, and hid away from the power like it was a disease. This king was really unique, but who would help the ministers inside the hall get out of the awkward atmosphere?

“Let’s… continue our discussion.”

Bast shook his head with a wry smile, “I will report the final details to His Majesty and make a decision later.”

Chambord City’s back mountain, Original Steel Prison Water Dungeon Square.

This place had long been classified as forbidden and completely blocked. Of course, there seemed to be nothing wrong from the outer appearance. The guards were just like before; there were only 4 or 5 extremely and relaxed soldiers lazily scattered at the entrance of the stone castle. But in the dark, the 22 warriors were following a strange pattern around all sides of the mountain paths patrolling, and not even a mosquito could get in undetected.

As the king, Fei smoothly entered the forbidden ground with no resistance and went straight down into the underground stone cave maze.

The originally dark underground stone cave had significantly changed.

In comparison to the quiet outside, the inside was much more active, with rattling sounds of stone and metal clanging all over the place. Prison official Oleg and King’s Bodyguard Army Leader were currently commanding hundreds of carefully selected fine soldiers-according to the blueprints on beast skins provided by Fei-to completely re-repair this water prison.

The 100 workers that worked here were all elites chosen by Brooke in accordance to Fei’s order. They had a clean background, were loyal and reliable, and after being refined by the diluted [Hulk Potion], their strength significantly improved. Although none of them had yet to level up to star-level warriors, each of their physical bodies had reached over thousands of pounds. They were tyrannically strong, clearly comparable to the 22 warriors from the previous stone bridge battle. They were also trained by a master like Peter-Cech, so they had begun to take form as the prototype of an Iron Army.

The originally eerie and terrifying water prison had changed its look bit by bit.

The blood-stained iron fences and torture instruments had been removed. In the skyscraper interior-like huge stone hall that was deep into the corridor, a dozen iron furnaces had been set up. The best blacksmiths in Chambord city brought their best apprentices, and along with the help of the soldiers, they continuously sent the iron fences into the furnace to be melted. Following the drawings provided by Fei, they created new strange looking things. These things weren’t swords or armor; most were just strange instruments and gadgets that most people didn’t know about. Chapter 92: Mysterious Transformation of the Underground Cave

In the deep corridor, the captain of the King’s bodyguard army Peter Cech exposed his strong upper body. His muscles stood out like rocks, and his lower body was wearing Fei’s design, which were straight breeches that had recently swept the entire Chambord city as a fashion leader. He waved a giant iron hammer of at least five hundred kilograms like a windmill; in the roar of the loud noises, the dirty yellow color of his muscles were flashing, and Cech was like a violent humanoid excavator, smashing down steel fences within the endless rumbling noises and caused by the demolition work.

At this time, Cech had completely digested the remnants of the [Hulk Potion] left inside his body, and the faint green color on the surface of his skin had disappeared. He had also erased the miserable mental state from before and got his muscles to sturdy up. In addition to his physical strength, through the days and nights of hard training, he even returned to his past pinnacle 2-star power. To be able to recover to the peak of his power within only a dozen days, it still mainly had to do with the strength he originally had. In the past, Cech was recognized to be number one among 2-stars in terms of defense with his air-tight horizontal lock-down sword style. Besides, he originally had some talent in terms of leading an army, so Cech’s recovery meant that Fei gained another talent that could lead an army on his own besides Brooke.

The prison official Oleg’s chubby body shuttled back and forth among the crowd.

As if affected by Cech’s naked body style, the prison official also exposed his upper body, and whenever there were huge stones or steel that couldn’t be moved due to being too heavy, Oleg would jiggle his fat and laugh, and then personally join in to help, showing off the great power he gained after being transformed with the [Hulk Potion].

Just like Fei, this guy was also a show off.

Whenever hearing the soldiers exclaiming and talking, Oleg would always look triumphant. Perhaps it was also because of this kind of heart, that although his power stayed at around 1 star, his physical strength had actually crazily grown to 2 stars, as if he spent all the effects of the [Hulk Potion] onto his physical body’s transformation. Right now, Oleg even had a ferocious and sturdy scent and developed a six-pack, completely changing from his obnoxiously fat man image from half month ago.

Seeing from afar how this greedy and coward-like fatty actually became close with the soldiers and even got some respect from the veterans, Fei was slightly surprised, but also satisfied that fat Oleg was on his journey to return to grace, but wasn’t he running a bit too f**king fast? It was like a fart that blew all the dust away!

“King Alexander!”

“His Majesty!”

Seeing Fei’s arrival, the face of worshiping a god emerged on all the soldiers’ faces, and they all bowed and saluted. Fei walked very slowly and greeted them all with a smile. After a few days of contact, he could now accurately call out the names of every soldier. That was also a small means of capturing the hearts of the soldiers. After all, when the young soldiers heard that His Majesty actually knew their names, they would always feel touched to the point that their blood boiled.

The demolition work at the water prison was still being carried out in an intense but orderly manner.

This time, Fei brought back some second stage forging blueprints and gave them to the busy blacksmiths.

Among the 30 or so blacksmiths in Chambord city, the best one and also the most respected one was a middle-aged man named Samuel. His short black hair shot up like needles and he was usually pretty quiet and as stable as a boulder, so people liked calling him Rock. His personality was pretty dull, but he was very loyal to friends and very kind; he was the type of typical rough man that had a cold outside but a warm heart.

On the edge of the hot iron stove, Samuel carefully looked at the drawings on the beast skins that His Majesty gave to him, and his eyebrows frowned tightly into a ball. He stopped the work in his hand and began thinking; he was sometimes surprised and sometimes confused, and the two facial expressions just kept alternating.

Seeing how interesting his face was, Fei couldn’t help but jump in and explain those drawings one by one, and then also carefully reminded the detailed problems that needed attention during the forging process. Samuel stayed silent; his talent was very high as a blacksmith, and he was often capable of reaching enlightenment with just a brief pointer. After hearing Fei to the end, his eyebrows finally relaxed, and it seemed like he finally realized what should be done and kept on nodding, “Your Majesty, please rest assured. We can build these iron tools within 10 days for sure.”

Fei smiled and said, “These days you guys have been really working hard. Time is tight and the task is heavy, so if you guys have any requests for pay or accommodation, feel free to request it to Oleg and he will satisfy everyone.”

Upon hearing His Majesty’s generous promise, the blacksmiths cheered.

Fei carefully examined the whole underground cave, made slight adjustments to his design according to the actual situation, and then summoned Cech and Oleg to his side and walked towards the king’s palace hall that was already set up in the giant stone hall.

He has something to say to both of them.

But, when Fei walked past the iron stove, he suddenly had another idea.

In fact, Samuel and the other blacksmiths in Chambord city were forging some large-scale heavy equipment. They were a bit simple and easier to forge, but for those small gears, screws, and other small fine and difficult parts, Fei gave them to the female blacksmith Charsi in the Diablo world so that they wouldn’t be a problem. When the time came, he would just have to think of a way to exchange these items out of the Diablo world.

However, exchanging items out of the Diablo world was too costly and needed a lot of gold coins. If he could do something for Charsi and Elena to come to the real world, then it would all be good. That would not only save a significant amount of exchange fee, but Fei could also let Rock Samuel follow Charsi and learn some superb forging skills. For the current Chambord city, skilled craftsmen were needed most after skilled warriors, so it would be best to let the big chested girl Charsi train a group of talents in this field as soon as possible.

This idea flew past Fei’s mind and made him instantly think of a lot of other things, so he decided to actually try out this plan in the near future.

The three men came to a comfortable stone chamber inside the cave that was the temporary palace for His Majesty.

Fei took out another bottle of [Hulk Potion] and gave it Cech, letting him follow the previous method to once again dilute it into clear water and let the soldiers unconsciously drink it.

These 100 soldiers were now the secret force of the Chambord city. After taking the potion during the first stage, their bodies had been transformed almost to the point where they were ready for the second transformation. Unfortunately, due to people like Cech and Brooke taking a large quantity for their first dose, their potential had been completely revealed, so taking the [Hulk Potion] again wouldn’t have any more effects. If Fei wanted to enhance their strength further, he needed to think of other ways.

Cech held the [Hulk Potion] and was about to leave when Fei suddenly thought of something.

He suddenly stopped Cech and said, “Oh right Peter, among those several blacksmiths, if there are any loyal and reliable people, you can also let them take some of the diluted [Hulk Potion]. If their physical body strength gets increased to the same level of the soldiers, the forging tasks later on will also be completed quicker.”

With a pleasant surprise in Cech’s eyes, he bowed and left with the order.

There were only Fei and Oleg left in the hall.

Fei looked up and down on Oleg several times, and his eyes stopped at the 6-pack of this fat man for a second. He checked him out until Oleg couldn’t stand straight anymore due to how uncomfortable it was to be checked out by another man, and then Fei finally nodded with satisfaction and said, “Very good, you are good, very good… Oleg, you are a wise man, you know what I’m talking about, right?”

Oleg nodded.

Of course he understood what the phrase “very good” His Majesty was referring to.

Presently, the power structure within Chambord city has been re-established. The former commander-in-chief Bazel became a wanted fugitive offender of the country, and his accomplices had all been killed either under the hands of His Majesty himself or by the two giants Bast and Brooke. If one was to say that one person escaped, it would be Oleg. His body was also deeply marked with a Bazel clan mark, and as one of the main evildoers he originally couldn’t escape punishment. But just because His Majesty remembered Oleg’s participation at the stone bridge war, the King used his personal prestige and saved his worthless life once. His Majesty always hoped that Oleg could be reformed and use actions to change how people used to look at him and seek their forgiveness and ultimately merge into the leading group at Chambord city. Otherwise, despite having His Majesty’s support, Oleg’s existence would always be a thorn, deeply rooted inside the core power of Chambord city and potentially cause internal strife.

Oleg had long understood of King Alexander’s hard planning. He’s was smart fatty, and at least he had his own way to manage relationships with people and naturally knew how to win the recognition of Brooke and the other good people. So during this period of time, he tried very hard to do everything right, and he did indeed do a lot of good deeds which finally had an effect, helping him gain the recognition of most people in the Chambord city.

“Oleg thanks Your Majesty for the reform opportunity.”

Thinking of all of that, Oleg’s heart was full of affection.

This time, this fat suck-up kneeled down to the ground for a standard bow, without gorgeous rhetoric and kissing Fei’s boots.

It was also at this moment that he found his inner peace and finally understood at that moment: only if a spine was always upright and solemnly bent down in front of His Majesty, could it be regarded as true respect; on the contrary, a spine that could bend down any moment wouldn’t mean much in front of his king; it wouldn’t be glory, but rather an insult. Chapter 93: Huh? Where are the people?

Fei watched Oleg’s performance and knew that this fatty really understood his thoughts this time and he nodded pleasantly.

He didn’t say anything anymore.

With a sudden thought, Fei placed a red sorcerer’s stone on the table in front of him and asked, “Come take a look, do you recognize this thing?”

“This is a low-grade fire elemental sorcerer’s stone.”

Oleg showed a little trace of surprise and honestly replied.

“Well, since you recognize it, then let’s talk about it. About the sorcerer’s stone, how much do you know?”

Oleg didn’t know why His Majesty suddenly started asking about the sorcerer’s stone, but he didn’t dare to neglect at all, and after a little thought he started replying, “The sorcerer’s stone is a magical stone rich with elemental strength, and according to the quality it can be categorized into low-grade, medium grade, high-grade, perfect and legendary grade. In the land of Azeroth, a sorcerer’s stone was a symbol of wealth above gold and silver coins, especially to the many sorcerers and warriors. A sorcerer’s stone’s worth was above coins, because sorcerers could use its elemental power to enhance their magic stats, build magic arrays, make magic scrolls and equipment, and warriors could extract the elemental powers to enhance their energy storage capacity and the speed at which their energy was condensed into star levels…”

“Oh?” Fei was surprised for a second and then said, “Then according to what you said, warriors can also use their magic stones to increase their energy level?”

“Yes, your Majesty.”

“Well… Okay, tell me more about the different grades of sorcerer’s stones. Can they achieve a certain percentage of conversion rate among them?”

“Of course, your Majesty, the Sorcerer’s Stone’s quality is mainly dependent on the level of energy it contains. Generally speaking, a medium-grade sorcerer’s stone’s elemental energy storage is 100 times low-grade ones, and the high-grade is 100 times the storage of the medium grade, and perfect-grade has 100 times more storage than the high-grade storage. Of course, that’s just a general standard.”

Oleg was very slow with the explanation, trying his best to make his answer seem detailed.

“… the conversion ratio between different ranks of the magic stone originally follows the ratio of 1:100 too, however, most of the time, because the quantity of higher quality magic stones is relatively less, things usually can’t be measured buy the amount of energy contained, and higher grade stones can be traded for a little over 100 lower grade ones. In the case of some special events such as an outbreak of war, high grade sorcerer’s stones can be used to make large magic scrolls, and with increased demand during war, sorcerer’s stones of different grade’s conversion rate can go up to 1:150 or even 1:200.”

Fei suddenly felt incredibly happy.

His previous guess was verified, and that meant his plan could also be successfully implemented.

Clearly, the so-called low, medium, high, perfect, legendary grade 5 types of sorcerer’s stones respectively corresponded to the Diablo world’s [Chipped Gem], [Flawed Gem], [Regular Gem], [Flawless Gem], [Perfect Gem] five types of gems. But in the Diablo world, every tier of gem could be upgraded at the conversion ratio of 3:1. Then, Fei just needed to find [Horadric Cube] at [Lut Gholein]’s Halls of Dead, and then he would be able to freely upgrade high grade [Perfect Gems], and then take advantage of the giant difference in conversion rate between the real world and the Diablo world to acquire huge profits.

“In our Chambord city, are there any channels for exchanging sorcerer’s stones?”

Fei tries to suppress the excitement in his heart and continued asking.

“Your Majesty, the exchange of sorcerer’s stones can indeed be performed in some large business market groups, but Chambord city is relative remote, so very few large trading groups would come visit us here. If we want to exchange sorcerer’s stones, we must send out a trade team outside to initiate contact.”

“So, now there’s no channel readily available for sorcerer’s stone trading?” Fei was a little disappointed.

“Let me think… Yes, there is a way, you can do it at the Holy Church, but it is generally open to the people outside of the Holy Church.” Oleg thought for a while and said.


Fei’s eyes suddenly brightened up.

An idea suddenly came to his mind.

“Alright, you are dismissed… Oh right, the transformation process of the underwater prison should be appropriately accelerated, but we can’t let the soldiers and blacksmiths feel too tired. Remember, on the food and pay side of things for our people, we must not dissatisfy them. As for what to do in detail, I think you know very well already. If you get me trouble, watch how I beat your ass.” Fei smiled and said.

Oleg was also a smart man, and he knew that His Majesty smiling and swearing at the same time meant that his Majesty was quite satisfied with his performance these days, so he nodded, respectfully bowed, and turned around and exited the hall.

Fei sat quietly and thought that since there was nothing that he needed to take care of here, and since it was also about time, he simply ordered the guards to hold the stone hall’s entrance to prohibit anyone from entering, and then directly opened the portal and entered the Diablo world.

Diablo World.

Deep inside the [Dry Hills] outside of [Lut Gholein].

[Halls of Dead]’s third underground floor.

Fei brought beauty mercenary Elena and finally came here again.

[Halls of Dead] was an underground tomb, and its layout was somewhat similar to the underground at the back mountain of Chambord City; it was also a buried underground stone maze, but it was much more gorgeous and magnificent than the one in Chambord city. Here there was a long corridor, and the walls of the corridor were engraved with some fuzzy murals, telling of the prosperous ancient times. In addition to the murals, there were giant pillars everywhere. On the secret chamber’s door were some carved strange magic characters, and the power of the elemental magic was somewhat hidden and present; with just a little touch the door would sink into the ground with a loud noise, revealing the internal space of the chamber behind the stone door.

Fei had a health potion bottle in his mouth and used himself as a meat shield to block off the chamber’s entrance, preventing the mass of monsters inside from coming out as he waved the giant axes in his hand. The frost bolts were also fired from Elena’s hands through Fei’s hair and accurately landed on the monsters in front of them.

The two had already cooperated with each other in this kind of environment many times and had long been familiar with this place. A glance and an action was all they needed to produce numerous sparks, and that was the so-called best partners.

Under such cooperation, the chief boss [Blood Witch the Wild] finally couldn’t hold anymore, wailed and sprayed out blood, and then fell into the pool of blood on the ground filled with resentment.

And as she fell, a light “ding dong” ring was heard, the light gold color shined, and a dark gold box with a mysterious pattern engraved appeared on the ground, flashing a dizzy and mysterious grey light.

“It’s the [Horadric Cube]!”

Fei was overjoyed, as he ignored the gold equipment and 3 blue equipment that were also dropped. He went up and picked up the [Horadric Cube] as if he picked up a peerless treasure, carefully checked it back and forth, and then he finally calmed down.

Judging from the outside, [Horadric Cube] was a box forged with dark steel, 20 cm in both length and width, and the body of the box was covered up with dark yellow color metal bands, forming ancient and simple patterns, like a vine wrapped around the box. It looked very heavy, at least about 3 to 4 pounds, but in Fei’s hand it felt as light as a feather.

Fei quickly opened the [Horadric Cube], and inside the box was another dimension, with 12 spaces with 3 in width and 4 in height, just like the computer game from the past.

He couldn’t wait and got the long prepared 3 [Chipped Gems] from his bad, closed the box, then pressed the palm of his hand on the S-shaped pattern at the top of the box and injected a little magic power into it.

An indescribable sound of nature came to their ears.

This sword strike was even vaster than the previous one, and it contained the profundities of the Myriad Netherwave Palm. He’d accumulated the might of his sword strikes like successive waves that overlapped with each other before being slashed out with the Creation Sword Insight. The might of this sword technique was sufficient to annihilate both Yin and Yang and crush the world, and it carried an all-powerful and fierce aura.

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