And in the third second, Ye Xiu didn’t even need to look at his status bar to know that the Sacred Fire’s Silence was gone. With the status effect gone, how could he be afraid of facing the Striker? The two characters clashed; the Striker punched forward, but Lord Grim suddenly ducked and then countered.

The sword light curved into a beautiful arc. The Assassin skill: Shining Cut. The Striker’s fist hit nothing but air, while his body was left open. Shining Cut sliced across his waist, leaving a trail of fresh blood. Two sword lights crossed and intersected at his neck, cutting across like a giant pair of scissors.

The two swords returned and the blood flowed outwards from the Striker’s neck.

The spray of blood looked terrifying, but this was a game, so the injury didn’t mean that the Striker was dead.

This sudden change was completely outside of everyone’s expectations. By the time the Blade master jumped down to give chase, Lord Grim had already run far away.

Crowd Lover was the closest to Lord Grim now. Jiang You hoped for Zhang Xinjie’s instructions, but he didn’t say anything. He couldn’t just watch as Lord Grim ran past him, so Jiang You pounced after him to try and block him. However, Elementalists weren’t good at blocking. Crowd Lover put his staff behind him and prepared to use a Falling Flower Palm.

Jiang You wasn’t very good in this area. In front of him was the forefather of the Battle Mage as well. Jiang You was pretty much displaying his measly skill in front of a God. But if Ye Xiu was hit by this Falling Flower Palm, then retirement was the right choice.

Lord Grim gently turned and Jiang You’s Falling Flower Palm flew by him. Lord Grim jumped up and the Twin Tailed Swords in his hands picked Crowd Lover into the air using Assassin skill: Leaping Blade.

Lord Grim landed first and then sent Crowd Lover flying away. At this moment, the Sharpshooter finally freed himself from the trap. But the Striker’s Poison hadn’t ended yet and green spots covered his body. The Blade Master was also still far away from him.

And Endless Night? Ye Xiu turned his camera and saw Endless Night behind him, still standing there, not moving.

Ye Xiu chuckled and sent a message to him: “Almost. A bit more and you would have gotten me. Try again next time.”

After sending him the message, Lord Grim turned his head and left. He didn’t plan on continuing to fight with this team. The team had some sort of expert helping them, who had forced him into a dangerous situation. If he hadn’t judged incorrectly, then the person controlling Endless Night was probably Tyranny’s Zhang Xinjie.

Luckily, the others weren’t pro-players. Their ability to carry out his instructions weren’t good enough. If not for this, it would be hard to say whether he’d have been able to escape from these six with just the Twin Tailed Swords in his hands. Lord Grim disappeared shortly after.

Seeing that Zhang Xinjie’s Endless Night wasn’t moving, Jiang You and the others didn’t go and chase. All they could do was helplessly move their characters over to Endless Night’s side.

Even though none of them had died this time, the outcome was completely different than what they had expected. When Lord Grim was hit by Sacred Fire, they all thought that the situation was already set. They were all exclaiming how different it was to have a true expert help them. But in the end, two traps had turned over the double Sacred Fire situation and Lord Grim had escaped. From this point of view, the winner was still Lord Grim.

Jiang You and the others couldn’t help but feel dejected when they heard Zhang Xinjie say: “The weapon in his hands didn’t seem to have changed forms.”

A voice from outside of the game came: “He wasn’t holding his original weapon. That’s the Nightwalker class Level 30 Purple weapon, Twin Tailed Swords.”

The one who spoke was Endless Night. He played in the new server, so Endless Night was very knowledgeable about equipment at this level. It didn’t matter what class the weapon was from, he could recognize it.

“Purple weapon?” The others repeated it back.

From when Lord Grim first appeared to his escape, the entire battle hadn’t even taken a minute. They hadn’t yet had time to reflect on the details of the battle. Endless Night, who hadn’t been playing, had seen everything clearly. He had been standing behind Zhang Xinjie and Zhang Xinjie hadn’t done much in the battle besides giving commands. The only time he really did anything else was when he used Sacred Fire. His character’s camera constantly shifted to observe each player’s situation. Having a general outlook of the field was an important skill for Clerics to have. Endless Night hadn’t even watched for a minute, but already felt like he had gained a lot.

“Oh, that guy fought all throughout the night yesterday and hadn’t had the chance to return back to the city. My guess is that his weapon is running out of Durability.” Jiang You thought for a bit and then said. His guess was quite on point.

“So it’s like that.” Zhang Xinjie said.

“How unlucky. If it wasn’t for those two traps…….” The Striker gloomily said. In this battle, he had been the most unfortunate. The blood from the Cut Throat made his character look miserable and the Poison from the trap had only just wore off.

“If the Gunner had been a bit faster, then he wouldn’t have had the chance to put down those two traps.” Zhang Xinjie quickly said.

“Uh……” The Sharpshooter didn’t know what to say.

“The Cleric’s Sacred Fire was half a second early. The Mage initiated just a bit too slowly.” Zhang Xinjie continued.

Jiang You and the Cleric were silent.

“The Striker likes to punch while moving fast…… but he needs to work on his accuracy.”

“Oh…..” The Striker replied.

Of the team of five, four of them had been called out by Zhang Xinjie. They couldn’t help but shudder when they thought of what would have happened to them if they had partied with the team captain Han Wenqing. If all of these mistakes had led to Lord Grim escaping, they’d probably have been bombarded by the team captain’s shouts already.

“Then what should we do next?” Jiang You and the others felt like they didn’t have the ability to stop Lord Grim, so they didn’t have any suggestions to make. Right now, with Zhang Xinjie, they took the chance to ask for his advice. There was clearly no way Zhang Xinjie could continue to accompany them and waste his time on Lord Grim. He had only said he would “take a look”, so he was probably done looking around by now. What would the vice-captain suggest? Jiang You looked forward to his answer.

“The main conflict is the competition for the dungeon records. If we keep fighting like this, then all we’re doing is wasting each other’s time and effort. There’s nothing good that will come from it.” Zhang Xinjie said.

“Yeah!” Jiang You hastily replied.

“That’s why I made a deal with him. Tonight, we’ll go to the Arena and do a 5v5 team competition. If we win, they won’t touch the records set by Tyrannical Ambition.

“Ah! Really?’ Jiang You exclaimed happily.

‘But he has conditions on his side too. I’ll send you it. See if you can accept it.” Zhang Xinjie said and sent Lord Grim’s message to Jiang You. The final decision had to be done by Jiang You, since Jiang You was the person in charge of the guild.

Jiang You looked at the stakes. Eight Scarlet Scorpion Tails, eight Scarlet Stingers, a Scarlet Illusion Blade, forty Sandworm Silk. So familiar! Wasn’t this list very similar to the one that Lord Grim had given when Cold Night went to negotiate with Lord Grim over Line Canyon? But, it was a bit different compared to last time.

Amber Crystal! Lord Grim hadn’t included an Amber Crystal this time, which was originally the most valuable item. Which means……. Could the Cliff Ronin Alpine have dropped an Amber Crystal? Now that he has it, he doesn’t need it? F*ck!

But if the other side has it already, then the stakes were a lot lower. Jiang You thought as he said: “Yeah, I can accept these conditions……..”

“Hold on. I haven’t sent everything yet.” Zhang Xinjie sent another message. Jiang You looked at it and fell even more depressed. The stakes hadn’t lowered one bit. With the new message, there was another list of uncommon materials, which equalled in value to an Amber Crystal.

Jiang You cursed at Lord Grim and then closed the message.

“So he said that if we win, then they won’t touch any of our Tyrannical Ambition records ever again?” Jiang You asked Zhang Xinjie.

“Yes. That was the agreement.” Zhang Xinjie said.

“Then I can accept these conditions.” Jiang You said, “I’m just afraid he won’t uphold the agreement!”

“It’s not like we’ll lose much if we win the team competition, no?”

“That’s true.” Jiang You nodded his head and pondered silently. Endless Night, who was behind them, stood out and said: “You can trust Lord Grim. There hasn’t been any crazy records recently.”

“Really?’ Jiang You saw Lord Grim as evil and deceitful. Hiding for a half and an hour to steal their BOSS, sneakily setting up two traps, just looking at these two events, Jiang You wasn’t able to see Lord Grim as anyone trustworthy.

“We can tell the whole world of the bet. That way, if he goes back on his word, everyone will know and no one will ever trust him again.” Someone suggested.

“Hm…….” Jiang You hesitated and looked at Zhang Xinjie. He really wanted to know how confident Zhang Xinjie was in the team competition, but asking him would mean that he would be questioning Zhang Xinjie’s skill. Should I ask or not……

Telling the whole world of the bet was a double-edged sword! Didn’t the Poplar Beach massacre just happen? He lost so badly that he was too afraid of playing again. If they lost this fight, then the players participating wouldn’t be the only ones losing face, but the entire guild. It’d be even worse than Poplar Beach.

“Vice-captain Zhang, what do you think of our chances of winning?’ Jiang You decided to ask him.

“If we’re going by individual strength, Lord Grim’s skill level is certainly above yours, which is why I asked for a team competition. Team competitions require strategy, coordination, and a team synergy. You said that Lord Grim’s team have only just recently been formed, while you guys have been playing for a long time together. In terms of synergy, isn’t it obvious who has the advantage? Their individual ability might be their advantage, but we are a better team.” Zhang Xinjie said.

“We don’t completely lose in individual strength! We still have you, vice-captain!” The Striker said.

Everyone chuckled, but Zhang Xinjie shook his head: “In a team competition, controlling each individual’s tempo and coordination is more important. You must be calm. Blindly showing off your strength will only seem out of place. Coming apart from the team’s tempo will only lead to you being the team’s weakness.”

The Striker’s flattery hadn’t gone well. Jiang You didn’t pay attention to all this. Even after saying so much, Zhang Xinjie only told them of their advantages. He didn’t say what their chances were exactly. Jiang You wanted a direct answer. Zhang Xinjie continued to speak though: “In any case, as long as it is a competition, there is no way of knowing the odds completely. I can only say that in theory, we have a higher winning chance. If not, then I wouldn’t have directly asked to bet with Lord Grim.”

“Alright! Then I’ll agree to the bet. We can talk about the other details later!” Jiang You decided. Now it was just a matter of whether he should announce the bet to the world. That, he’d have to consider some more! Ye Xiu received Endless Night’s agreement to the conditions and smiled. He then replied: “I’ll see you tonight then.”

“Tonight? What time?’ Endless Night asked.

“That’s hard to say. The people on my side are a bit complicated. I need to contact them first and even then, it’s hard to set a time. You’ll all be on at night, right? We’ll go when everyone’s here!” Ye Xiu casually answered back.

“You can’t contact them right now?”

“They’re not online.” Ye Xiu said.

“Nine o’clock. There’s still 4 hours and 37 minutes until then. Will you have your players gathered by then?”

“Uh, probably……” Ye Xiu really wasn’t sure. Tang Rou and Chen Guo had left together and he didn’t know when they would come back. Su Mucheng and Qiao Yifan usually weren’t on by then. Steamed Bun Invasion was usually on, but if he didn’t come on, Ye Xiu had no way of contacting him.

“Then tonight at nine.” The other side replied.

“Alright, be there or be square.”

“Don’t be late. I won’t wait for you.” The other side concluded.

He really is Zhang Xinjie, Ye Xiu laughed and didn’t reply back. Right at this moment, his Lord Grim was hurrying on. He figured that he was still everyone’s target. Even though he had already made a bet with Tyrannical Ambition, Ye Xiu couldn’t guarantee that they’d stop chasing him.

He only wanted to fix his Myriad Manifestation Umbrella. The NPCs that could do this were in many of the small villages as well, so he didn’t need to return to Congee City.

In the end, Ye Xiu chose to go to Buzzer Village, which was near Frost Forest. This type of small village wasn’t considered a safe area and also didn’t have any leveling monsters either; there were only a couple of NPCs, one of which could fix equipment. This place was already considered a low-leveled area. Since there weren’t any valuable quests to do around here, he didn’t think many guild players would be here.

Everything was as Ye Xiu had expected. After finding the NPC, his Myriad Manifestation Umbrella was fixed. At Level 25, fixing equipment didn’t require any materials; it only required money. This small amount of money wasn’t anything to Ye Xiu. The surplus of materials that he had gotten from Tiny Herb could be sold at any time for money.

Just as he was about to leave, he heard a system notification from his friends list. Ye Xiu checked and saw that it was Concealed Light.

“God, you’re on!” Concealed Light said hi to Ye Xiu.

“Yeah, I’m on! Have you gone online in the day time? How was it? Did you meet any trouble?” Ye Xiu asked. Concealed Light had been drawn into the conflict for no reason. If the guilds decided to watch over him as well, then that would really be unlucky.

“I went on for a bit in the afternoon. Nothing in particular happened!” Concealed Light said.

“Okay, that’s good. How’s your research on your guides going along?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Uh, this one is a lot more complicated than fighting a BOSS!! I’m about ⅕ of the way done. Do you want to take a look, God?”


“How do I send it to you?”

“Add me on QQ!” Ye Xiu said and then sent him his ID. He then logged onto his QQ and received a friend invite not long after. He checked the invite and saw that the other side was using his in-game ID, Concealed Light. He looked at his own QQ nickname and saw that he was using his in-game ID.

The profile picture for his QQ was a red maple leaf.

One Autumn Leaf was his QQ’s nickname.

Seeing this, Ye Xiu sighed. He lit up his cigarette, opened the settings, changed his profile picture to the default one, and then changed his name to Lord Grim.

One Autumn Leaf was already of the past, even though it actually hadn’t been that long yet.

Ye Xiu silently accepted Concealed Light’s friend request and Concealed Light immediately sent him a file: Line Canyon Idiot’s Guide.

“Idiot’s Guide still! Even though you’re listing out the details step by step, it can’t be called idiotic in any way.”

“It’s just a name. I can change it any time. Hurry and check it out, God.” Concealed Light clearly didn’t care about the name.

“Okay, I’ll take a look. You do your business, I’ll look for you in a bit.”

“Thank you!” Concealed Light said.

Ye Xiu had run Line Canyon many times already and already had an idea on how to set the dungeon record. Early in the morning, when Tang Rou had gone to sleep early, he had spent his time studying dungeon guides and records, so he had a general idea of the strategy.

Now what type of strategy could this purely theoretical Concealed Light have come up with? Ye Xiu opened up the file and took a look. Like before, the introduction was on the class set-up, which turned out to be a party of an unspecialized, a Launcher, a Battle Mage, a Brawler, and a Ghostblade. It was clearly based off of Ye Xiu’s team. Ye Xiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He had only looked at the first line and was already looking for Concealed Light: “Why’d you put in an unspecialized. My character isn’t typical.”

“Ha ha…… I just wanted to try it out.” Concealed Light said.

Ye Xiu reckoned that Concealed Light wanted them to do an experiment, to prove the possibility of his guides. But the problem was that using Lord Grim as a template limited the guides only to them.

An unspecialized with the Myriad Manifestation Umbrella and an unspecialized without one were two completely different things. Concealed Light didn’t understand this self-made Silver weapon, so he wouldn’t be able to write an unspecialized guide that suited Lord Grim. Guides like his that analyzed the damage from every single hit and required there to not be a single mistake couldn’t lack this aspect.

Ye Xiu decided to keep on looking though. Sure enough, it was just as he expected. The content regarding unspecialized wasn’t correct.

“This probably won’t do……” Ye Xiu said the truth to Concealed Light. Concealed Light wasn’t stupid, so with just these few words, Concealed Light realized what the problem was.

“Unspecialized won’t do I guess. I need to change it to a different class.” Concealed Light replied to Ye Xiu.

“Clearing a dungeon and killing a BOSS the fastest are very similar in that they both have an optimal class set-up.” Ye Xiu said.

“Yeah, I saw a few guides talking about this. In the beginning, I planned on doing that, but I felt like your unspecialized was more powerful.”

“The advantages of an unspecialized are extremely obvious in the early stages of the game, but the problem is, there aren’t any more unspecialized. If your guides only talk about using an unspecialized, then it’ll be the same as your previous BOSS guides. They’ll be guides that no one can use.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Okay, I understand.” Concealed Light said.

“You still have to dungeon when you have the chance in order to increase your experience.” Ye Xiu said. Concealed Light’s theoretical knowledge of the game was quite impressive. He was also very smart, but there was a difference between theory and reality.

Naturally, Mo Qingcheng would also be mentioned along with him. The her right now had a countenance filled with happiness and excitement. When she stared at the three dazzling golden characters on the top row of the ranking monument, her eyes turned slightly red as though she wanted to say something. But because he hadn’t exited the realm yet, she didn’t know who to say the words she wanted to say to.

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[Item abilities: 1. Storage. The staff can contain spells: Rank 9 (1), Rank 7 (3), Rank 5 (5). (Currently Empty) 2. Blazing Skyfire, legendary spell. (Can be used once every twenty days). 3. Domain of Terror. 4. Blaze: Absorbing the strength of divine souls, the staff can deal a one-time mental attack or boost itself. Will harm the imprisoned soul. 5. Fire Immunity.]

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