And so the village’s crisis was averted. The Monster never reached the village, and no casualties arose. Hiiro’s slaying of the Red Boar earned him quite a bit of attention.

The feeling of being stared at was quite uncomfortable, but as the villagers made his food extra tasty, Hiiro decided to put up with it.

“But I’m surprised that you’re alright, Arnold.”

Max stares at his sake as he speaks.

“What is this about?”

“I heard a rumor that a beast man that looked like you had been enslaved by humans. I thought that was definitely you… Your ears, did they do something to you?”

“…Pretty much.”

Arnold’s ears which were firmly printed in Max’s memory were nowhere to be seen. And he remembered the rumor of the beast man turned slave.

“It seems that you’ve been through a lot. The Humas race really does terrible things.”

Max did not get visibly angry, but his words seemed to carry a menacing tone. Arnold feels a little happy that his friend is getting angry for his sake.

“Yeah, I definitely don’t want to return to that time. But right now, I am living quite happily, Max.”


“I’ve even started doing the things I wanted to. I became a chef, and I even have a daughter.”

“Oh yeah, when did you get that girl, anyways?”

Arnold squints as he looks at the smiling Max.

“Don’t get me wrong. Though she’s my daughter, we’re not related by blood.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah. A good friend entrusted her to me.”

Arnold stares into the distance, and Max downs his sake in one swig. He sighs.

“It seems that you really have been through a lot.”

“Yep… Many things happened.”

The two are surrounded by silence for a while.

“Then what is that kid? He seems to be a Beast Man, of the same race as the girl.”

Arnold winces. Currently, Hiiro is using his magic to disguise himself. As a result, he has the same silver hair as Muir.

“Um… It’s that! He’s Muir’s brother!”

“So that’s it? No wonder they looked so much alike!”

(I think Hiiro is going to punch me later…)

Thinking about his dismal situation, Arnold starts to feel the air getting colder.

“But that kid really is crazy. I’ve never heard of someone taking out a Red Boar alone before.”

“Y-yeah. That guy is a bit strange.”

‘In many ways’ said Arnold in his heart

“I won’t press it any further. You guys are this villages saviors, so just take it easy for a bit.”

“Thanks, Max.”

“Oy, shorty. Don’t be so picky.”

Hiiro is holding up a green peas-like food that Muir seems to be avoiding.

“Eh… but…”

“If you hate it so much, then…”

He wraps the peas in some meat, and wraps that in more vegetables.

“Here, eat this.”

“… Okay”

Even as he hands it over, Muir’s eyes seem to show some resistance. Her upturned eyes seem to say, ‘Do I really have to eat it?’ And in response, Hiiro’s eyes seem to say, ‘If you don’t eat it, I’ll force it on you.’ And Hiiro shoves the food in her mouth.

Muir closes her eyes as she chews. And then opens them with a confused look.

(That terrible feeling is gone?)

As if he could read Muir’s mind, Hiiro begins speaking.

“The reason you hated it was probably the texture, or the smell. All you have to do is get rid of that. This meat has quite a strong smell, and these vegetables have a firm texture. They’ll help you get over your hatred of those beans.”

“A-amazing. You’re almost like my uncle.”

Hiiro lightly hits Muir’s head.


“Who’s like that old man?”

Hiiro frowns as he continues to stuff food in his mouth. Muir tilts her head, wondering where exactly he puts all of that food in his slender body.

(If I had a brother… would it feel like this?)

She gets a slight warm feeling inside of her chest. She had never thought of it before, but Hiiro’s current hair color might be giving her such ideas.

Arnold watches the two, and stares at Hiiro as if he were going to shoot him to death.

But the Bear People around them simply misunderstood the situation and thought, ‘Yep, those two are definitely siblings.’ Arnold’s concern was unnecessary.

After the group continued eating for a while, a group of women in dancer like clothes that had high exposure rates came out. It seems that they will perform a folk dance.

A person comes out carrying a drum. He rhythmically beats it, and the dancers move to match the rhythm.

“Wow~! Those people are really pretty~ and the dancing is skillfull~.”

Muir holds her hands together, and admires them. But Hiiro seems to be more focused on the food in front of him. After filling his mouth, he glances at the dancers.

(I see. So the Bear Race has slender people as well.)

And once again, he thinks something rude before shifting his eyes back to the food. But Muir seems to be captivated, and Arnold seems to be enamored.

“Oh~ How indecent”

Muir feels as if his father had made lecherous eyes at some random girl. She’s quite embarrassed.

“Please contain yourself!”

And she heads towards Arnold. Hiiro continues pressing food to his lips, as he stares at the night sky. He sees a shooting star, and thinks, ‘How peaceful.’


Arnold Ocean

Lv 35

HP 355/355

MP 189/189

EXP 50089

NEXT 6210

ATX 358 (402)

DEF 323 (339)

AGL 298 (303)

HIT 222 (224)

INT 102 ()

《Magical Attribute》Wind

《Magic》Fangs of Wind | Explosive Wind Claw | Blast Inversion

《Title》Friend of the Wind | Former Slave | Chef | Doting Father | Man of Burning Soul | The Man Referred to as a Pervert

Guild Card

Name Arnold Ocean

Sex Male

Age 37

But the speed at which he retreated was not as fast as Shi Xiaobai’s thrust forward. He was caught up in an instant!

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