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“All this after only a single night! The Demons only just retreated and they already intend to seize power.”

Daniela continued in an exhausted tone, “Most people in the city were Turalyon’s trusted people. They are actually more willing to believe in Hubble, someone with no leadership experience, than in me.”

“What are their heads filled with?!”

Marvin remained silent.

He quietly listened, neither agreeing nor refuting, only acting as a good listener.

Daniela clearly had been suffered from being under too much pressure. In this short period of time, she did her best in the war against Demons and had lost some of her relatives in the fighting. The one she had always considered the most hateful had actually been competing with her fairly. He just had a rather abrasive personality. And the most unbelievable part was that the one who wanted to snatch her position was the one she’d always had the most faith in!

She even started to doubt the course of her own life!

He had hidden so well for so many years!

She only saw love from his eyes all this time, but didn’t notice the envy and malice hidden within them.

“Shortly before he died, Turalyon assured me once more that seven years ago, he truly wasn’t the one who poisoned me,” Daniela muttered.

This had some frightening implications.

Marvin sighed and gently grabbed Daniela’s hand.

That hand was extremely icy, like she was seriously ill.

“I’ll support you whatever happens,” Marvin said conscientiously. “Believe me, no one deserves that position more than you do.”

“The people of Lavis need you, not a power-hungry mortal.”

Daniela’s expression showed a trace of pain and confusion, “I know… But I don’t know what to do now.”

Marvin gently patted the back of her hand. “We all have to face the dark side of the world…”

“Sooner is better than later.”

“Sometimes, we are forced to make a choice, even if what we decide on is bad. But in contrast, the other options are even worse.”

“You are the most talented girl I’ve seen, and the fame of the Cridlands will be brought to greater heights in your hands. Lavis will grow in power, even becoming the hegemon of the North!”

“I think this is what your father, Turalyon, and those dead warriors would have wanted to see.”

Marvin finally concluded, “Compared to this, the rest isn’t as important.”

Daniela nodded with a complicated expression.

“They notified me that tonight, they will carry out another meeting. Hubble and I have to attend. At that time, they will vote to decide on the new Great Duke.”

Marvin smiled. “Tonight?”

“Good, I’ll take the chance to join in on the fun. After all…”

“I am also a Cridland!” Chapter 797: Meeting again

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A melodious tune blasted out from the saxophone and filled the atmosphere.

The mood crafted by this tune was neither tranquil nor graceful as the elves’ adore. Instead, it released a strong bearing of a mighty gust blowing fiercely against majestic snowy mountain peaks!

Voluminous and endless, yet clear without sloppiness. It deserved convinced praises.

Franklin gradually skipped along the white pebble path as he blew, nodding and smiling at anyone he saw. The sound of the saxophone blended perfectly with the running stream water beside.

While playing his instrument, a thin halo extended out from his body as the rippling tune stretched through all corners; particularly concentrated towards the residence of the twilight elf.

At present, Melody was reclining on a branch-woven couch. Soft green leaves and vines tired around the branches, making it firm yet supple. Bubbles emerged from the clear waters beside her as tiny fishes and prawns swam around happily.

Love Can Devastate A light-purple vine bundled her beautiful hair up, and she wore a tender green feminine garment that occasionally revealed her lovely navel. Beneath it was a grassy green mini-skirt that was kissed with the style of both humans and elves.

A crystal and transparent goblet was placed by her hand, which swirled with exquisite grape wine transported from a distant place. Melody lifted the goblet from a sip of the blood-like wine, as her developed chest undulated faintly; revealing a slice of alluring white cleavage right beneath the collar. It was truly a scene for fascination.

Following the trail of her slender and fair crisscrossed calves, one could observe the slight pink shading over her jewel-like toenails. This ensured an adorable luster in addition to the allure which allowed one to relax the mind and enjoy. Her lovely legs were what Sheyan loved most to toy with.

The faintly audible wind sounds of a saxophone penetrated through the gaps of the branchy window.

Melody disliked the sound of that unknown instrument. On the contrary, she loved the graceful and subdued style of string instruments like the harp or the zither. Moreover, her twilight elf disposition allowed her to sense this.

The wind sound of the saxophone carried a strange enticement that attempted to pervade one’s senses.

“Get that balladeer away from my residence.” Melody issued composedly. “I do not fancy his music.”

An elf bowed politely and replied.

“Yes, my noble twilight elf. Your will is my command.”

Franklin obviously wasn’t aware of the blunder he created. Fortunately, this impromptu section of his music ended and he once again reached the familiar chorus of the ‘Song of Dawn’.

Upon hearing that chorus, Melody was instantly stunned. She hastily called the elf that was just about to leave.

“Wait, recklessly banishing foreigners will tarnish the reputation of us gracious and cordial elves, especially during Rivendell’s celebration.”

Actually, Sheyan had underestimated Melody’s capabilities even further, or more accurately, underestimated the influence of a twilight elf had over other elves. Especially after addressing herself as Sunstrider, it created two distinct changes. Although many elves who held faith in the moon goddess of Elune were provoked, the ones loyal to the sun god would naturally flock towards her.

Indeed, though this elf guard was previously Glorfindel’s subordinate, he was secretly a believer of the sun elf god. Thus, was easily absorbed into Melody’s faction.

Moreover, Melody’s order didn’t raise any objections and he bowed deeply and returned to his post.

Melody shut her eyes, this time unresistant, to the familiar yet somewhat foreign melody that filled her mind. Slowly, she witnessed the horrifying platform of skin flaying on that snowy peak. Then, the secret forest that released toxic hallucinatory fumes beneath the scorching sun, followed by that redoubtable colossus, Oceanfreak Moria…her heart was overwhelmed with turbulent waves in this moment. Two crystal tear beads rolled down her eyes before she commanded.

“Invite this bard over, I wish for him to perform a song for me. If those guards of Elrond and Glorfindel refuses, use force! They’ve already restricted by freedom, am I to let them control my rights to enjoy music?”

It was already Elrond’s and Glorfindel’s limit that they could restrict Melody’s freedom of movement. Since Melody was likewise a twilight elf, their conduct had aroused disharmony and gossips throughout Rivendell.

If not for their overbearing combined might and reputation, there would’ve been an uprising long ago.

Since Melody’s current request was reasonable, Franklin managed to be granted audience with her without much hindrances. He didn’t delay at all and directly delivered Sheyan’s message for her, whose words instantly caused her eyes to puff up redly…..

“Venerable twilight elf, I learnt this song from a human who current resides in Rivendell. The name is called ‘An hour 38 minutes’.”

Therefore, a short hour later, Sheyan who was currently accompanying Segimli in the tavern received some delightful news.

When an elf assistant fetched a new glass of wine, the elf offered Sheyan a special bottle. Just when Sheyan was about to raise the wine for a drink, he surprisingly discovered strange fluctuations within the wine. When the fluctuations calmed down, a projection of Melody could be seen smiling at him.

Upon witnessing this scene, Sheyan immediately felt that Melody’s power in Rivendell had far eclipsed his thinking. He pondered while walking out of the tavern. After locating a remote place, he sat down idly on a stool.

Not too long later, Sheyan felt a movement from afar. After a brief while, a squad of patrol elves marched over. The leader of the guards was someone relatively familiar to Sheyan. It was shockingly that middle-aged elf wizard who could sense his ‘Stairway of the Sun’ system.

The middle-aged elf wizard issued to Sheyan.

“Human. We suspect you of bringing forbidden goods into Rivendell. We will have to bring you back for investigations, you will be released before twilight tomorrow if found innocent.”

He emphasized mildly on the word ‘twilight’ but others would not attach any significance to that. However, Sheyan understood tacitly and obediently reached his hands out to allow the elves to probe with their nature magic. Soon after, the vines surrounding Sheyan rapidly grew and coiled around his wrists.

Under the guidance of the middle-aged elf wizard, the elves escorted Sheyan out of Rivendell and into the forest nearby. Along the way, individuals shook their heads and sighed when they noticed Sheyan’s predicament, reckoning that he was unluckily banished from the city.

Nevertheless, Sheyan knew that though the constricting vines appeared to be a restrictive magic art, it was loosely tied around his wrists. Occasionally, he could feel refreshing pulses pouring into his body that allowed him to move faster.

The elf squad finally arrived by a mountain cliff near Rivendell. Despite the elevated land area, a towering oak tree grew was sighted.

The tree was as tall as 60 meters, and its canopy was covered with sharp and pink leaves. Its roots stretched out vastly and loose branches drooped down to connect with the roots. The tree was blossoming with white flowers that had red stamen. The leaves were as large as a hand and thick main branches slanted upwards like thick ‘fingers’; looking vigorous yet gorgeous. It demonstrated a sense of solemn boundlessness in contrast with the horizon.

Be it elves or druids, the oak tree represented sacredness of nature. An emblem of strength and authority.

The oak tree was accepted for being extraordinarily infused with mysterious and special powers. The oaken tree acted as the central element during elven rituals, and praised for its wise and farsightedness. Its fruits were hailed as holy fruits.

Even when elf priests conducted rain magic, they would utilize the holy dew produced by this oak tree and wear its leaves as a crown. That would supposedly increase the success rate.

Upon arriving here, the elves’ attitude towards Sheyan became distinctly respectful. This was Melody’s training ground prior to her being restricted. A place that could isolate away prying forces.

The middle-aged elf bowed deeply before Sheyan and removed the vines before respectfully announcing.

“Forgive Annenia Cyathea for this crime, great sir. Our mistress, the great twilight elf Melody Sunstrider wishes to communicate with you under the aegis of the sacred Sindalor (the tree’s name). Nobody will know about this matter.”

Sheyan stood before the oak tree and pressed his palm onto the bark of Sindalor. Instantly, he received a miraculous sensation, as though his heart and spirit was unexpectedly linked with Melody! Roar!

When the bloodthirsty roars rang out from a distance away, Mu Feng and the others had turned pale. They actually fell for the trap that the Liu Territory designed this time.

“Mu Feng, how is it? Do you like this big gift?” Liu Qingtian stared down from above at Mu Feng. The sounds of laughter had a bit of sarcasm within it: “Just how much time do you think we, the Liu Territory, had spent on this Nine Nether Bird plan? You think that you’re qualified to compete with us just because you earned a little bit of information?

“Forget it, since you came, you’ll have to pay a price. Just treat it as buying a lesson.”

Mu Feng stared coldly at Liu Qingtian. However, he did not plan on arguing with him. His eyes flashed and he was constantly thinking for a method. From the Spiritual Energy fluctuations within the roars earlier, it was definitely High Rank Spiritual Beasts. If they were entangled by these High Rank Spiritual Beasts, they would definitely be gravely injured and thoroughly consume their strength even if they manage to resolve it. At this moment, Liu Qingtian and the others would not give up on this opportunity.

However, if they were to leave now, they would follow the Liu Territory’s intentions. They would not be able to stop them from obtaining the Nine Nether Bird. And once the Liu Territory obtains the Nine Nether Bird, the Mu Territory would be in great danger.

In this situation, they were forced into a great dilemma.

“What should we do now?” Zhou Ye could not help but ask.

“We’ll first look at the situation.” Mu Feng whispered with a pale expression.

Beside him, Mu Chen also frowned. The bastards from the Liu Territory sure are disgusting and are always trying to trouble them.


While the Mu Territory’s men remained on alert, a beast’s roar resounded again from the distant. Then, everybody heard the sound of the winds breaking approaching quickly. Soon, three lights quickly charged over from the depths of the Black Eerie Swamp and appeared around the mountain cliffs.

“3 High Rank Spiritual Beast!” Seeing the three lights, Mu Feng could not help but grit his teeth.

Under everybody’s nervous gazes, the three lights swiftly revealed their huge bodies above the cliff. Their scarlet beast eyes were filled with bloodthirstiness and brutality.

On the left mountain cliff, there was a blood-red, giant lion. A pair of sharp, purple wings was on the back of the lion and it looked extremely majestic.

On the right mountain cliff, there was a completely black, giant beast and it seemed to be made of steel. The sunlight shone down on its body and made it extremely dazzling. It was as if it was a killing machine.

“Purple Winged Lion!”

“Blacksteel Beast!”

When Duan Wei and the others saw the two giant beasts, their faces changed and they exclaimed loudly. It really is a High Rank Spiritual Beasts. These two Spiritual Beasts probably possess the strength of a Spirit Stage Initial Phase.

“That is an “Aquablaze Crane!”

Mu Feng’s eyes swept pass the two High Rank Spiritual Beasts and landed on the final one. His eyes instantly turned serious. It was a huge black crane. However, the wings of the crane revealed different colors. One was a blue like the flowing water, while the other was fiery red like a flame. When they flapped, it was quite beautiful as it was like fire and water rushing out.

However, a deadly force was within this brilliance.

The Aquablaze Crane was the strongest amongst the three High Rank Spiritual Beasts. Its strength had reached the Spirit Stage Middle Phase!

“Mu Feng, it seems that you’re quite unlucky. Even the Aquablaze Crane was lured out. It seems that we’ll be able to witness a good fight between men and beast.” Liu QIngtian stared at this formation and could not help but laugh. Then, he waved his hand and his men secretly hid in the cliff. Right now, the High Rank Spiritual Beasts were lured by the blood below and were not aware of them.

“Assholes!” Zhou Ye gritted his teeth and his eyes were filled with fury.

“Territory Lord, what should we do? If we were to fight against the three High Rank Spiritual Beasts, we would probably suffer sneak attacks from the Liu Territory after we dealt with them.” Duan Wei said with a worried expression.

Mu Feng’s eyes turned grim. At this moment, the 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts had already targeted them. If they were not going to fight, they must retreat. However, he really wasn’t willing to retreat now.

Whispered gossip began among those in the know and those who weren’t. Soon after, news of Wang Zhong’s situation spread to everyone. When some of them learned of his situation, a trace of pity appeared as they looked at him. His talents were so high, yet he suffered from an illness that caused his soul power to be chaotic and uncondensed. He was just like an ordinary person whose power could only make his muscles twitch. He truly was a tragic character.

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