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Reverend DaoXuan looked at him, said, “These seniors standing beside, are all Masters from my Good Faction, today all of them because of you. This is TianYin Temple in-charge, PuHong Holy Monk, sitting beside him is also TianYin Temple Holy Monk, PuKong, and also FenXiang ShangGuan…”

Reverend DaoXuan could not afford to be impolite so naturally he had to read out all of those highly well-known pugilists’ names in the back, but Zhang Xiao Fan did not have the heart to listen on. For a moment, his sight landed on the two kindly-looking old monks sitting right in front. That red Buddhism robe with gold threads ironed on it, snow-like eyebrows, who also at the same time, was looking at him.

PuHong Holy Monk ranked as the leader among TianYin Temple’s Four Great Holy Monks and had always with Qing Yun Sect Reverend DaoXuan and FenXiang Valley Valley Head classified as the Three Great Masters, his high status was incomparable to others. To the common Dao practitioners, to meet him was highly impossible, but unexpectedly this time, he broke the hundred years precedent, activated his magical weapon and rode the way here to Qing Yun Hill.

Not to say Zhang Xiao Fan was astonished, even Qing Yun Sect who had heard the news were also astounded, and it thus to show that to TianYin Temple, how important it was that this accidental appearance of “Great Brahman Wisdom” true way being learnt unorthodoxy!

In the main hall, without knowing when, Reverend DaoXuan had stopped talking. The whole hall was silent and everyone’s attention was on the figure who was kneeling on the ground.

Zhang Xiao Fan slowly lowered his head, stared at the green brick in the ground in front of him, in the depths of his heart he had a faint thought: these monks, were they the same as that PuZhi?

Far away, the firestick which was quietly lying at Reverend DaoXuan’s tea table, seemed to feel it’s owner’s thoughts, a faint green light flashed over.

“Zhang Xiao Fan, ” Reverend DaoXuan slowly said, “Now I will ask you a few things, you must honestly answer.”

Zhang Xiao Fan softly said, “Yes.”

Reverend DaoXuan seemed to be considering his words, after a long while, unhurriedly said, This East Ocean LiuBo Hill’s expedition, a TianYin Temple fellow friend recognized that the skills you used while battling the rare beast, KuiNiu, was TianYin Temple’s “Great Brahman Wisdom” true way which has never been divulge to an outsider, is there such thing?”

Zhang Xiao Fan did not speak, suddenly the atmosphere in Crystal Hall, seemed to become slightly tensed. Tian BuYi uncomfortably turned his head around but instead saw that everyone was silently staring at Zhang Xiao Fan.

In the air, there seemed to be an invisible object jumping lightly.

After a long time, Zhang Xiao Fan’s voice slowly said, “Yes.”


Immediately, the main hall burst into an uproar, although everyone had expected such an answer but after hearing it directly from Zhang Xiao Fan, TianYin Temple monks were visibly agitated. Only those sitting in front, PuHong, PuKong, including those standing behind them, FaXiang, their expression were unchanged, and they remained silent.

And on Qing Yun side, Tian BuYi’s expression were getting uglier, Tian LingEr and the rest were extremely pale. In the midst of shocks, only Lu XueQi looked at that silent figure, and did not speak a word.

Reverend DaoXuan frowned, he glanced slightly at TianYin Temple PuHong Holy Monk, and saw that among the sect’s disciples’ agitated faces, PuHong venerable instead was slowly closing his eyes, stating clearly he would not speak for the time being.

Reverend DaoXuan coldly snorted in his heart, turned to face Zhang Xiao Fan, raised his hands towards the commotion to signal silence.

He was after all someone important, so very quickly regardless whether was it Qing Yun Sect or other famed sects figures, all of them quieten down. Reverend DaoXuan could be heard unhurriedly asking, “Other than this, someone also said, this firestick in your hand, “saying which, he stretched out his hand to pick up that black stick, and continued to say, “on it there is the Evil Faction vile Sinister Orb, is this true?”

Another period of silence, Zhang Xiao Fan spoke in a very low voice, “Yes.”

This time, unexpectedly, the crowd remained silent. Sinister Orb, the word which reeked of blood and evil, would actually be on a Qing Yun disciple!

Reverend DaoXuan’s expression also gradually darkened, he said, “Do you have anything to say?”

Despite already knowing that he would face such a situation today, at this moment, Zhang Xiao Fan’s mind was in a blank. And the thoughts on the unknowable punishments that he might receive, the fear of it made his body trembled slightly.

“I, I, I…”

As if like a small boat struggling with it’s might in the sea of despair, he muddling spoke some simple words but in fact he did not know what he wanted to say?

Reverend DaoXuan’s face was stern and he said, “How did this Sinister Orb come about?”

He suddenly raised his voice at the end, changing the pitch to a stern shout. Zhang Xiao Fan was startled by his shout, a [Weng] sound sounded in his head and there was a moment of confusion suddenly. And he finally opened his mouth to speak, once started, the rest of it followed: From being made fun of by the monkey XiaoHui since young, till chasing together with Tian LingEr to the deep and secluded valley at the back of the Hill a deep and secluded valley, the Sinister Orb and the black stick suddenly fought each other, in the end resulted in such an appearance….

In the main hall, everyone looked at each other speechlessly, even Reverend DaoXuan, PuHong, PuKong and including FenXiang that ShangGuan old man also raised his brows. the fact that Sinister Orb and Soul Absorbing stick smelted together using blood as intermediary, even to these enlightened scholars, it was the first time they had heard of it. It could be seen that in this big world, there was no lack of strange things indeed.

The number of people in the crowd that might doubts were not a few, but looking at Zhang Xiao Fan lifeless look and dejected expression, it did not look like he was lying.

Reverend DaoXuan muttered to himself for a short while, and after which he looked at Zhang Xiao Fan and said, “Alright, I will tentatively believe your accidental smelt theory, but before this, Sinister Orb was already on you. You, a small young child, how did you have this type of vile object? Also, Sinister Orb has always been sucking living things’ blood essence, and it had not yet been smelted with Soul Absorbing stick at that time, how can you still be unharmed?”

Zhang Xiao Fan was speechless, the truth of the matter, naturally was because PuZhi used Buddhism Sect True Way to temporarily control Sinister Orb, and at that time, PuZhi instructed him to find a desolate and uninhabited clift to throw it away, but it was Zhang Xiao Fan himself who wanted to keep this orb as a keepsake.

And right now to speak of PuZhi, naturally he had to reveal everything, but, this was something deep down in Zhang Xiao Fan’s heart which he really did not wish to reveal.

That kind old monk, truth to be said, had only one night of fate with him. Only that on his last dying breath, he addressed him the one and only time as “Teacher”, but these few years, no matter how hard he tried, he could not forget that person.

In that instant, the stares from the surrounding people, voices, all became very distant, the scene in front of him seemed to go back to many years ago, he himself facing that old monk, the young youth stubbornly and firmly saying, “I know, even if I died, I will not say!”

Even if I died, I will not say!

Even if I died, I will not say…Even if I died, I will not say…Even if I died, I will not say….


A loud shout, vibrated all around.It was Tian BuYi, frowning and angrily standing up, shocking everyone. His face was extremely grim but the worry in his eyes was getting serious, at this moment, what Zhang Xiao Fan had admitted, was that he had infringed Qing Yun Sect and Good Faction’s major taboo, if according to the normal procedure, he would have to die.

Tian BuYi was shocked and infuriated in his heart but looking at this young disciple who still did not know his life was in danger, especially TianYin Temple and FenXiang Valley members were also around, even if Qing Yun Sect had the intention to shield, they were also at their wits’ end. If this continued on, he was only afraid that it would be really impossible to protect Zhang Xiao Fan’s life!

Chapter 78: Interrogation – Part 2

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Kongsang Mountain’s Cave of Fangs=Thousand Bats Ancient Cave

Helplessly Zhang Xiao Fan right now looked as if he was being possessed, he slowly lowered his head down, without uttering a single word. Disregarding the rest, SuRu and the rest of the big Bamboo Valley who watched him grew up, all were without exception, speechless and pale. Zhang Xiao Fan had always been quiet and firm, at this critical moment, he seemed not to speak no matter what.

Tian BuYi abruptly stepped forward, but without waiting to see what he would say or do, TianYin Temple in-charge, PuHong Holy Monk, who had remained silent all this while, suddenly opened his eyes and said, “Patron Tian, let’s talk over things, let’s not get violent.”

Tian BuYi was stunned, he did not expect that PuHong Venerable would suddenly speak for Zhang Xiao Fan, but PuHong Holy Monk was an esteemed and respected figure, even he as one of Qing Yun Sect branch head, dared not not respected his opinion. He could only expressed [Hng], and sat back.

Reverend DaoXuan coolly took a look at PuHong, frown slightly, seemed to be having some thoughts, after which he said to Zhang Xiao Fan, “Also, the Great Brahman Wisdom True Way in you, exactly from where did you learn it?”

The words once spoken, the crowd began to get nervous. The crux of this, indistinctly would affect the internal relations between the current two big Good Faction sects. This answer, must be earth-shattering!

But Zhang Xiao Fan, was still silently kneeling down, after a long while, did not speak a single word.

Reverend DaoXuan’s nostrils flared, coldly said, “You still do not reveal the truth?”

From the beginning till the end, FaXiang, who had been watching Zhang Xiao Fan, suddenly lowered his head and did not look at him again. PuHong and PuKong, who were sitting in front of him, at this moment also looked at each other, in their eyes, there was a faint gleam of light, wondered what were they thinking about?

The surrounding world, a blanket of silence, and instead became a boundaryless enormous invisible wall, trapping himself within, coldly squeezing.

Zhang Xiao Fan slowly felt himself unable to breathe, but, until the end, he still did not speak.

Maybe, even himself, did not know what was he holding on for?


A loud sound, everyone was startled, Zhang Xiao Fan also raised his head to look. It was Reverend DaoXuan, who had slammed the firestick heavily onto the tea table, stood up suddenly, his brows tightly knitted together, obviously this time he was really infuriated, shouted, “Evil creature! Don’t think that just because you refused to speak, I can do nothing with you!”

Zhang Xiao Fan’s body trembled, the expression on his face was complicated, but in the end he still did not speak.

Reverend DaoXuan was even more enraged, but instead he began to laugh and said, “Good, good, good, you this evil creature, today I will let you…”

“Sect Head please be appeased!”

Suddenly, a shout from within the Qing Yun Sect disciples was heard, at once there was a stir among the Qing Yun Sect, everyone was shocked. Reverend DaoXuan had commanded Qing Yun for nearly a hundred year, nobody had dared to go against him. Unexpectedly there was somebody today who dared to stop him, even Zhang Xiao Fan also turned his head to look.

Within the commotion, Lu XueQi was seen determinedly walking out from the crowd, into the centre, stood beside Zhang Xiao Fan and kneeled down.

Reverend DaoXuan was dumbfounded for a brief period of time, Master Shui Yue was also extremely shocked, stood up and urgently said, “Qi er, are you mad? Quickly come back!”

Lu XueQi looked slightly pale but she kneeled beside Zhang Xiao Fan and did not show any signs of retreating. On that unparalleled beauty face, snow-white teeth gently biting on her pale lower lips, quietly said, “Sect Head Teacher Uncle, Little Bamboo Valley Disciple Lu XueQi has something to say.”

Shui Yue frowned and bellowed, “Qi er, Zhang Xiao Fan is big Bamboo Valley disciple, he has committed a serious offence. Sect Head will make his own final decision, you don’t need to speak your opinion, quick quickly come back!”

The corner of Lu XueQi’s lips seemed to quiver slightly, Zhang Xiao Fan who was beside her, at that moment clearly heard her sudden heavy breathing, obviously in front of the crowd, at this very moment kneeling beside him, that kind of pressure was definitely not trival.

Just that, in this solemn and impressive hall, under everyone’s unfamiliar stares, this beautiful girl never retreated once.

The mountain breeze outside the Crystal Hall, without knowing when, had blew in.

Brushed up a few strands of her hair, gently floating.

Zhang Xiao Fan gazed at this woman beside him, without saying any word.

“Sect Head Teacher Uncle, please allow disciple to say a few words.”

Reverend DaoXuan took a glance at the people around him, saw that the other sects’ fellow friends, one after another, were all looking over, he could only coldly said, “Alright, say it.”

Lu XueQi nodded her head and spoke, “Thank you Sect Head. Sect Head Teacher Uncle, every Elder Teacher Uncle and Junior Teacher Uncle, I do not have deep relations with Zhang Xiao Fan Junior brother, but after the Seven Peaks Tournament, I also left the mountain with him. In Kongsang Mountain Thousand Bats Ancient Cave and East Ocean LiuBo Hill, I witnessed how Zhang Junior brother fought tooth and nail with the Evil Faction minions, he is definitely not an Evil Faction spy. Right now there are outsiders here, maybe Zhang Junior brother have some difficult reasons that he cannot speak, Sect Head Teacher Uncle please think thrice before acting, absolutely must not…”


Suddenly, a voice interrupted Lu XueQi’s words. Everyone looked over, it was that FenXiang Valley old man with compound surname, ShangGuan, who was sitting below the two Holy Monks. Earlier on, Zhang Xiao Fan’s attention was concentrated on the two Holy Monks from TianYin Temple and did not notice him. Now that he looked at him, his face was thin-looking, his figure was thin and long, even the words he said, also felt sharp.

“The outsiders that this lady mentioned, most likely is referring to me, and also PuHong fellow brother, PuKong fellow brother as well as fellow brothers in the crowd? Hehe, this kind of matter happened in Qing Yun Sect, you all still have the nerve to consider yourself as the world’s orthodox sect, don’t tell me that we can’t even be allowed to see an explanation?”

Reverend DaoXuan and the other branches leaders’ face expressions, immediately turned ugly, Taoist Cang Song who was sitting beside, coldly said, “ShangGuan Ce fellow brother, today our Sect Head had since made the decision to interrogate this person in front of all of you, so is to give all of you an explanation!”

ShangGuan Ce [Hehe] coldly laughed twice, sinisterly said, “Taoist Cang Song, on your this Qing Yun Sect disciple Zhang Xiao Fan’s body, there are too many secretive things, other than having Evil Sect evil object, he even know TianYin Temple’s True Way which was untaught to outsiders, and most likely he is also involved with our FenXiang Valley’s supreme celestial weapon, Inferno Mirror.” Speaking until here, he stopped for a while, his gaze turned towards Reverend DaoXuan, and said, “I first state it here, Inferno Mirror is our FenXiang’s treasure, we must definitely find it back!”

Tian BuYi became more incensed as he listened, coldly laughed once and said, “ShangGuan fellow brother, since this treasure is so important, how can your FenXiang Valley not protect it well, anyhow threw it anywhere, and actually link it to my this disciple? So you are saying, those that were keeping watch over the treasure, I’m afraid are also useless then?”

ShangGuan Ce was infuriated, stood up immediately, Tian BuYi also did not back down, [Shua] and stood up too, the whole ambience suddenly changed to being tense and swords were ready to be drawn.

Reverend DaoXuan roared, “Tian Junior brother, what are you doing? Sit down!.”

Tian BuYi glared at ShangGuan Ce, but in the end he did not dare to disobey his Sect Head in front of everyone and slowly sat down. Reverend DaoXuan turned to speak to ShangGuan Ce, “ShangGuan fellow brother, we will naturally give you an explanation, please be assured.”

ShangGuan Ce coldly laughed and also sat down.

Shui Yue who was beside, angrily said, “Qi er, you still don’t want to come back!”

Unexpectedly, as someone who had always followed her teacher’s words and extremely obedient, Lu XueQi, seemed a changed person today. She raised her head and spoke to Reverend DaoXuan, “Sect Head Teacher Uncle, no matter what wrong had Zhang Junior brother committed, I beg Sect Head Teacher Uncle to investigate thoroughly, but he is definitely not a spy infiltrated into our Qing Yun Sect!”

She looked at the person in front of her, her expression solemn, as if she did not have a single fear facing the whole world and decidedly said, “Disciple Lu XueQi, is willing to use her life as guarantee!”

Everyone was stunned!

Even Zhang Xiao Fan himself also slightly opened his mouth, stared in shock at this lady kneeling with him, that snow-white skin, icy frost face, suddenly, seemed to also have a faint warmth.

“Disciple Lin JingYu, is also willing to use his life to guarantee for Zhang Xiao Fan!”

Almost at the same time when Lu XueQi finished her words, Lin JingYu could not bear it any longer, resolutely dashed out and kneeled at the great Hall, without looking at his teacher, Taoist Cang Song, who immediately turned into a color of a pig liver, as if ready to risk everything, loudly said, “Zhang Junior brother risked death for Qing Yun, is absolutely not a spy sent from outside, disciple grew up with him and knew better that there is no such thing, I request Sect head Teacher Uncle to think thrice!”

Reverend DaoXuan at this instant, his face couldn’t get any more uglier, but as they received some kind of stimulation, there was a stir among the Qing Yun disciples, in a short moment, FengHui Valley disciple, Long Shou Valley disciple as well as big Bamboo Valley disciple, all at the same time ran out, kneeled down together and said loudly, “Disciple is also willing to use my life to guarantee for Zhang Xiao Fan!”

Everyone turned pale and looked over, the three people were Zeng ShuShu, QiHao and Tian LingEr, other than Tian BuYi couple, Long Shou Valley Head Taoist Cang Song and FengHui Valley Head Zeng ShuChang, all stood up at the same time, extremely shocked.

At that moment in the Great Hall, the situation was chaotic, Reverend DaoXuan was livid in his heart, thinking that don’t tell me these disobedient disciples were all intending to rebel today? And happened that right now, many of the Good Faction fellow sects were all here, he could not threw a fit of anger. He, as this Qing Yun Sect Head, had really lost all of his face, immediately the anger rushed up to his chest, but with this sudden situation, what should he do?

Right at this moment, suddenly a light cough was heard from behind, it was his disciple, Su YiCai, who softly said, “Teacher, why don’t you go back to take a rest, and handle this later?”

Reverend DaoXuan immediately was enlightened, heavily [Heng] a sound, [Pong] and hit the table, instantly the chaotic Qing Yun disciples quieten down, and turned to look at him.

Reverend DaoXuan, without speaking a word, strided towards the inside of the Hall. Everyone looked at each other, only Su YiCai smiled and stood up, spoke to the crowd, “En, there was an urgent matter from the back of the Hill and needed my respected teacher to attend to. Would the various honorables please wait a moment.”

ShangGuan Ce’s face was full of mockery, said, “Su nephew,I already heard before that your Qing Yun Sect have many rules, now that I see it, it is in fact extraordinary!”

A flash of anger appeared in Su YiCai’s eyes, but he immediately smiled and said, “Senior is joking.” After speaking, he turned and softly coughed, and walked to Taoist Cang Song Taoist and the rest of the branches Head seats, softly said, “Various Teacher Uncles, why have you still not called them back?”

The carriage was steadily moving forward.

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