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“Eh? What? Is that…..?”

Ark suddenly stopped and looked at the showcase with surprised eyes. A black lump was placed in the showcase.

“Is that really……?”

Ark hurriedly read the information notice below the item.

-Necromancer’s Essence C rank

* Registrant: Area

* Present Selling Price: 10 Gold (No auction participants)

* Immediate Purchase Price: 15 Gold

<Registrant’s Explanation of Goods: I don’t know, I don’t know. More investigation needed>

“N-Necromancer’s Essence!’

Ark inwardly screamed. Necromancer’s Essence! That’s right. It was the core ingredient required for the Necromancer’s Immortality Pill! However, the ingredient was placed on where side of the auction room gathering dust. And the instant purchase price was 15 gold! It wasn’t just one. The showcase had at least 20 essences!

“Such a thing……!’

Ark hurriedly called to a nearby NPC and asked.

“Excuse me…..can you tell me a little bit about this ingredient?”

Then the NPC replied with a slightly perplexed expression.

“Let’s see? In fact we have almost no information about this stuff. Do you know the area King’s Grave located to the north of Paradon?”

“I don’t know that much about it……”

“Ah, then I’ll explain a bit. Actually, the King’s Grave was said to be inhabited by an Undead King. Since the entrance was sealed, there was an explosive increase in undead until it was opened to foreigners. So these auction items are sometimes found from the Necromancers infesting Necromancer’s Tower in the area.”

“But these prices……?”

“Oh, are they slightly expensive?”

The guide laughed before speaking.

“The numbers which appeared are too little. The auction room currently has 20 of them but they actually don’t appear that often. They’ve been registered for several days but it’s not popular so it hasn’t sold. At first various magicians and alchemists were interested and studied it but they haven’t found a purpose for it yet. They expected something at first so it sold for 100 gold a piece but the price has gradually started to go down and now people just put it on the auction for 10 gold.”

“These things have been registered for several days?”

Ark’s mouth gaped open. Anyway, Ark was able to understand the general principles thanks to the guide’s explanation. According to the guide, one Necromancer appeared on random floors of the Necromancer’s Tower every few days. So it was a type of special monster. While the Necromancer’s Essence was a rare item, it dropped quite a lot for users at the Necromancer’s Tower. So the Necromancer’s Essence sometimes appeared when the Necromancers were killed. Of course users would be interested in the rare item dropped by the Necromancer. But they didn’t know the purpose of the essences. Yes, the essence was an essential item in Survival Cooking to create the immortality pills! Although Ark wasn’t the only one who learnt Survival Cooking in New World, there weren’t that many of them. It was impossible for people to know how to use the Necromancer’s Essence. In fact, Ark only figured out how to use the essence by accident.

“Although it is C rank……”

The Necromancer’s Essences that appeared in auction room were only C rank. The Necromancer’s Essence that Ark used as A rank. The same type of essences had different ranks depending on the level and abilities of the monster that dropped it. However, it was still an essence even if it was C rank. Although it wasn’t A rank, it would still give a special skill.

“Such an item is being sold for 10~15 gold?’

Ark’s thoughts started furiously spinning in his head. There was a hunting ground infested with Necromancers! Furthermore, there were a lot of users in front of Paradon heading towards that place. In other words, the Necromancer’s Essence would continue to appear. If users were unable to figure out the purpose than the price would continue to fall.

“Doesn’t that mean I can continuously creating immortality pills?’

Even with a C rank immortality pill, the abilities would increase around the same amount as the Mongoose’ Immortality Pill. However, the item permanently increased stats. Presently only expert alchemists could create “Elixirs’ like that. The Elixirs raised one type of stat by +10 but it cost 300 gold! Also, the elixirs could only be used 5 times per user.

“Based on the Mongoose’s Immortality Pill, the C rank pill should increase stats by 15~20 points. It might also increase the resistance to certain attribute and stats depending on the percentage of completion. The Elixirs can’t even be compared.’

Since there were a lot of magicians in Bristania, a lot of them would want to purchase it. Once created he could get a minimum of 800…..no, it will be possible to receive 1000 gold! The problem was the remaining ingredients needed.

“The Necromancer’s Immortality Pill requires at least 4000 of the skin and heart of the dead to create one.’

But Ark was level 380 so he was already beyond the level 200~300 King’s Grave. That meant Ark couldn’t obtain the ingredients. He had no choice but to buy it. Even if the essence was cheap, it the remaining ingredients were expensive then it wouldn’t fit in his calculations. But there was no need to worry about it.

“Ohhh. The skin and heart of the dead is only 10 silver?’

A lot of users from Paradon hunted the undead in King’s Grave. Therefore ingredients dropped by the dead were overflowing. Since there was an oversupply of skin and heart of the dead, the price was low. Ark’s heart became excited as he confirmed it.

“Let’s calm down and make some calculations.’

Ark quickly visualized the calculator in his head. The skin and heart of the dead were 10 silver per piece. In order to make the immortality pill, he needed 4000 of them which was 400 gold. If he bought the Necromancer’s Essence then the cost would be 410 gold.

“If the final goods are sold for 1000 gold……?’

That was a profit of 590 gold for one!

“The problem is creating the Necromancer’s Immortality Pill. A C rank will still take 2 days.’

But there was also no need to worry about that. The Easter Nation sold [Vision] scrolls! If he added the recipe for Necromancer’s Essence to the [Vision] scroll than anyone could create it.

“Then I can create my Immortality Pill factory which I gave up on again!’

Previously Ark had a plan to distribute the “Slime’s Immortality Pill.’ But the rehabilitation group only obtain 6 essences after labouring in the underground labyrinth for several months. In addition, the main ingredient the Unicorn Horn was too difficult to obtain so he abandoned that plan. Ark was forced to close the factory’s doors. But this time the situation was different.Thanks to the users congregating in King’s Grave, there was a reliable and cheap supply of ingredients.

“It is a bonanza. This is a huge profit! I can earn money without doing anything!’

Ark smiled and looked at Buksil.

“This method will be simple.’

“Buksil, from today on you will be the manager of the Paradon branch of Ark’s store!”

“Huh? Branch manager?”

Buksil blinked his eyes with confusion. Ark explained the business outline and added.

“For the time being, you will stay here and purchase the Necromancer’s Essence, the Skin of the Dead and the Heart of the Dead. But be careful when buying it. If users think it is popular than they might raise the price. Do you understand?”

In fact that was Ark’s only worry. The price was determined by supply and demand. If someone bought all of the ingredients in the auction room than the users would raise the price. If it went up by 1 silver then the price would continue to rise. The rising costs would soon cause a decrease in profit. Therefore the items had to be quietly bought. It was important not to be noticed. Ark didn’t intend to have his Necromancer’s Pill become a short term business. With the ingredients supplied at the low price, he would receive a jackpot if he sold it 1-on-1 with another user. With such a grand ambition, he had to pay attention to the stabilization of the ingredients cost. So he needed someone here to monitor the market closely and adjust the purchases according to need. Ark would leave that role to Buksil. Buksil’s face lightened after he heard the explanation.

“I-I’ll do it! Please leave it to me!”

Buksil was a merchant so he could also calculate quickly. He was convinced about the business. He could also get away from Ark’s threats if he became the Paradon branch manager. Of course, Ark had been irritated with Buksil. There was no reason to pay attention to such things when there was a windfall of money.

“One thing, if you stay then there will be a problem with the videos……”

“You don’t have to worry about that!”

Buksil quickly interjected.

“Actually, when Ark-nim was on Hwaryong Mountain than my “Vampire’s Eye’ reached intermediate level. Even if I’m far away from Ark-nim, I can still record videos with that skill. Communication isn’t available yet but it’ll probably work once the skill reaches advanced level.”

“Ohhh, then there is no problem. Then you’ll sometimes get in contact?”

Ark’s new business plan was rapidly processed. For the moment Buksil was to collect the ingredients. After he purchased the required quantities and sent them to Ark, Ark would place the Necromancer’s Immortality Pill recipe on the [Vision] scroll! He would scrape in money. Buksil would also get 10% of the proceeds. If the profit for the immortality pill was 490 gold, 10% of that would be 49 gold. The only thing Ark had to do was place the recipe on the [Vision] scroll. Even if 10% of the profit was given to Buksil, it was worth it since the ingredients needed to be purchased.

“When this works…..’

It would be a money cushion! It would be possible to earn several thousand gold from this. With that much profit, Buksil could also earn some gold.

“Hehehe. Thank you. Chairman-nim, I will follow Ark-nim for the rest of my life.”

“Yes. Work hard. Paradon branch manager. Until the day everybody earns gold in Bristania.”

“I look forward to it. Baekgu, I’ll be able to feed you a meat dish every day.”

“Wah, really?”

While following Ark and Buksil, Baekgu could only eat kimchi soup. So the contract was signed and it was soon 5 o’clock.

“What? What happened to your expression?

Bread asked as soon as they arrived at Camel’s Oasis. Ark and Buksil’s expressions were completely different from when they split up. Money made a person happy. It was a normal phenomenon. But the plan was top secret so Ark coughed and spoke with a straight face.

“What do you mean? Don’t you also look completely different?”

Ark asked after seeing Redian. Before they separated, Redian’s expression was “cloudy with a slight typhoon warning’ and now it was “clear.’ When she made a bright expression, Redian was quite a beautiful woman. Then Bread laid his hand on Redian’s shoulder and smirked.

“I told you. We spent some adult time. Children won’t understand such things.”

“……Stop joking around.”

Redian declared sharply but she didn’t hit him like she did before. Instead she just grumbled a little bit.

“What did they do in the meantime……?’

Ark stared at the both of them before shaking his head. Well, who cared? Ark’s only concern was with his factory.

“Okay, so the alcohol here is good?”

“Ah, it is the best. Owner, alcohol and appetizers over here! “

Bread stared to order alcohol in a light voice. Ark, Buksil and Baekgu started drinking the alcohol. In a short time they all became drunk.

Diririri, diririri.

Then his phone ringtone could be heard in his ear.

“Oh, wait a minute.”

Ark asked Bread for understanding and left his unit. Then he picked up the receiver.

“O-oppa.” It’s serious! It’s a crisis! Lancel village is in a crisis!”

Roco’s voice shook his ears. ACT 9 Crisis of Lancel Village

“Is it here?”

Shambala looked at the village nestled at the foot of the mountain.

“Yes, this is it.”

No. 358 who was riding near a horse-drawn carriage nodded. Shambala had finally arrived at Lancel village after crossing the sea. The reason Shambala arrived at Lancel village was to bring the stolen goods they recovered from the pirates. Since Ark’s tip from an anonymous source was the reason they swept up the lawless port, it was agreed that 20% of the goods would be sent to Ark’s store in Lancel village. The Easter Nation swept up 50,000 gold from the pirates so 20% of it was 10,000 gold. It was so much that the carriage could barely carry it. If any thieves attacked and stole it then it would be a terrible loss. So Shambala protected the carriage while it was brought to Lancel village. But that wasn’t the only reason why Shambala came to Lancel village.

“This place is Lancel village?”

“Is this the first time you’ve seen it?”

“No, I briefly saw it a while ago. But……”

This wasn’t the first time Shambala had seen Lancel village. When Seutandal rose a while ago, he had used the dimensional gate to transfer the Sacred Soil. There was no time to sightsee then but he had still entered the village. But now the village felt completely different from then.

“Isn’t it quite a peculiar village?”

No. 358 laughed and replied.

“Peculiar? No, it’s rather…..”

When he started to assimilate the [Spear Rush] into his spear techniques, he quickly realized that it was not only used to burst forward, but could be used in greater aspects during battle.

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