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Qingqing shook her head. “I also don’t know.”

This made Ye Qingyu feel that something strange was up.

As Qingqing finished, she turned and left just like a little adult.

Ye Qingyu shook his head with a faint smile, lightly opening the wooden box.

A peculiar fragrance emitted from the wooden box, accompanied by a faint golden radiance. “When a team faces a crisis, isn’t working together to improve and resolve the crisis the most logical thing to do? But when Excellent Era faced this crisis, with Liu Hao at the lead, a few of the players have already regarded the team to be a sinking ship and they plan on abandoning the ship to save their own lives.” Ye Xiu concluded.

“Then for what reason are they hiding Sun Xiang?” Chen Guo asked.

“This decision will only benefit them whether or not Excellent Era ends up getting relegated.” Ye Xiu said.

“Why?” Chen Guo asked.

“There are only two possible results for Excellent Era this season. The first possibility would be that they don’t get relegated, which would be great. Even with Sun Xiang, there wouldn’t be a better result. But without Sun Xiang, if Excellent Era can hold onto their spot, they can make an announcement telling everyone know that they can place their hopes on Excellent Era next season. After all, Excellent Era can’t consider keeping their spot a victory. They need to let their fans know that their goal is to be the champion.” Ye Xiu said.

“If they get relegated, they would use Sun Xiang as an excuse saying that it was due to his absence?” Chen Guo deduced.

“That’s only one excuse. It would be disastrous if they actually got relegated. Excellent Era needs to do a lot of work to put their fans at ease. Just look at today’s news. Sun Xiang suddenly had to stop because of an injury. He had been playing with the injury for such a long time and needed to stop. As a result, they even gave an excuse for their previous performances. However, for Excellent Era, such terrible performances can’t only be due to their ace player being injured. This summer, Excellent Era will probably have a huge upheaval. Only something like that could give the team’s fans any hope. Once the fans have lost hope in the team, the team is truly in a predicament. Thus, everything Excellent Era is doing right now is to urge their fans to continue supporting them. No matter the end result, they absolutely cannot allow the fans to lose hope in them.”

‘The reason they’re hiding Sun Xiang and using him as an excuse is because Sun Xiang represents the core of Excellent Era.” Ye Xiu added.

“Got it!” Chen Guo let out a sigh, “After knowing all of this, what should we do?”

“We……. we can’t do anything for now.” Ye Xiu let out a bitter laugh, “We’ll have to wait until the results come out first.”

“However, it’d be best if everyone lit some incense for Excellent Era, because if Excellent Era gets relegated, Excellent Era being in the Challenger League will only be more terrifying than it is right now. It’d be best if we didn’t meet such an opponent in the Challenger League.” Wei Chen added. This unscrupulous guy was also filled with worry.

“Then what if we beat Excellent Era in the Challenger League? Would Excellent Era be completely done for?” Tang Rou suddenly asked.

“Eliminate Excellent Era……” Wei Chen stared blankly.

Once Excellent Era gets eliminated, even though they could participate in next year’s Challenger League, how could anyone support a team that needed to attempt the Challenger League twice? Would a God like Sun Xiang be willing to waste his golden years in the Challenger League? If that actually happened, Excellent Era would fall into a vicious cycle and they would eventually fall.

“Are you planning on personally putting an end to the dynasty you created?” Wei Chen turned to Ye Xiu.

“What do you mean plan? If we actually meet them, we have to beat them! That’s what it means to be a pro. I know you have no idea what that means.” Ye Xiu said.

“Do you know?” Wei Chen said with contempt.

The two people once again began talking trash each other. Luckily, Chen Guo promptly interrupted them: “If that’s the case, we’ll have to work even harder. It’s getting late. How about we all take a rest.”

The boss had spoken. Everyone still respected her words. Plus, they had been watching the match recordings for a long time, so they really were a bit exhausted. They left the room. Wei Chen walked to the head of the flight of stairs and waited there as if he wanted to say something to Ye Xiu, but then he saw Ye Xiu walk into his room.

“What’s going on?” Wei Chen immediately went back, but then he saw Chen Guo and Tang Rou also go into this room.

“What is this?!” Wei Chen was even more astonished now, but he heard a bang as the door closed shut.

“Old Wei, are you coming or not?” Bao Zi had long since reached the bottom of the stairs and called out to Wei Chen.

“Impudent! You can’t call me Old Wei!” Even though Wei Chen was astonished, he couldn’t just break down the door to see what was going on. Hearing Bao Zi call out to him, he scolded him, while walking down the stairs.

“Then what do I call you? Wei Old?” Bao Zi asked.

“…… Just call me Old Wei…….” Wei Chen gave up.

“Didn’t I say so earlier!” Bao Zi said.

“What did you say?” Wei Chen asked.

“What?” Bao Zi.

“Hm?” Wei Chen.


“Hm what!!” Wei Chen looked up speechlessly. Just this teammate alone made him have some doubts about his decision towards Ye Xiu’s invitation.

After resting for the night, everyone gathered together at the Internet Cafe the next morning. When Chen Guo saw that two people had already arrived, she immediately began changing the second floor’s layout. She even thought about directly remodeling the second floor to transform it into the team’s practice room, but later, Ye Xiu put in great effort to dissuade her.

“We’ve just started. There is no need to be so lavish. Having a room without any disturbances is already very good. There isn’t actually any need to make changes yet. Just let us have a few rooms. We don’t all need to sit together!” Ye Xiu urged.

“It’s still better if everyone’s nearby.” Although Chen Guo gave up on completely renovating the second floor, she was still adamant towards having everyone sit together. The workers she had contacted before arrived today and began working.

Wei Chen and Bao Zi came to the Internet Cafe together and went straight to the second floor. As Wei Chen passed the inner rooms, he sneakily looked into them, unlike Bao Zi, who didn’t even take a glance.

Chen Guo was personally supervising the changes. Seeing that the two had come, she called out to them and then led them to Room 213. After Wei Chen and Bao Zi went in, they saw that Ye Xiu and Tang Rou were already busy. When they looked, the two people were both in a dungeon!

Teammate Bao Zi had already shocked Wei Chen in a way. At this moment, he prepared himself to check on his other teammate. When he saw that Tang Rou was a Battle Mage, Wei Chen couldn’t help but glance at Ye Xiu. With such a top-tier Battle Mage coaching her, this girl’s skill should be very good, right?”

Speaking of which, Wei Chen had never seen Bao Zi play before. He had only ever interacted with him in person. Although he knew that if Ye Xiu had pulled them onto the team, they must have at least some skill, but he couldn’t help but have some doubts.

Wei Chen watched as Tang Rou played. On the other side, Bao Zi had sat down, turned on his computer, and inserted his account card. Then, he called out: “Old Wei, come sit here. How about we compare notes, so I can see how good you are?”

Wei Chen nearly coughed up blood all over the wall. He hadn’t even examined him yet and this guy dared to ask him how good he was?

“Sure! Let me see how good you really are!” Wei Chen said and stopped watching Tang Rou play. He went over and sat down. He was ready to give this steamed bun a good lesson.

“I’m here. Where are you?” Wei Chen rushed into the Arena and shouted.

“Normal server, Room 5684.” Bao Zi was much calmer than Wei Chen.

But when Wei Chen clicked on the room, he immediately entered. Bao Zi didn’t even set a password on this room. Then, he saw that Bao Zi hadn’t even made it a 1v1. There were already seven players inside. It was clearly a team battle.

“What are you doing?” Wei Chen asked strangely. He turned his head to look at Bao Zi’s screen. Steamed Bun was sitting all alone in a room waiting for him!”

Just when he was about to ask, Ye Xiu poked his head out: “Is this your first time playing? You want to go to the normal server Arena from the Heavenly Domain?”

Ye Xiu didn’t need to look to know what problem the two had encountered.

“Tenth server?” Wei Chen was surprised. Then, he carefully checked Bao Zi’s screen. His character was a Brawler called Steamed Bun Invasion, Level 61.

Wei Chen suddenly became furious. This f*cking Bao Zi wanted to test his strength and he wasn’t even max level yet. At the same time, he recalled that Ye Xiu had said that these two people were new to the game. He didn’t think much of it at that time. Now that he was seeing it for himself, tenth server, Level 61 character, Bao Zi was very new to the game! He probably started playing when the tenth server was released! If that were the case, then he must have only played for four months at best.

Someone who had only played for four months wanted to join the pro scene? As a former pro player, Wei Chen didn’t dare to believe it. He needed to check on this Bao Zi’s skill.

“You wait!” Wei Chen said and had his Windward Formation enter a normal server. Through this way, a Heavenly Domain character could enter the normal server Arena, but his normal Arena record wouldn’t transfer to his Heavenly Domain record.

“Make a new room. Fixed Field.” Wei Chen said to Bao Zi.

“Hm?” Bao Zi was puzzled. He turned his head to look at Wei Chen’s screen and immediately understood: “Wow, you don’t have any equipment! Of course we have to go to the fixed field.”

Wei Chen was about to cough blood again. His Windward Formation really was naked, but of course that was the case. When he came back to the normal server from the Heavenly Domain, his equipment would be left behind. Was that why he asked for the Fixed Field? Of course not! It was because there was a level discrepancy between them. The issue of not having equipment would be fixed in the Fixed Field too, but that wasn’t the main reason. It definitely wasn’t!

“Room number!” Wei Chen burst out when he arrived at the Arena. “Ha ha, little punk, now you know this senior’s might!”

Wei Chen laughed. He had clearly beaten Steamed Bun to a pulp. Steamed Bun was more than good enough to crush an overwhelming majority of players, but he wasn’t a match against an experienced opponent.

Wei Chen was, without a doubt, an experienced player and a former pro at that. Even though he was no longer as good as he had been in his glory days, he could only accumulate more and more experience. On the other hand, Steamed Bun was someone who had only started playing Glory for four months. Even if he had talent, had a strong foundation, and improved quickly, it was far from enough to beat an expert like Wei Chen.

“Aw, I lost.” Steamed Bun replied with sorrow.

“Don’t be so emotional. This is completely normal.” Wei Chen laughed delightedly.

“Tsk tsk, how despicable.” Ye Xiu didn’t even watch the match. He had only heard their results. With Wei Chen’s skill, being so delighted about beating a beginner who had only been playing for four months was really despicable. He couldn’t help but express his opinions.

“Right, there’s no need to be so emotional.” Steamed Bun seemed to have come to a realization, “I can just try again!”

“What?” Wei Chen was surprised. Steamed Bun’s thought process going from “no need to be emotional” to “trying again” caught him off guard.

“Come come come. Don’t be afraid. Let’s play again.” Steamed Bun said.

“F*ck, you think I’m afraid of a noob like you?” Wei Chen said and accepted the challenge.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Wei Chen laughed wildly every time he won. His laughter became louder each time. Even the workers outside were starting to feel annoyed. Chen Guo opened the door to the room and looked inside: “What’s going on?”

“Eight to zero!” Wei Chen wrote a “” in the air. (TL: means eight)

“Seriously?” Chen Guo looked at Ye Xiu in astonishment.

“What are you looking at me for? It’s between him and Steamed Bun.” Ye Xiu said.

“Seriously?” Chen Guo looked at Wei Chen in astonishment. Her disdain was exactly the same as Ye Xiu’s initial reaction. Chen Guo also felt that, with Wei Chen’s status, it was too low of him to feel so delighted for destroying Steamed Bun.

But Wei Chen clearly didn’t care and continued to look at Steamed Bun in glee: “What do you think now, you little punk?”

“Amazing, amazing. I didn’t think you would be so amazing. What’s your background?” Steamed Bun sighed.

“You’d better sit still when you hear it! This senior is Team Blue Rain’s former captain and the original owner of the great Swoksaar! I hope I didn’t scare you!” Wei Chen spoke.


“OH???????” Wei Chen clearly wasn’t happy with Steamed Bun’s indifferent reaction.

“Sooksoo, what’s that?” Steamed Bun asked.

“You don’t even know who that is?! That’s the number one Warlock in Glory. A godly existence!” Wei Chen exclaimed.

“Oh!” Steamed Bun gasped.

“He really needs some catching up to do.” Wei Chen spoke to Ye Xiu.

“Is it important to know that type of stuff?” Ye Xiu asked back.

“Of course.” Wei Chen acted like he was a holy saint, “It’s passing on one’s knowledge and conviction to the future generations.”

“…… How about you talk about Steamed Bun’s skill!” Ye Xiu shifted topics.

“Uh…… he’s not bad. For a player who’s only been playing for four months, he’s pretty decent.” Wei Chen commented.

“You’re not speaking with much confidence.” Ye Xiu remarked.

“F*ck, how am I lacking confidence?” Wei Chen shouted.

“You almost lost, didn’t you…” Ye Xiu said.

“Tch, he’s got a long ways to go if he wants to beat me!” Wei Chen said out loud, but on QQ, he shot Ye Xiu a message: “Sh*t, I got careless once and he almost turned it around.”

“Ha ha ha, who told you to hold on for dear life.” Ye Xiu replied.

“I wasn’t holding on for dear life. I can still beat him, but that Steamed Bun always makes weird moves. Even though most of the time he’s a complete mess, he occasionally makes you really sweat.” Wei Chen typed.

“Quite surprising, right?” Ye Xiu remarked.

“Indeed. Once that little punk improves his fundamentals and game knowledge, who knows what he’ll be like. From the looks of it, if we helped him consolidate his game knowledge and have him do some practice to improve his mechanics, he’ll be good. In terms of experience, teaching him too much would actually be harmful.” Wei Chen said.

“Who needs you to say that?” Ye Xiu replied.

“With this guy’s style, once you die, oh that’s not right, once you retire, you can give your unspecialized to him. That will certainly be a scene to see.” Wei Chen said.

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