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-Mellin’s loyalty has increased by 200.

-Hegel’s loyalty has increased by 200.

-Berad’s loyalty has increased by 200……

The loyalty of all the Royal Guards increased at the same time! It wasn’t just the Royal Guards.

“That Ark, he really is a good person.”

Clem smoked his cigar with moist eyes. Heksu also looked at Ark with admiration and murmured.

“That big fellow. What would it be like if he was my successor…..?”

“He also willingly did all the dirty tasks.”

“It is good that we came here to help.”

-Intimacy with Clem has increased by 100.

-Intimacy with Heksu has increased by 100.

His intimacy with Clem and the Silver Hand also rose. The atmosphere increased thanks to the excited feelings from the Royal Guards and the Silver Hand.

“What will you do now Ark? We managed to sneak away but if we don’t return soon then we’ll be punished. Did you have an idea when you told us to leave the main force?”

Clem asked once the atmosphere was calm.

“Of course.”

Ark smiled and replied.

“From now on, we’ll become a detached force.”


“Leader-nim, I have an urgent report!”

At the headquarters of the Rama’s main base. A warrior shouted with an urgent expression.

“The scouting unit that we sent out to investigate the incident at the base has returned. While trying to capture the federation soldier that escaped, they found the federation army moving along the border. They number approximately 600~700. There are 5 Memeods and dozens of bikes and vehicles. It is a lot more troops then we previously judged was on Beltana. It is clearly an all-out attack by the federation army.”

“What, what the?”

The Rama commander jumped out and exclaimed.

“Dammit, was that fire really caused by a federation scouting unit?”

The federation had rallied all their troops and advanced. The region around the mountain was 100 km. If they rallied all the troops to bypass the border then they clearly knew the location of the main base. If they’ve already started to bypass the border then there wasn’t a lot of time to prepare.

“To happen at this time……if it was a few more days then Beltana would be ours…..”

“Perhaps our plan was leaked to them?”

“It is still unknown……”

The Rama commander raised his head and shouted.

“It is clear that our base will be attacked. We have to stop those guys before their heavy weapons close in on the base. Adjutants, quickly gather all the troops in front of headquarters. Wake up anyone in hibernation mode! All necessary troops except for the engineers will gather to prevent the advance of the federation army. The limit is 10 km away in area T-23. No matter what kind of sacrifices we make, we have to stop them for 3 days until our plan is complete!”

“I understand!”


Sirens rang across the Rama main base. SPACE 7. Unauthorized Attack

Tu tu tu tung-!

Pepeng! Pepeng! Pepeng! Pepeng!

Hundreds of metres were covered in smoke.

“Multiple smoke bombs!”

“The smoke screen contains a component to stop photoelectric light. The infrared scopes are jammed!”

“The influence of the magnetic waves won’t even allow biometric scanning!”

Shouting came from everywhere. Valencia bit his lip and exclaimed.

“Put away any vision correction devices! The enemy are the Rama, not space monsters. It will be difficult to survive while depending on mechanical devices on the battlefield. Remove all vision correction equipment except for the optical filter and wait for the command to attack. Their offensive will start soon.”

Then the smoke screen flickered simultaneously and hundreds of shadows appeared within it. Monsters while sharp arms like knives approached through the snow field. They were the biological weapon of the Rama, the Carack.


Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu!

Hundreds of guns fired at once. Hundreds of bullets, grenades and warheads fired, causing swirls of smoke and flames. The Carack became full of holes like a honeycomb and collapsed. However there were no signs of the Carack decreasing. And they moved on battle instinct so they didn’t feel fear.

Karararara! Kararararak!

The Carack just climbed over the stacked corpses. Once the Carack started their assault, the federation army became wrapped in confusion. Several soldiers were hacked and mangled by the Carack’s sharp arms. But Valencia’s face was still confident.

“Those guys intend to push forward. They want to overwhelm us with their numbers. But impatience will being misfortune on a battlefield. Pedro!”

“Yes, Leader-nim. Start!”

At the same time, dozens of smoke trails were fired.The smoke reached dozens of metres into the sky! They simultaneously exploded and hundreds of splinters flew from the sky like rain.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa, kwa kwa kwa kwa!

An area several hundred metres wide shook and dust flew up. It was the aerial attack weapon Claymore that fired hundreds of metal splinters! Unlike ordinary bombs, this once exploded in the sky so it was difficult to avoid. Thus it was known as the Devil’s rain! The Claymore showed overwhelming destructive power.


Once the swirling smoke and dust settle down, hundreds of Carack were smears on the ground. The blood of the Carack were also mixed with the bodies of the Rama warriors.

“Now I’m slowly starting to see the end.”

Valencia smiled slyly and murmured. It had been two days since the federation had rallied their entire army and set forth towards the Rama base. They crossed the snowy mountain border and reached 15 km of their destination. The Rama had installed barricades there and had already arranged their defensive lines.

“Sheesh, I deliberately bypassed the border for security…..’

The advancing troops must’ve been detected by a Rama scouting unit. Initially the federation’s plan had been to advance to a distance where they could bombard the Rama base with their heavy weapons. If their tanks switched to Siege mode then the damage and range of their bombardment would rise explosively. If they switched to this mode within range of the base then they would have a chance to win.

“But they became aware faster than I expected.’

He guessed that the Rama had large numbers of defense facilities in this area so they would be detected eventually. The problem was that it was faster than expected so the Rama’s defences were solid. So far the military situation on Beltana was 6:4, with the federation being inferior. The federation was losing so they didn’t get enough reinforcements and supplies from the galactic federation. The Rama also used the Carack while the federation had a limited number of androids. Thus the federation started to dispatch prisoners towards the Bellin constellation. However, things were different now. 200 mercenaries were dispatched once the location of the Rama base was discovered. They were also supplied with advanced weapons. Therefore their combat power had jumped! The effect was clearly proven in battle. Since the battle started 2 days ago, the federation had managed to march within 5 km of the Rama base.

“Now it is almost finished!’

“Armoured squadrons 1,2 and 3, go! We will reach their base after this battle!”

100 soldiers shouted after hearing Valencia’s words.

“Armour armament!”

Their bags opened and a large capsule like object flew out. The capsules floated in the air and revolved like a puzzle before changing into armour. They fell like lightning and enveloped the bodies of the soldiers.

Tong-! Tong-! Tong-! Tong-!

The metal encircled the arms and legs and closed up. The parts around the head and upper body tightened and gave out steam. Once the combination of all parts were complete, the soldiers turned into robots 2 metres large. This was the federation’s battle suit. It was the original form of the armoured platoon.


Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The 100 people of the armoured platoon rushed towards the Rama army. The battle suits also fired various rounds of ammunition. Valencia looked at the heat wave it caused and took out his Beam Sword.

“No one can stop me! This is my battlefield!’


“I arrived just in time.”

Ark smiled and muttered. Flames and smoke soared on the horizon. And the sound of gunshots was audible. It was several kilometre away but he didn’t need to see it with his own eyes. There was a battle going on between the federation and the Rama.

“That Valencia, he seems to be making quite an effort.”

The battle was taking place 5 km away from the Rama base. The Rama weren’t blind so they would know that the federation was approaching. Clearly they would form a defense line further away from the base. Yet the federation managed to push it back to 5 km from the base. And one of the leaders of the allied forces was Valencia! Valencia was fighting extremely hard.

“It is natural. He knows the location of the Rama base and even received command of the federation army. If he shattered the Rama base with this strategy then he will monopolize all the achievements. He will become a hero and receive colossal bonuses. But……’

Ark lowered his eyes and winced. Ark was currently hiding on a hill near a military garrison. There was a large dome in the middle of the garrison and were surrounded by many buildings and tents. The scale made it clear that it was the Rama central base.

“I’m sorry but this is mine.”

This was the Rama base Valencia was trying to get to. But Ark was on a hill several hundred metres from it. Ark arrived here before the federation’s army……

“The federation rallied their forces for a surprise attack. The Rama will soon find out about the attack. Obviously they will build a defense line to prevent the advance of the federation army. In this situation they had to rally all their troops. Then the Rama’s base will be empty!’

It was the first thing that popped into Ark’s head when hearing about the federation’s strategy. Then a path naturally emerged.

Crevasse → Pyramid → Warp from the Pharaoh’s room → the ground → Rama’s main base.

This was the path Ark had taken while experiencing various hardships. His only idea had been to return to the federation base. When he thought about it, there was a shortcut to safely return to the Rama base. Ark arrived here before the federation’s army thanks to the shortcut. No, he arrived when there was a lot of time left.

“They had a lot of people so there is a limit to how fast the main army can move. In addition, they had to fight the Rama so they would take at least four days to arrive. If I utilize the pyramid then I can arrive the Rama base within a day. There is plenty of time while the Rama and federation fight so there is no need to hurry.’

So Ark had plenty of time to kill. He could gain some experience from the Anubis. He intentionally fell into a trap and wandered around the infinite rooms. This was because he already knew a way to defeat the traps. Moreover, this time he wasn’t alone. There were the 20 Silver Hand and 10 Royal Guards so that was 30 people.

“Concentrate and shoot!”

Tu tu tu tu! Tu tu tu tu! Tang! Tang!

Ark gave a command and dozens of bullets crossed through the air into the eye. The Anubis turned into a pile of stone. At this time, the average level of the Royal Guards was level 25. They swept through the level 35 Anubis with the 30 troops and the Royal Guards gained 3 levels! The Silver Hand and Ark who were level 40 also gained 1 level.

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