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Ye Qingyu nodded his head, not concealing anything. “Your brother died to save me. I sent many people to search for you in Youyan Pass, but I could not find you at all until now. If not for the fact that I coincidentally encountered your name today, I don’t know just how long I would have been searching for.”

Ye Congyun lowered his head. A tear drop, flashed by in his eyes.

He very quickly lifted his head. His expression returning to normal, returning as calm as he ever was.

“I have already learned of my brother death in the notice of the army. So he died protecting Marquis you. My brother has always been honoured to serve within the Youyan army. After being allocated as a sentry in the watchpost, he had no way of continuing to slaughter the demons so he had always been unhappy. He once said to me that he entered in the army not for power or glory but to protect the borders and protect his race. Even if in the end he gives up his life on the battlefield, he will die with no regrets. I believe that by dying to protect you, he will have died with no regrets at all. If he is able to know what you have done today in Youyan pass right now, he will definitely feel pride and excitement.”

There was a faint smile appearing on the face of the young officer.

He lifted his head to look at the blue green moonlight sky. In the clustered stars, it was as if he could see his brothers strict but kind smile.

“Ingest the medicine. I’ll guard you.” Ye Qingyu handed over the [Mysterious Heaven Pellet]. “If you’re brother is aware in the heavens, he will also hope that you will live on. If you are able to inherit his wishes and soar to the skies within Youyan pass, he will definitely be even more happy. But first of all, you must take care of your own body.””

Ye Congyun thought for a bit, but did not see any reason to refuse so he took the pill.

The [Mysterious Heaven Pellet] dissolved instantly in the mouth, and a cold feeling spread throughout his body. Then it became painful, like a steel needle running through his muscles. Ye Congyun let out a low grunt, beads of sweat appearing on his forehead. But the pain once again incited his body, making his life energy explode yet again. The pain very quickly disappeared, turning into pure inner yuan that travelled throughout his body, repairing his injured body and restoring his vitality.

Ye Qingyu stood guard by one side. One of his palm was pressed against Ye Congyun’s shoulder, so he could clearly sense everything that happened.

The effects of the [Mysterious Heaven pellet] was even better than what he had imagined.

No wonder yuan qi was the purest energy in this world. Under the restorative properties of the yuan qi in the pill, the injuries of the young officer recovered rapidly.

A [Mysterious Heaven Pellet] was equal to half a year’s cultivation of a thirty to forty spirit springs expert. The medicinal properties was powerful but absolutely not dominating. Even if used on Ye Congyun who had not even entered into the Spirit spring stage, he was still able to withstand it.

But pills to increase yuan qi was after all not entirely suitable for treating illnesses.

To want to continue bolstering Ye Congyun’s lifeforce, and to want to solve the problem of his weak blood constitution, there was still a need for an alternative method.

As Ye Qingyu was thinking of just what he could do to solve Ye Congyun’s problem, there were strong energy fluctuations coming from the outside. The air was parted as numerous figures tore through the skies like shooting stars, arriving in the chaotic camp.

“There are true experts arriving!”

Ye Congyu awakened from his state of recovery. Seeing this scene, he was stunned.

Ye Qingyu was like as if he had long predicted this scene. There was a smile of disdain on his lips, but within the smile, there was another chill that made the Ye Congyun by his side feel as if a sharp blade was pressing against his heart. This feeling was just like when Ye Qingyu had acted to slaughter all the Jianghu people in the camps.


The instant numerous experts landed, a powerful yuan qi fluctuation swept the entire new recruit training camp.

These were the true experts of the sects.

The instant this aura appeared, it made even Ye Qingyu feel suffocation.

There were four people in total who had appeared. Two were young, one was wearing a uniform armour and was somewhat handsome. His body was tall and slender and was namely the distribution officer of the military supply department, Zhao Ruyun. The other had white eyebrows and a hook nosed, tall and slim. He had an authoritative aura around his body, like a peerless long sword. And the middle men next to these two wore loose clothes of the sects. They had a natural authority on their faces, evidently characters who had held high statuses and positions for a length period of time. Their aura was not normal at all.

The instant the four appeared, they instantly went near the centre of the new recruit training camp.

The scene in front of them caused the colour of their faces to change abruptly.

“What has happened? Everyone….has died! This is the Empire’s camp, just who would dare to appear to kill people? Who did it, scram out right now…..” Zhao Ruyun was the first person to burst out, and let out a scream. Evidently he was extremely shocked and furious.

The other three noticed at the first instant Ye Qingyu and Ye Congyun’s existence.

Between experts, one could sense the opponent even without using eyes but through aura alone.

And they were able to recognise Ye Qingyu the first moment they laid their eyes on him.

[The Leaf of Youyan] already had a significant fame in killing people within the Jianghu. Especially amidst the Jianghu people in Youyan Pass. After experiencing the events of these past days, Ye Qingyu was a character they were extremely wary off. There were long portraits of Ye Qingyu circulated between the large sects. Even if they did not see Ye Qingyu before personally, after seeing the portrait, they would know just how the new Marquis with such a killing intent looked like.

These three had gazed at the portrait before, so they instantly recognised Ye Qingyu.

The fourth to react, was Zhao Ruyun

The him with bolstering aura, when he saw Ye Qingyu, both his knees weakened. He nearly bowed to the ground with a bang. At that moment, Zhao Ruyun really wished he could turn back and leave. He hoped with all his heart that he had not appeared here today. It was a pity that everything was already too late…..

“Ma- Mar……Marquis Ye, what are you doing there?”

The attitude of Zhao Ruyun greatly changed.

Even today, he could still recall the scene of him assisting Zhang San returning to the great hall of the Military supply department. The cold spot of blood that Zhang San spat out, was enough to freeze the bravery of Zhao Ruyun. Ever since then, this incomparably arrogant distribution officer, became like a different person. The majority of the time he was somewhat distracted.

Ye Qingyu gave him a glance, not saying anything.

He really did not want to waste his time on such a character.

His gaze fell on the three people beside Zhao Ruyun, carefully evaluating.


“You are Ye Qingyu?” the white eyebrowed hook nosed young man finally opened his mouth. His tone held an unconcealed arrogance. “You are not as great as the rumour suggest…..what, was it you who killed all the people here?”

“”White browed YuYe Qingyu frowned. “The Setting Sun and Great River sect?”

The white browed young man was slightly taken aback, then began proudly smiling. “You’ve heard of my name? Haha……today within the camp, there are three disciples of the Setting Sun and Great River sect. It seems like Marquis Ye did not let them go. The title of butcher is indeed quite fitting for you. I wonder what the reason that you have killed tonight is…..”

“I did not imagine that the Setting Sun and Great River sect would fall to such depths. Good, very well.” Ye Qingyu nodded his head, not waiting for him to finish his sentence before breaking him off. “Since you have arrived here today, then don’t leave.”

As he spoke to her, his gaze moved to the authoritative middle aged men next to him. Coldly sneering, “Tell me what are your identities so that the great prison of the Vanguard can prepare manacles and shackles for you.”

“Ridiculous.” The middle aged man with a long beard on the left said, shaking his head. “If a young man has some abilities, it is understandable if he is a little arrogant. But you, you think you are far too important. You really think that just by relying on the tiny little position of a Marquis, you can do as you wish? If other people respect you, you are a Marquis. If they don’t respect you, you are only a arrogant and loud mouthed junior. Don’t pretend to be self important in front of me, you are by far not enough.”

“You really have too many useless words.” Ye Qingyu coldly laughed. “Old thing, state your name.” “You…….arrogance!” The other white faced beardless middle aged man coldly sneered. “In Jianghu, everyone says that Ye Qingyu is a killing demon without emotions. I originally did not believe this, at least the military department had given you the titled of a heroic and loyal Marquis. I thought that you had to have something special. But from the situation right now, it seems like I was wrong. No respect for your elders, arrogant and wild, slaughtering your own race, treacherous…..that person is you, Ye Qingyu!”

The white face middle aged man was evidently the higher up of a sect, with a distinctive and special aura. When he was young, he must be a handsome man. When his anger was invoked, there was a pressuring aura that was given off.

Ye Qingyu pressed his lips together in disdain.

Who did not know how to accuse someone.

If accusing someone was able to solve problems, then what was the point of the Patrolling sword envoy?

Therefore tonight, Ye Qingyu did not even think about reasoning with this bunch of people.

As long as you think a little, you would be able to realise that the people who arrived the quickest after the hidden array was destroyed, must be the people who had some sort of relationship with the army camp. They were definitely not good people. And yet they were still using the same methods of threat and intimidation here; these Jianghu people, did they think that such methods worked everywhere?

“It’s fine if you don’t state your name. After all, none of you is innocent. When I’ve captured you and interrogated you, I’ll find out then.”

Ye Qingyu was too lazy to argue with these people.

“Hahaha, you are really crazy. Today I will stand here. Ye Qingyu, if you have the ability, then capture me.”

White browed Yu could not help but chuckle out loud. Even if Ye Qingyu was the Marquis, he was not afraid. This Ye Qingyu really was overestimating himself if he wanted to use his position as Marquis to suppress the people of the Jianghu.

The other two men also laughed.

The martial cultivation of the sects, was much more detailed and intricate than the experts who had originated from the army. It was not something the experts of the armies were able to withstand. An example of the difference between these groups was their observation skills. There two middle aged men were the elders of the top three schools and top sects, and had been famous for many years. They were able to discern with one glance, that the Ye Qingyu described as legendary by other people, were only at the thirty Spirit springs stage. He was only a slightly strong junior, just what great turmoil could he cause….

The White browed Yu was one of the rising stars of the younger generation in the Setting Sun and Great River sect. Many years ago, he had already stepped into the realm of the Fifty Spirit strings. And in these years, his martial cultivation had improved even more. His battle record was extremely fearsome in the Jianghu, and it was hard to find someone that was able to fight against him at the same age. There was a difference when compared to the young leaders of the six top sects, but facing an arrogant person only at the thirty Spirit springs stage, how could Ye Qingyu not easily fall into his hands?

The Ye Qingyu just how had he became so famous.

But he really was far too arrogance.

Fine, then today he would decisively destroy this person that was known as the little legend of the Youyan army. He would make the entire military know, what was the true power of the sects in case they thought that because this tiny little officer was able to defeat the Xuan sect, the Five Poison Gongzi; this represented they could step all over the top six sects.


“People really won’t cry until they see the coffin.”

Ye Qingyu shook his head, slowly moving his body.

Thirty snow dragon illusions, like flowing light, shot our roaring from within his body. In the wilds all around him, there was suddenly a chill in the air with dragon roars. There was an indistinct quiver in the air, that gradually became clearer and clearer. Ye Qingyu’s aura was like the surging tide, becoming even more and more violent, like the forming of an avalanche. Slowly and slowly, force built up, becoming a power that nothing could stand in his way!

White browed Yu coldly sneered.

“Your strength is definitely powerful amongst those of the thirty spirit springs. But compared to me, the different is far too great.” He said sneeringly: “Ice attribute yuan qi is far too commonly seen. And what is even more of a pity is that…..” Saying that, he slowly and grandly flicked his finger, and an orange flame suddenly came from the tip of his finger. With mockery, “What is even more of a pity, is that your ice inner yuan is coincidentally completely suppressed by the power of my fire!”

A surge of hot air followed along with the appearance of the orange of flame that began originating from White browed Yu.

Next to him, there was also a slight smile of mockery on the faces of the middle aged men of the sects.


There was also an expression of mockery on Ye Qingyu’s face.

“Does flames really always suppress ice?” His lips split apart, his white teeth like the glimmer of blades under the glow of the moonlight. “What kind of retard told you that? That’s right, you must feel that thirty Spriit springs of cultivation is not enough. Then right now….”

As he said these words.

Ye Qingyu activated the [First limit] of the [Limitless divine way].


Light winds erupted.

Ye Qingyu’s yuan qi power instantly doubled.


The roar of dragons was like a bell sounding out in the skies, spreading everywhere in the wilds, causing one ear drums to shudder.

His aura, in that instant, madly and mercilessly grew.

If Ye Qingy’s previous aura was like the roaring tides of the sea, then at this moment, it had already turned into a surging tsunami. A chill in the air spread rapidly throughout the surroundings as if it was light. Everywhere it passed, everything was frozen. The floating scraps of grass and dust in the air were also instantly frozen, as if even space itself had froze.


A powerful gust, advanced towards White browed Yu and the others.

“How can this be…..” The pupils of White browed Yu constricted.

The expressions of the two middle aged man behind him, also suddenly transformed.

His strength suddenly doubled?

This….was it a joke?

The foundations of the top sects were vast and deep. They had all sorts of miraculous techniques, but they have never heard of such a terrifying technique that could instantly double someone’s strength……Could it be a evil technique that burned the foundation of the user’s own life…..this Ye Qingyu, was he mad?

And when their hearts were greatly shaken, Ye Qingyu acted.

His figurer flashed. IN but several steps, he were already before White Browed Yu.

His palm struck out; his aura like thunder.

White browed Yu let out a scream, the power of his flames exploding.

His entire person was surrounded by a barrier of orange flames, like a deity that were born in fire. Both his knees slightly bent, his arms raising. His left half drew a half arc towards the right, his right arm drew another arc towards the left that looked to be an extremely practiced movement. It seemed slow, but in reality was utterly fast. Palm after palm formed, layers after layers, like the thousand hand buddha. In an instant, everywhere around the air were palms of fire.

“The Thousand Palms of Flames!”

“His first move is his famous technique!”

The hearts of the two middle aged men were also taken back.

It was as if the ancient battlefield’s dimensional space went on infinitely with no end!

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