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Haverstein murmured in a cheery voice. So a plan was developed to capture the impregnable fortress. But the success of the operation depended on one important prerequisite.

“In the end, the issue has returned to the starting point. If there are fewer troops then it will be easier to make it through Smuggler’s Pass. It will also take a minimum of one day to capture Pabiun Fortress after the obelisks were destroyed. In order to reach Silrinad before the Bristania expedition, you’ll have to get through Smuggler’s Pass and destroy the obelisks within three days.”

“It is possible. No, I’ll make it possible.”

“Then you will go?”

“If there is a warrior more reliable than me in the expedition then I will concede it to them.”

“…….Isn’t that impossible?”

Haverstein smiled and murmured. At the same time, an information window appeared in front of Ark.

-The Expedition’s Commander has accepted Ark-nim’s strategy.

* Art of Communication increased by 30.

* Political Power increased by 20.

* Achievements increased by 500.

-The Expedition Army’s Crusade (Event Quest)

+ Sub Quest: Blow up the “Black Obelisk Forest’ operation

The Schudenberg expedition has been blocked by monsters and is unable to cross the border to the Sinius Principality. Ark-nim has proposed a new operation and the Expedition Commander Haverstein accepted.

Operation Overview: Use the secret route that smugglers use to travel between Schudenberg and the Sinius Principality to bypass Pabiun Fortress and destroy the Black Obelisk Forest before the monsters can be restored. While the special attack corps is approaching the Black Obelisk Forest, the expedition army will attack Pabiun Fortress to draw the attention of the monsters.

<Difficulty: A+>

Once Haverstein accepted Ark’s proposal, it was immediately registered as a sub quest. Of course, this mission wasn’t one that Ark could do alone. So Haverstein summoned the unit leaders and explained Ark’s plan. However, Haverstein’s decision was received with backlash from the leaders.

“You’re leaving such an important mission to the one in charge of supplies? It is ridiculous!”

“Even if he is the one who came up with the plan, this is too excessive!”

“Yes, a warrior should take over this mission!”

When the strategy was explained and Ark was designated the one in charge, the leaders immediately made a disturbance. The users also opposed it. This was a huge mission concerning the fate of the expedition. If the operation leader completed it successfully then they could get enormous achievement points. The users couldn’t give up such a chance. But Haverstein asked the room with a fierce expression.

“Do you really think Ark doesn’t deserve the mission?”

“Of course!”

The leaders answered simultaneously.

“Look again and answer. Do you really think there is anyone better than Ark?”

The unit leaders started at Ark after hearing the same question. In the next moment….. Their eyes widened with shock.

“Of course since he is a merchant…..heok, what, what the?”

“T-that was Lord Ark……then Lord Ark is……”

The leaders stuttered with a stunned expression. They looked at the place Ark was standing just now. But Ark wasn’t visible when they looked again. He had changed into a wolf with black fur. From Schudenberg to Seutandal, there were no users in New World who didn’t know the name Dark Wolf after he defended Lancel from the bandit group.

“He is Dark Wolf.”

Haverstein smiled and replied. The users’ doubts were also calmed after Dark Wold’s true identity was revealed.

“The ones that played a key role in the Bristania expedition were Bread and the magician Redian. But Schudenberg also has a warrior comparable to them. That person is Dark Wolf. Do you think there is anyone more qualified than him?”

The leaders all closed their mouths. After that the establishment of the special forces was quickly conducted. There was significant achievement points involved so there were many eager applicants.

“But there is a time limit so it isn’t possible to take a lot of troops. 300 people should be suitable. We also have to quickly go through Smuggler’s Pass so the users should be at least level 300.’

Ark carefully looked around the troops and selected 300 people to share the quest with. It was a situation which emphasized speed so they also couldn’t bring many supplies. Equipment and food necessary for hiking was required. But there was one essential item that couldn’t be omitted.

-Starlight Bomb (Special)

A special bomb developed by the Magic Institute with Holy Power inscribed on it. It particularly exerts a strong power over enemies with the demonic attribute. The development isn’t perfect so it will take a significant amount of time for the bomb to blow up. But it has a strong explosive force that is capable to destroying the black obelisks. So it can be utilized to destroy the black obelisks.

<Once trigger, it will take 10 minutes to explode and will deal 5000 damage to all obelisks in a 1 metre area. When used on demonic monsters, it is possible to inflict 200 damage>

“The fate of Schudenberg expedition lies with you.”

Haverstein said after handing over the Starlight Bombs to Ark. But the destiny of the Schudenberg expedition had never been on Ark’s mind.

“I’m only interested in protecting the money! I can’t forgive any monsters that interfere in my business! I will blow all of them up!’

A motivated fire was kindled in Ark’s eyes.


After that it was like a documentary on human victory. Ark’s kindled motivation quickly disappeared in the snow covered mountains. Even the smugglers avoided these mountains during winter. The place was more dangerous than Ark expected. The piles of snow created an illusion of the ground only to discover there was a crevasse. There were also occasional earthquakes which caused falling rocks to smash the head of the special forces. 10 hours after entering Smuggler’s Pass, the 300 members had been reduced to 200. Without Lariette’s information and Racard’s scouting, the 200 hundred remaining members probably would’ve been killed.

“This operation has to succeed no matter the cost!’

Ark reiterated again with clenched fists. And they finally reached the last checkpoint of Smuggler’s Pass after all that suffering……

“Did I come all this way just to die so absurdly?’

Ku ku ku ku, ku kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Ark stared at the huge grey monster of snow. The problem wasn’t dying. If Ark died here than the strategy would fail. In summer, this valley was a place where the road below could be used. But the accumulated snow meant that they had to use a rope to move between cliffs. If Ark died here then the rope would snap and the method to move to the other side would disappear. Racard would also disappear when Ark died so he couldn’t retrieve the rope. The operation would be halted. In the end Haverstein would have his Commander position taken away. And Ark would have too much stock and would become bankrupt. If he had no money than his mother couldn’t even go to the hospital anymore.

“No. I can’t let that happen! I can’t die like this!’

Desperation ignited in Ark’s eyes.

“What…..there must be some way!’

Ark considered all the possible measures. Was there a quick way to return to the cliff and avoid the avalanche? He couldn’t be swept away from the avalanche. Should he grab the hand glider from Radun to run away?

‥‥..There must be some way to escape the avalanche.

Should he grab the rope tightly and pray?

‥‥‥.As long as the rope wasn’t swept away by an avalanche.

Every possible suggestion ended in him being buried by the avalanche.

“Is there really no way?’

Ark worried like crazy. Then sparks flew in Ark’s head as he clenched the rope firmly.

“Wait? Yes, that’s the way…….!’

Now wasn’t the time to worry about whether it was possible or impossible. As soon as Ark came up with the idea, he took out his sword and started cutting the rope. The rope had a durability bonus so it didn’t break easily. But the rope finally snapped after a few more attempts. When the rope snapped, Ark was swung towards the other cliff. If Ark crashed into the cliff then he would be squashed like a ripe tomato!

“Now’s the time. Riposte!”

Ark used Riposte the moment he was about to hit the cliff. Riposte pushed the enemy back 10 metres. However, it was impossible to force the rock wall back. Instead, the force of the rope’s swing and Ark’s body caused him to stop moving. Then the avalanche was almost upon him. Ark was still clinging to the rope!

“If I stay here I’ll die! Sprint!”

Ark grinded his teeth together and shouted. He turned his body and used Sprint to run up the cliff. Ark hung onto the rope while running up the cliff. That’s right. That was the method Ark came up with. It was a technique to use run up the cliff while hanging onto the rope!

“Damn, it’s still lacking a bit!”

The speed of the avalanche was faster than Ark’s Sprint. The avalanche rumbled and got closer to Ark. The size of the avalanche was also larger than Ark imagined. Despite using Sprint and running with the rope, the height of the avalanche was still higher. Just before Ark was about to be swept away by the avalanche, a skill popped into his head.

“That’s right, Jump!”

Ark stepped on a stone and shouted. The power surged into his thighs and he jumped up 10 metres. Ark grabbed a protruding stone close to him as the avalanche passed right underneath him. Sweat flooded down his back like a waterfall.

“I-I lived……”

“Damn, that guy really has a long life.”

Shambala laughed and muttered from the cliff opposite to Ark. Anyway, Ark had managed to avoid being killed by the avalanche. After the crisis was over, Ark connected the rope again and Shambala, Lariette and the other members climbed over. After that there were no more problems. Once they moved to the cliff, the path was not a relatively gentle slope. When they walked a little further along the slope, a message window appeared in front of them.

-You have exited the Albana Mountains.

-You have entered the Pabiun Canyon area.


“We’ve gone through Smuggler’s Pass!”

The tired soldiers cheered as they saw the message. Shambala rolled his stiffened shoulders and muttered.

“The only thing left is to find the Black Obelisk Forest.”

“Not yet.”

“What? Not yet?”

“There’s one place I have to visit prior to that.”

Ark smiled and moved forward. Shambala, Lariette and the other special forces followed him. Then the snow on the ground suddenly moved and an eyeball popped out. It was similar to the eyeball stuck to Ark. The eyeball looked in the direction that the special forces had disappeared. ACT 4 Alan’s Resurrection


Ark stared at the ruins in front of him and sighed. Then Shambala and Lariette looked at him with doubtful eyes.

1. Bengong: this palace, I used by the females of the imperial family

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