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“That’s right, Master, I can go and kill all of them right now.” Ancestor Bifang fumed with anger.

Huang Xiaolong nonchalantly waved his hand, his voice flat, “No need, they will return very soon begging on their knees for us to accept them again. I will make everyone understand the consequences of betraying me, Huang Xiaolong.”

Huang Xiaolong continued to discuss Martial Spirit World’s current situation with Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi and the rest.

Listening to the old dragon talk about the cultivators who came to Martial Spirit World and were now fleeing like there was a fierce beast behind them, Huang Xiaolong commanded, “Have all the cities list out the names of those fleeing cultivators. In the future, they are not allowed to take half a step into Martial Spirit World, otherwise they shall be killed without mercy!”

A whelming killing intent exploded from Huang Xiaolong like a hurricane and disappeared just as suddenly as it appeared.

“Yes!” The Green Dragon Beast King and several others loudly acknowledged.

Huang Xiaolong gave a few more orders before telling the Green Dragon Beast King and the rest to retreat, after which he returned to his own yard, entering the Heavenly Mountain and continuing to cultivate.

Although his current strength was enough to defeat Yelu Chufei, he still needed to improve his cultivation to mid-Fourth Order Highgod Realm. When that happened, he was fully confident that he could kill Yelu Chufei.

Without delay, Huang Xiaolong reached the depths of the Heavenly Mountain’s underground space, sitting cross-legged above the suppressed lightning dragon spiritual vein.

He breathed out and his three supreme godheads started rotating.

Instantly, a terrifying amount of lightning force from the spiritual vein surged into Huang Xiaolong’s body.

During the first contact, Huang Xiaolong’s body quivered from the overwhelming rush of lightning force.

In a short time, he was submerged under currents of lightning force, rippling around him, gathering, expanding, forming a heavenly ocean of lightning.

Staying for a short time within this lightning force ocean could temper a Fourth Order Highgod Realm cultivator’s physical body to another degree. A single strand this lightning spiritual energy was comparable to one stalk of three-million-year-old medicinal herb.

Now, multiple strands of that force were being devoured by Huang Xiaolong’s three supreme godheads, refined, absorbed, and converted into his own godforce.

Huang Xiaolong’s strength rose with every breath.

The day passed by.

Huang Xiaolong had completely disappeared into the ocean of lightning force.

From afar, one could only see a divine ocean of lightning force floating in an underground space, large waves rolling on its surface. Its center seemed to be nurturing a chaotic Lightning God.

In the blink of an eye, half a month flew by. Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation reached the peak of early Fourth Order Highgod Realm.

Sitting cross-legged at the center of the lightning force ocean, Huang Xiaolong’s mind had entered an ethereal state, every part of him seemed to fuse with the whole Martial Spirit World.

Huang Xiaolong could detect in detail every ripple in the outer space surrounding Martial Spirit World. His senses continued to expand further and further.

In the end, his divine sense even reached neighboring world surfaces such as the Peace Emperor World. Every secret underground chamber was clear to Huang Xiaolong, even a certain family’s Ancestor ‘exercising’ with his little concubine, as if everything was right in front of his eyes.

Above Huang Xiaolong’s soul sea, his three supreme godheads emitted brilliant radiance.

While Huang Xiaolong was absorbing the lightning dragon spiritual vein’s lightning force, far away in the Saint Lord Galaxy at the Yelu Family’s main residence, Yelu Chufei was leading the Yelu Family’s Elders and Grand Elders, heading toward the Black Tortoise Galaxy.

This time, Yelu Chufei had brought eight-tenths of the Yelu Family’s Grand Elders and Elders, totaling over six hundred masters.

Over six hundred Highgod Realm masters, most of which were Fifth and Sixth Order!

With Yelu Chufei and those Yelu Family masters’ speed, they could reach Martial Spirit World one day before or on Huang Xiaolong’s wedding.

On the way, Yelu Tianhao said to his father, “Father, I heard Huang Xiaolong has been in seclusion these days.”

Yelu Chufei snickered, “He really thinks that two or three months of cultivation could give him the strength to fight me? How naive!”

Yelu Tianhao went on, “Last time I saw that Shi Xiaofei, she was still a virgin, I wonder if she still is.” His eyes glimmered with a lecherous light. Every time he thought that he would soon be able to enjoy Shi Xiaofei, moreover, doing it in front of Huang Xiaolong, Yelu Tianhao could feel his blood grow hot with anticipation.

He could barely contain himself.

More than a dozen days passed by.

The Yelu Family’s group stood there in space, looking at the Martial Spirit World in front of them. In a flicker, the massive number of people passed through the outer space barrier, descending on the Martial Spirit World. Chapter 4 – The Thumb of the Black Hand

[originally translated by Chowbeng and edited by RWX]

What was he then, if not human? Was he a wild animal? Ghost or demon? Block of wood? Or immortal Buddha?

Perhaps, not any of that. It merely was the uncannily ability to perform deeds that were beyond the limits of normal beings and at the same time able to endure far more than any normal being.

Yan Nanfei had a very good explanation, “Even if you are human, you are at the most an inhuman human.”

Fu Hongxue smiled, he actually smiled. Although he did not laugh out loud, his eyes did indeed have the hint of laughter.

This was already something very rare, like a ray of sunshine suddenly appearing in middle of a violent storm.

Yan Nanfei looked at him and suddenly sighed, “What I didn’t expect is that an inhuman human like you could also smile.”

Fu Hongxue quipped, “Not only could smile, but could listen as well.”

Yan Nanfei said, “Then, just follow me.”

Fu Hongxue asked, “Where to?”

Yan Nanfei replied, “To somewhere without rain, to somewhere with wine”

In the small mansion, there was wine and there were bright lights. In such a chilly cold rainy night, it might be even warmer than Fu Hongxue’s smile. But Fu Hongxue only lifted his head and with a single look, the laughter in his eyes immediately froze.

He coldly said, “This place might be for you but it is not for me.”

Yan Nanfei said, “You are not going in?”

“Certainly not”, Fu Hongxue replied.

Yan Nanfei said, “If I can go in, why can’t you do the same?”

Fu Hongxue said, “Because you are not me, and I am not you.”

It was because you are not me, you would never understand my pain and sufferings.

This was left unspoken, neither was there the need. Yan Nanfei had seen his pain, his face was already distorted with this pain.

This place was just only a brothel, a place where people seeked pleasures and joys. Why would it cause him such intense pain and suffering? Could it be that he had previously endured great pain and sufferings in such a place?

Yan Nanfei suddenly asked, “Did you see the person accompanying me to Phoenix Settlement, the one who carried my zither?”

Fu Hongxue shook his head.

Yan Nanfei continued, “I know that you had not seen it, because you never drink and never look at women.”

He stared at Fu Hongxue, and slowly said, “Is it because those two things had hurt you in the past?

Fu Hongxue had not moved, neither did he speak but every muscle in his face was already taut. Yan Nanfei’s words were like a sharp needle, stabbing into his heart.

– Couldn’t a place of happiness also have deep and painful memories?

– Without happiness, how could there be pain and sufferings?

– Isn’t happiness and pain separated just by a thin thread?

Yan Nanfei shut his mouth. He didn’t want to ask further, he couldn’t bear to ask further.

At this moment, two people suddenly flew out behind the high walls. One of them hit the ground with a “PU” and didn’t move an inch after that. The other however had already made his way up the mansion with the exquisite lightness skill, [Swallow Pecking Water Trice].

When Yan Nanfei came out, the windows were still open and the lamps were still bright. Under the lamp light, he could only made out a flash of delicatly agile shadow before it disappeared through the window.

The one on the ground, was a small, thin blackclothed old man. Long white beard and a wax yellow complexion. He had stopped breathing by the time he hit the ground.

When Yan Nanfei realised that he was dead, he flew up the mansion in the greatest haste, straight through the window.

By the time he passed through the window, Fu Hongxue was already inside.

There was nobody in the house, only a wet footprint. A delicate footprint. The swallow-like shadow was obviously a woman.

Yan Nanfei creased his bows and mumbled, “Could it be her?”

Fu Hongxue asked, “Who is she?”

Yan Nanfei answered, “Mingyue Xin.”

Fu Hongxue coldly, “There’s no moon the sky, and the bright moon has no heart. How could there then be a Mingyue Xin, the heart of the bright moon?”

Yan Nanfei sighed, with a bitter laugh, “You were wrong. I was wrong too. Only now I do I realize that the bright moon does have a heart.” The heartless one was the wild rose. The wild rose at the horizon.

Fu Hongxue said, “Mingyue Xin is the owner here?”

Yan Nanfei nodded, still silent. Outside, someone had already came knocking on the door.

The door was not latched properly, a redcheeked girl with a pair of huge eyes walked in. Dressed in a thin spring grown, carrying a food basket on her left hand and on her right, was a wine jar with a still unbroken seal.

With her pair of nimble huge eyes, she looked at Fu Hongxue for a long while before suddenly asking, “Are you the honoured guest my mistress is expecting?”

Fu Hongxue did not understand, nor did Yan Nanfei.

The young girl continued, “Our mistress said that an honoured guest is coming and had instructed us to prepare food and wine. But you don’t look the part of the honoured guest.”

She seemed reluctant to even take another glance at Fu Hongxue. For while talking she had already turned around to tidy up the table and arrange the cutlery.

The person just now was indeed Mingxue Xing.

The blackclothed old man was plotting to assassinate Yan Nanfei. She had killed the old man without revealing herself, most likely to lure Fu Hongxue into this mansion.

Yan Nanfei smiled, “It looks like her ability to invite guests greatly surpassed mine.”

Fu Hongxue pulled a long face and coldly said, “Too bad that I am not the type of honoured guest she expected.”

Yan Nanfei reasoned, “But since you are already here, then there is no point not staying.”

Fu Hongxue retorted, “Since I am already here, then why did you still waste such words?”

Yan Nanfei smiled again, walked over and broke open the clay seal of the wine jar. The fragrance greeted the nostrils immediately.

“Good wine.” He laughed. “Even when I was here, I didn’t get to drink such good wine.”

The young girl was pouring wine, from the wine jar to the wine pot and then from the wine pot to the wine cup.

Yan Nanfei remarked, “It looks like she not only recognise you, but she clearly also knows what kind of person you are.”

The wine cup was full to the brim. He drained it in a one glup, then turned to face Fu Hongxue and slowly said, “I had unfulfilled wishes because one person is still not dead.”

Fu Hongxue asked, “Who is that?”

Yan Nanfei said, “He is the kind that deserved to die.”

Fu Hongxue asked again, “You want to kill him?”

Yan Nanfei said, “Every single day and night.”

Fu Hongxue was slient for a long time before calmly said, “People who deserved to die would die sooner or later. Why must you kill him with your own hands?”

Yan Nanfei said, “Because apart from me, no one else knows that he deserved to die.”

Fu Hongxue questioned, “Who exactly is this person?”

1. Bengong: this palace, I used by the females of the imperial family

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