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“Can I nonetheless believe in you all?” Su Hao explained with interest.


Absolutely everyone was acting awkward.

Yes, Su Hao just led them to victory, yet they even now tried to destroy him the minute the battle was more than. For Su Hao to tell them the reality at this time would be somewhat absurd.

“Everyone is now on the identical boat yet again.” King of Fire stated prior to asking a query although hunting at Su Hao coldly, “What do you want?”

“An apology.” Su Hao calmly said.

Every person was stunned.

They thought that Wu Ming desired anything scary. Unexpectedly, he just wanted an apology from King of Fire. At this imagined, everybody felt ashamed. King of Fire immediately grew to become furious but was rapidly persuaded by these all around him. Isn’t it just a mere apology? What’s so tough about it?

“I will never…” King of Fire looked at Su Hao hatefully.

The rest stored comforting him. Mankind is like this, and they only care about their personal individual curiosity. Everybody has their personal agenda, but King of Fire could easily remedy every little thing with a single sentence. It cannot be that they had to resort to a battle as an alternative of this proper? Therefore, those beside King of Fire stored persuading him to apologize.

King of Fire’s face turned red.

Currently being forced to apologize, what type of humiliation is this?

This even more strengthened his determination to get rid of Wu Ming. He usually had this feeling that this man or woman was even a lot more terrifying than Chen Ge and was wonderful at toying with people’s hearts. Such a particular person…

“Apologize!” Su Hao coldly exclaimed.

“Alright, I apologize.” King of Fire gritted his teeth and gave Su Hao a deep look ahead of unwillingly uttering, “I’m sorry!”

“Louder, I can’t hear you.” Su Hao shrugged it off.

“I am sorry!” King of Fire roared.

King of Fire’s shout echoed all through the silent flame warship. As for his disciple, who was watching this scene, he uncovered a complex look. This was the very first time he noticed his master being humiliated to this kind of a degree. As King of Fire gritted his teeth by way of his apology, he looked at absolutely everyone.

“Is that ample?” King of Fire’s encounter was terrifyingly cold, “Do you want me to also assure that I won’t make a move on you later?”

He lost.

A total reduction!

“No need.” Su Hao waved his hand, “Because I won’t feel it.”


King of Fire practically vomited blood.

“Can you tell us how to leave now?” A globe esper asked.

“Of program.” Su Hao pointed towards a particular direction and said indifferently, “Go in that path, and when we reach the end of it, we will be capable to leave Taihu Territory.”


Everyone was ecstatic.

“En.” Su Hao replied.

Just like that?

Even King of Fire and the other folks showed a stunned search. They did not assume that the way to leave was this straightforward. Was it simply because of the mist that they acquired lost? Then, this Wu Ming utilized his super-delicate perception to identify the route to leave Taihu Territory by way of the mist?

“Oh, yeah.” Su Hao all of a sudden laughed, “I forget to remind you all for a bit. Welcome to the innermost component of Taihu Territory.”


Everyone’s encounter had a excellent adjust. The innermost part of Taihu Territory!

“What did you say?”

“Where is this place?”

“How could we be…”

Every person was stunned. They even imagined that they had misheard. Even King of Fire and the several strong planet espers had been shocked and looked at Su Hao in disbelief. What did he say earlier? The innermost portion of Taihu Territory, did they accidentally come right here?

“This is why the reef disappeared.” Su Hao smiled broadly, “Due to the fact we are now in the subsequent region.”


It was akin to a thunderbolt on a sunny day.

This was even worse than their earlier encounter with the spiritual sea storm. There was someone who managed to share information about the spiritual sea storm, but for the innermost part of Taihu Territory…

That was some thing that no one had carried out prior to!

According to the legend, when Taihu Territory opened for the first time, a powerful peak planet esper stepped in, and then… there is no far more since he by no means came back!

He just entered to have a search and disappeared.

This location was the most terrifying place inside Taihu Territory, the legendary land of death!

“You are currently effectively conscious of this earlier, right?” King of Fire raged, “You’re the one particular who led us more than right here, right?”

King of Fire remembered that Wu Ming had constantly been indifferent. He even doubted that somebody as wise as Wu Ming wouldn’t be ready. It turned out that he was waiting for them to come right here! The innermost portion of Taihu Territory, he knew that he could no longer escape, which was why he led every person here to be buried together.

“Who understands.” Su Hao shrugged his shoulder. He didn’t care about the threats at all. As an alternative, he looked at King of Fire interestingly, “Are you confident that at this second, you still want to have an internal fight?”

This sentence was like a basin of cold water pouring onto them, waking everyone up.


Factors had escalated to such a stage, are they still going to fight amongst themselves?

No matter how deep their past fraud was, what is critical now is to depart right here alive! Even if it truly is Wu Ming or Chen Ge, no 1 wishes to die here! Then, just before exiting, they may really have to work with each other. As for other issues, leave here initial ahead of talking about it!

Primarily based on their past expertise, Wu Ming’s part in this type of location was even far more impactful than any world esper!

All thanks to his unparalleled deduction and perception.

On the flame warship, it was silent yet again. Following the dispute, they last but not least accepted actuality once more. They wish to leave alive…

Su Hao and Chen Ge glanced at each and every other for a 2nd. A smirk could be witnessed on each of them.

The innermost part of Taihu Territory…

The third mysterious card…

The game that they had been waiting for had finally begun. The second when King of Fire and the other people had been scheming towards Su Hao, they were already fixed with a label, cannon fodder. When absolutely everyone was fighting against the mirror image, no one paid focus to the surrounding mist.

Even if it was an illusion that Su Hao intentionally developed!

The mist of Taihu Territory, it was half true and half false. Under Su Hao’s unconscious handle, he slowly improved the density, and this could be simply witnessed through by these planet espers if they truly targeted!

Nevertheless, no 1 noticed.

Whether or not it was King of Fire or the other world espers, they have been all having to pay focus to the mirror picture even though an additional half of their consideration was on Su Hao and Chen Ge, fearing that both may possibly do something. No a single noticed the minute adjustments of the surrounding at all.


Just a single glance, and they would have seen by way of it!

When the battle was above, it was presently as well late due to the fact the dense fog had covered the reef. As for the actual reef, it had extended disappeared. Not only did it disappear, but they had also reached the innermost portion of Taihu Territory.

Now they could only move forward!

“Damn it.”

Everybody cursed in their heart.

Of course, they wouldn’t know how much Su Hao had planned ahead when confronting the mirror image. In their view, they have to have accidentally arrived here although dealing with that strong mirror image. Su Hao’s powerful sense could only inspect the surroundings.

“If we adhere to along this route, can we actually go out?” Somebody asked in a trembling voice. The crowd subconsciously looked at Su Hao.

“Of course.” Su Hao smiled indifferently, “This is our only way. Stick to this route and enter deeper. At some point, we will be out.”


Everybody swallowed their saliva.

“Yes, we can depart.” Su Hao looked afar, “Possibly you can even encounter the so-called legendary secret strategy of the boundary spirits. As for what dangers await us, I’m not certain.”

“Boundary spirits.”

Very a number of them felt their blood boiling prior to their thoughts of that dangerous innermost element of Taihu Territory came back.

Now that they have arrived here, they require to investigate the innermost part no matter what. Since they have been unable to depart now, why not give suitable effort in exploring it? Maybe, they could really locate themselves the legendary secret strategy of boundary spirit? The legendary heaven grade boundary spirit…

Absolutely everyone rested for a minute just before last but not least getting used to this.

Right after completing some ultimate adjustments and they restored their strength to their peak, the flame warship set off towards their ultimate purpose, the innermost element of Taihu Territory.


It braved the wind and billows.

The flame warship was heading toward the end.

Su Hao was also experiencing his blood boiling. The third card… I’m coming!

Taihu Territory.

Regarding the innermost element, that final region, it had usually been a legend. Because that peak globe esper had taken a phase into it and had not returned, this area had turn into a forbidden region. No matter how robust a single is, as long as you have not however turn out to be the strongest esper, no one particular dared to stage in.

The energy within this area was most terrifying. Mixing with the dense mist, it was like a horrifying demon with a large, broad-open mouth waiting for its victim to come closer. This is horrific but also complete of magical things.

These days, it had its very first guests in numerous years.

The secret of the innermost region of Taihu Territory would soon be revealed. Every person was afraid but excited at the same time. What does this innermost part of Taihu Territory have? Will there actually be secret strategies of boundary spirit?

How did that peak globe esper die right here?

As the flame warship moved forward, everyone’s heart became fiery.


The warship accelerated.

Following exploring in this endless mist for a long time, no one particular dared to reduced down their guard. At this moment, in the distant mist, there was last but not least a shadow.

“What’s that?”

“No matter what it is, be ready for combat!”

Absolutely everyone remained vigilant. Staring at the shadow in the mist, a lot more and much more shadows gradually appeared. It seemed like a amount of little boats, and each boat had a silhouette standing on the deck. The boat floated and appeared in everyone’s eyes.

Hearing his voice, the appraisers began to gather about him. What they required the most right now wasn’t gold coins, but rather to level up their appraisal talent. There were only a few pieces of tools that could be appraised at this stage, so how could they not wildly fight more than it?

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