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They couldn’t leave the Chui family be or else they would have problem when they came up against the He Lan family. However, the Chui family was also going to be the He Lan family’s fatal flaw.

Xinghe smirked. “This Chui Ying has to consider herself unlucky because I have to make use of her.”

Mubai saw through her plan. He smirked in kind. “She deserves it for sticking her hands into Tong Yan’s business. All’s fair in love and war.”

Xinghe didn’t reveal her plan in detail but Mubai seemed to have understood everything. He did know her very well.

He was right, if Chui Ying didn’t openly direct her ire at Xinghe, Xinghe probably would have left her be, but she was ultimately just a stepping stone for Xinghe to take down the He Lan family.

Of course, to what degree she was going to make use of Chui Ying depended fully on Chui Ying. If she chose to come after Xinghe with malicious intent, Xinghe wouldn’t mind responding in kind. After all, Xinghe was no saint, she would spare no prisoners!

“Have you figured out the plan?” Mubai asked.

Xinghe shook her head. “Not yet, I have to wait for their next course of action first. Tong Yan probably will not disappoint me, hopefully this Chui Ying doesn’t as well.”

She prayed that they came at her hard or else she would be deeply disappointed. Mubai had long since noticed this unique quirk about Xinghe, she was never afraid of her enemies’ retribution, if anything, she savored them.

He smiled helplessly and asked, “Have you told Elder Shen the truth?”

“No, it’s not yet time.”

“Okay, I believe in your judgement.” Mubai then pulled her in for another hug. “Do you need my help?”

Xinghe softened her tone in reply. “Thank you but it’s not necessary, these are small issues. I can handle them myself, you can focus on your own business. If I need your help, I will come to you.”

“Okay.” Mubai didn’t challenge her but chose to respect her decision. “Then I will come back later.”

“See you then.” Xinghe nodded. Even though she was sad that he was leaving, she understood he had his own schedule to follow.

To her surprise, Mubai suddenly nibbled on her ear lobe with some dissatisfaction. Chapter 713: Kiss Him Actively

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

“You care about me that little?” He complained like a child, “Didn’t you even want to ask me to stay?”

Xinghe’s body shivered once more as he bit on her earlobe again. She glared at him and warned, “Don’t bite my ear again.”

If this became his habit, it would be very troublesome for her.

“Okay.” Mubai raised his hands in mock surrender before leaning in for a kiss. “I’ll stop that but do this instead, is that okay?”

Xinghe was speechless.

“You really don’t want me to stay?” Mubai grumbled with dissatisfaction. He knew he had to go but he still demanded to hear her say that she wanted him to stay a little while longer. This was how lovers should act, at least to him anyway.

Xinghe saw through his ploy and said with good humor, “If you want to stay, then you can stay. What difference does it make if I say those words or not?”

“It matters very much to me.” Mubai stared deeply into her eyes. “I wish to hear you ask me to stay because you don’t want to part with me.”

Xinghe didn’t say anything. She studied his features for one second or two before suddenly leaning in to kiss him on his lips. Mubai widened his eyes in shock, he didn’t expect… her to kiss him voluntarily!

Mubai’s heart was riding a rollercoaster into the heavens. He was on cloud nine. He responded immediately and grabbed her closely. His passivity turned into activity and he started to kiss her with crazy abandon!

Surprised by his vehemence and excitement, Xinghe’s first instinct was to run…

However, Mubai gave her no space to retreat. He kissed her for a long time. Not until both of their lips were numb was he willing to let her go. Xinghe felt that her brain was lacking oxygen and she might be entering a paralysis. After she was let go of, she started gasping greedily for air…

Mubai seemed to be doing much better. He caressed the small of her back and whispered in a sexy growl, “I really have to go but come get me if you need anything. Also, remember to take care of your health.”

“You too,” Xinghe whispered in return.

Mubai smiled with satisfaction. He added with heavy unwillingness, “How about I stay for another half an hour, some alone time for the two of us.”

Xinghe nodded with a smile, she was feeling better. Then they spent the half an hour quietly in each other’s arms!

Even though they didn’t really do anything or say anything, the feeling of being in each other’s embrace was wonderful. Mubai didn’t think he would ever fall so deeply in love with a woman that his world would light up whenever he was in her company. He thought that was a happiness that he was not destined to have, but he really did have it in his arms then….

Mubai felt greatly satisfied, and that affirmed his conviction in protecting their relationship and it was the same for Xinghe.

Finally, Mubai left. Even though he was not physically by her side, she didn’t feel alone. She felt protected and safe because she knew no matter what happened, Mubai would be in her corner, supporting her.

She cherished this kind of trust. She really felt her life was almost complete, only almost because it was still missing her mother. The Grin is Contagious So now, she would fight with her entire strength to complete her life.

After Elder Shen had made his intention clear, Shen Ru’s and Tong Yan’s hatred at Xinghe was at its maximum limit. They already hated her before, but now, they wanted her dead!

For the sake of revenging against Xinghe, they were prepared to give up everything and anything. Chapter 714: Hong Men Banquet

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Their goal had shifted from returning to the Shen family to taking revenge on Xinghe. However, no one would come to their aid. The Shen family had cut all ties to them and the Tong family would not go against the Xi family for them.

Shen Ru and Tong Yan’s position was extremely awkward. Even though Tong Yan was still the Tong family’s heiress, that was only in name, they didn’t really need her. Therefore, they could only rely on Chui Ying.

Chui Ying came from an impressive family and the Shen family owed them a favor, so she was the best candidate.

Chui Ying didn’t mind helping them especially after Shen Ru presented her with many valuable gifts.

“But if I help you take revenge against Xia Xinghe, the Shen family will probably have issues with it and will not take both of you back anymore,” Chui Ying voiced her concern.

Shen Ru said coldly, “It’s their fault for abandoning us first, so why should we be worried about them? Do the worst you can, we no longer care about the Shen family.”

Tong Yan nodded with a condescending smile. “That’s right, what is so good about the Shen family‽ They asked for this when they treated us so badly. In fact, it would be perfect if you can crush the Shen family when you take down Xia Xinghe!”

Shen Ru gritted her teeth with malice. “That’s right, ruin them as well! This is their own fault for turning their backs on us; they have forced our hand, so they only have themselves to blame!”

Chui Ying noted their attitude and smiled satisfactorily. “No problem, then I will help you take revenge on them all. Primordial Stigmata Just wait and see, I will make that woman Xia Xinghe lose all her face and everything she’s got!”

“Ying Ying, thank you very much. No matter what you need from us in the future, we will not hesitate to help you,” Shen Ru grabbed her hand and promised kindly.

Chui Ying couldn’t suppress the smug smile on her face. “Auntie Ru, you’re being too kind. This is what I should do, no matter your needs, I will not hesitate to help.”

“It is the same for us! If you need us in the future, don’t hesitate to say so!” Shen Ru replied firmly, cementing their relationship as allies. She was glad to find an ally in the Chui family, after all, other than them, she and Tong Yan had no other people to rely on in the world.

Thankfully, Chui Ying didn’t seem to look down on them, she even offered to help them. This made Shen Ru and Tong Yan very happy because both of them thought they had found themselves an easy to control pawn.

Little did they know, when they weren’t looking, Chui Ying revealed a strange and calculative smile as she studied the pair of mother and daughter.

To help Tong Yan and Shen Ru, Chui Ying decided to throw Tong Yan a massive birthday bash. Shen Ru even personally went to invite the Shen family.

They initially wanted to reject the invitation, but Shen Ru said that they really wanted them to attend the party, they just wanted to thank them for their years of care and love. The party was going to be their parting ceremony, she promised they would not bother them anymore after this. If they didn’t accept the invitation, it would haunt the mother and daughter forever.

However, the crucial reason was Xinghe also suggested that Elder Shen accept the invitation. Of course, this meant that Xinghe had received the invitation as well.

It was Tong Yan’s birthday, but she was part of the guest list? It was obvious that this was a Hong Men Banquet 1 .

However, this was exactly what Xinghe was waiting for, for them to strike! Chapter 715: Your Knight

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

“Xinghe, how do you think they will plot against you at the party?” Ali asked worriedly.

Xinghe was not worried, in fact she was excited. “At least they won’t kill me in open daylight.”

“Will they come up with a trap to frame you?”

“Most likely.”

“Then, I will be by your side at all times; I will not let anything happen to you!” Ali promised.

Xinghe smiled. “Don’t worry, nothing will happen to me. I still have the power of agency; their tricks will be useless against me.”

Ali also laughed. “That’s right, I forgot you are Elder Shen’s biological granddaughter, so no matter what they do to you, it’ll be useless. Plus, even Madam President is on your side.”

Tong Yan would never expect something as ridiculous as this, so this party would be an interesting show. Ali realized, ever since she followed Xinghe, she also gained some sadistic tendencies, she loved watching her enemies being face-slapped. The harsher the slap the better she felt. Therefore, even before the party, Ali already couldn’t wait for the face-slapping to begin.

Soon, Tong Yan’s birthday party arrived. Xinghe planned to attend the party with her best get-up. Even though she liked to keep a low profile normally, there was a time and place for everything. She couldn’t come in a normal garb or she would lose in terms of presence!

For the purpose of this party, Xinghe had a ruby red gown specially tailored. The dress shimmered like gems on her body. Even Ali, a woman, had a hard time taking her eyes off Xinghe when she put the dress on.

“Xinghe, how can you be so beautiful‽ You are so gorgeous. In fact, if I were a man, I would be heads over heels for you!” Ali gasped.

“Thank you. Is everything ready?” Xinghe asked softly.

Ali nodded. “Yes, everything’s ready, we can leave now!”

“Okay, let’s go.” Xinghe was taking her first step when the door of the living room was pushed open from the outside. Mubai strode in confidently. Xinghe and Ali were startled when they saw him!

They didn’t expect him to appear so suddenly and in such a formal and graceful outfit. Mubai had on an expensive, hand-sewn suit, and his hair was even styled. He looked like a royal prince. From the top of his head to the tip of his toe, there was not an inch of him that was not eye grabbing. Combined with his blessed good looks and impressive physical body, it felt like they were graced by the presence of a god.

Ali’s jaw was completely open and even Xinghe was taken aback.

However, she quickly recovered. She breathed out in some degree of shock, “Why are you here?”

Mubai walked towards her and said gallantly, “How can I not be here if I’m your knight?”

“My knight?”

Mubai nodded with a delicious smile. “That’s right. A lady like yourself needs her knight to accompany her to the parties, and I am always at your service.”

Xinghe understood what he meant. He was there to support her. Indeed, it was weird for a woman to attend a party like this alone, she would need a date. Chapter 716: Meant for Each Other

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Xinghe wasn’t cognizant of such details, so she was surprised Mubai would be so thoughtful. This was only Tong Yan’s birthday party, but he cleared out his schedule to accompany her; this gesture touched her heart.

“You look beautiful but you’re still missing one thing.” Mubai suddenly took out and pulled open a jewelry case. Sitting inside was a pair of ruby earrings. Xinghe was again taken aback when she saw the earrings.

Ali beside her exclaimed with joy, “These are gorgeous! Xinghe, they would look great on you!”

Xinghe’s outfit was indeed missing an accessory. She looked at Mubai with surprise and asked, “How did you know I would be missing this?”

Mubai grinned wickedly. “Because I know you too well. So, I’ve prepared everything that you might have forgotten.”

A date and jewelry were what he meant. There were emotions swirling in Xinghe’s eyes. There was another emotional mess in the room, and it was Ali. Like a proud mother, she looked at them and she was touched by how perfect they looked standing beside each other. There would never be a couple more compatible than they would. They were equal in terms of looks, brains, and talent. They complimented each other perfectly.

Ali felt lucky that she was a friend of the both of them.

Mubai personally helped Xinghe put on the pair of earrings. She looked even more mesmerizing with them on. Even though he had seen her in pretty outfits, Mubai still had his breath taken away when he studied her.

His scorching gaze scanned the frame of her body and grumbled, “Xinghe, you are indeed gorgeous. But, do you have to attend the party like this?”

For some reasons, Ali smelled jealousy in the air.

It probably came from Mubai who was envious that others would have the chance to witness Xinghe’s beauty. He would prefer if her beauty were his alone.

Xinghe nodded. “I have to, or else how are we going to light up a certain someone’s hatred to the maximum?”

Mubai smiled. “Then I will have to be by your side to protect you. Remember to not leave my side.”


Silavin: My friend used to by a gambling addict. Usually, he would return home at 4 in the morning on the weekdays, spending the nights in the usual den with smoke and alcohol. Even on the weekdays, after work, he would visit such dens. To him, the risk and excitement was something he lived for.

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