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“The other road is like that too… There is a bypass passing through a variety of small towns, because it goes through some factories along the road… This road actually had a lot of people living nearby,” Wen Xiaotian said. More people meant more zombies, so that road had been rejected by Jiang Liushi.

“There is another road leading up a mountain. The road is more complex, and there is an extremely long path we have to follow, but the chances of meeting zombies will be less,” Wen Xiaotian said.

“This road…” The complexity of a road was nothing to Jiang Liushi at all. The Starseed would keep making minor changes and make sure that the driving safety would be greatly improved. However, the reason why Wen Xiaotian didn’t mention this road first was because there was nothing along the long way. No food, no water, no gas stations…

Wen Xiaotian did not know if the food in storage would suffice. However, it was not an exaggeration to say that the food storage was enough to open a small supermarket. Also, the water reserves could also support them for a long time. At least they wouldn’t have to starve in accordance with the minimum survival needs. Of course, Jiang Liushi would not take the initiative to say those things. He was not distrustful of Wen Xiaotian, but he just felt it was too tiresome to explain… Actually, Jiang Liushi was always afraid of getting lumbered. But it was indeed a serious problem if there were no gas stations along the road.

“Tell me the specific route. In addition, do you know how many kilometers are there this way? ” Jiang Liushi asked.

Wen Xiaotian could roughly guess. Jiang Liushi added fifty kilometers, give or take, to the number she gave, and then the Starseed began calculating. Jiang Liushi had filled the minibus with gasoline when he had rented it. He had also purchased a few buckets of gasoline. However, when the refitting of the minibus had been completed, the oil tank had become the MCV standard, which had a different capacity. Jiang Liushi had not expected this, so he felt that the gasoline was not going be enough.

[The calculation is going be based on the value…The current capacity of oil tank is 1000L, and the remaining oil volume is 210L… It can travel one thousand and fifty kilometers.]

The general capacity of an oil tank was 50L. In addition to filling the oil tank, Jiang Liushi had bought 180L of gasoline. It would be enough but compared to the 1000L oil storage of the MCV, it was not enough at all.

[A thousand kilometers are enough for me to drive all the way to Nanjing City and find Jiang Zhuying.] But the calculated data provided by the Starseed had been based on the ‘ordinary fuel consumption’ of the MCV, which was 20L for 100 km. It was like daily driving without the “Acceleration” and “Crash” functions. All these additional functions consumed gasoline, so it had a large oil tank. As for the ‘ordinary fuel consumption’, there was no difference compared to an ordinary minibus.

“Jiang, have you decided?” Jiang Liushi was silent, so Wen Xiaotian nervously asked.

She was worried that all the routes provided by her were would be rejected by Jiang Liushi, which would mean that she would not been able to help at all. Wen Xiaotian believed that people should help each other mutually, of which the word ‘mutually’ being the key word there. Jiang Liushi had helped her and let her come with him, but she could only contribute that much.

“Ah, we will choose the mountain road!” Jiang Liushi answered.

He had taken various factors into account, so the mountain road was the best choice for them. Although it could not withstand “a thousand kilometers”, which was the distance limit of the MCV, they would have no problem driving at least to Wen Xiaotian’s hometown.

“Let’s see if there are any gas stations on the road,” Jiang Liushi said.

“Okay!” Wen Xiaotian was surprised… She thought that Jiang Liushi would have chosen the factory road, although there would be a lot of zombies there. Since Jiang had made a decision though, she would not object.

As long as there was gasoline, it wouldn’t matter even if there was not enough food to eat.

“I have seen a documentary that said that as long as there is water, one can maintain their bodily function s, even without eating. It was said that a girl in order to lose weight did not eat for a month. So even if we do not eat, as long as we have water, we can survive for several days,” Wen Xiaotian said.

Jiang Liushi looked at her; he did not know why she said those things.

Wen Xiaotian then smiled and said, “I feel like I need to lose weight…”

“Uh…” Jiang Liushi did not know what to say.

Did Wen Xiaotian really believe that they would starve to death? Chapter 15: The Mobile Hotel

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

The MCV had been moving smoothly on the country road. A few zombies could be seen standing in the fields or by the roadside. Once they spotted the MCV, they would run to it as mad as wild beasts. However, usually they could only watch the MCV leaving them behind. The only thing they could do was waving their arms in vain with blood-red eyes without any sanity, only craziness and devilry.

At first Wen Xiaotian had been looking out the window attentively. Gradually, she could lower her guard a bit and relax because of the on-going safety. Finally, tilting her head, she had fallen asleep.

[The left side is being adjusted… Continue moving forward…]

Jiang Liushi took a glimpse of Wen Xiaotian while driving the MCV. He noticed that Wen Xiaotian had been twitching while she was sleeping, which prevented her having a good sleep. She was really tired because of running and tension. Jiang Liushi could not help but think about Jiang Zhuying. He had no idea how afraid she must have been…

When Wen Xiaotian woke up, she found that the minibus had stopped and it was dark. There were sharp-cut cliffs on one side, and some hills loomed in the other side of the road.

“Brother Jiang?” Not seeing Jiang Liushi at the driver’s seat, Wen Xiaotian suddenly sat up straightly.

She did not know how long she had slept, but it should have been two or three hours as it was afternoon before she had fallen asleep. In that silent mountain, the minibus was parked. Waking up, she found herself alone in the minibus which left her confused.

She quickly stood up and shouted, “Brother Jiang? Brother Jiang?”

Although the minibus had just about everything they could wish for within such a small space, Wen Xiaotian had been looking around but she could not find Jiang Liushi. As she was about to panic, she suddenly heard the sound of water behind a small door. The small door had suddenly opened and Jiang Liushi walked out. Wen Xiaotian looked at Jiang Liushi in surprise. It was quite clear that Jiang Liushi had taken a bath, as his hair were wet.

“Did you just wake up?” Jiang Liushi asked while wiping his hair.

“Yup, yes… I slept for a long time,”Wen Xiaotian replied.

“It was not too long, and you didn’t sleep that well. You will feel sleepy again. Sleep is bliss, especially now.”

Jiang Liushi’s words made Wen Xiaotian feel embarrassed because she had been sleeping, while he was driving. Wen Xiaotian had always been a relatively delicate girl. With part-time learning, she always felt that the time she had to sleep was not enough. Coupled with the outbreak of the virus today, she was influenced by a huge psychological impact. After escaping, she had finally found temporary security, and as a result the accumulated fatigue had taken its toll.

Wen Xiaotian was totally surprised with Jiang Liushi. Sleeping was a body instinct, but it seemed…

“Well, do you want to take a bath?” Jiang Liushi’s question completely confirmed Wen Xiaotian’s speculation.

He had actually taken a bath… After such an agonizing day, Wen Xiaotian had wished taking a bath; it had also to do with her love for cleanliness. However, under such conditions, she felt lucky just having water to drink. But Jiang Liushi not only had taken a bath, it was a hot one!

“Along the roadside, I found a spring and pumped some water. Although it’s not drinkable , using it to take a bath is still very comfortable. If you want take one , there is everything inside, and the hair dryer is next to the mirror,” Jiang Liushi said.

Wen Xiaotian listened carefully and could not help but ask, “Since the water was filtered, it should be drinkable…”

She felt that it was too extravagant to use hot water for taking a bath…

“That’s OK. If you want to drink, you needn’t do more preparation than turning on a tap in the kitchen. And if you are hungry after the bath, you can go to the kitchen and cook some fine dried noodles. And in the cupboard, there are some fresh vegetables.” In fact, there were some frozen dumplings too, but he thought it would be wasteful to eat them now.

Although he had stored flour and so on, storing bacon was not as easy as using it for stuffing… In fact, Jiang Liushi had put some easily stored food into the storage room, and put some perishable food in the kitchen. When he had been purchasing food, he had bought some fresh things too. After all, there wass no need to eat those long-storage food from the beginning.

Jiang Liushi had thought that eating noodles was not enough, what he did not know was how surprised Wen Xiaotian was right now. She had been mentally preparing to be hungry, but did not expect that there was not only a hot bath but also noodles, and even vegetables to have.

Wen Xiaotian was speechless. . . The minibus was like a mobile hotel!

As for cooking, Wen Xiaotian was quite a good cook so she felt really good, as she was able to help. A hot bath and hot meal were all provided by Jiang Liushi, but what she could do was so few.

“I’ll take a bath immediately,” Wen Xiaotian said.

After taking a bath, Wen Xiaotian prepared two bowls of noodles. Looking the two bowls on a small folding table and sitting on the opposite side, Jiang Liushi didn’t know what to say. Wen Xiaotian’s bowl only had a few mouthfuls of noodles, but his bowl was full of noodles with eggs and vegetables, as well as ham. It looked very delicious.

“The food in the cabinet is not enough and we should save. Actually, I always eat like a bird…” Wen Xiaotian said.

In fact, even for a child, that bowl of noodles would not be enough. Eating so little, she would at most fill her stomach. Jiang Liushi would like to tell her, in fact, the supplies in the cabinet was not even one-fifth of what he had stored. And the food in the cupboard, was not to be saved, was to be eaten…

“Let’s eat!” Jiang Liushi said.

For a long time he had not eaten noodles, so those tasted very good.

But tomorrow he’d like to eat rice… Chapter 16: A Roaring at Night

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

After eating noodles, Jiang Liushi drove some more, and then stopped at the roadside to rest for the night. They didn’t continue to drive until the next morning. Although there was no risk of colliding with other vehicles, Jiang Liushi did not even have a driver’s license, nor the slightest experience of driving on a mountain road. Even if the Starseed could support him, he still did not dare to take the risk of driving with fatigue. It was not worth dying in an accident or by zombies.

Yesterday, when he was driving on the mountain road, it was already at dusk. And now he had found out that the route was really like Wen Xiaotian had said, it had nothing at all. One or two farms could occasionally be seen. There were a Car Wash and Repair Shop along the road, and a restaurant next to it, with dirty windows and a sign saying, ‘Pickled fish’ and ‘Home cooking’. This kind of shops was dedicated to serving long-distance passing drivers.

There were two large trucks parked on the open space in front of the Car wash shop, the windows of the trucks were smashed with blood on the ground, but there was no driver in the car.

Jiang Liushi parked before the restaurant. Looking at the tightly closed old door with blood, he felt ghastlier.

“Brother Jiang, you are going to…”Wen Xiaotian was frozen for a moment, seeing Jiang Liushi parking.

“I’ll search for some food,” Jiang Liushi said.

In the early days, fresh food wouldn’t rot. During this time, it was relatively easy for them to collect food. A few days later, fresh ingredients would rot, and they could only eat those anti-corrosion food in vacuum packaging. Although Jiang Liushi prepared some, they couldn’t miss the fresh ingredients.

“Find food? Is the food of this restaurant edible…”Wen Xiaotian said worriedly. Jiang Liushi smiled, he knew that Wen Xiaotian was worried that these ingredients would be contaminated with the virus. Jiang Liushi had gotten the information from the Starseed that before the outbreak of the virus, the world’s food and water all carried the virus.

However, people like Jiang Liushi, who had suffered from the virus mutation, hadn’t to be afraid of the virus at all.

Of course, they still couldn’t be bit by zombies. Otherwise, the zombie which had been carrying the enhanced virus would infect them.

Jiang Liushi didn’t said that to Wen Xiaotian, because explaining was difficult. Therefore, he just said, “Take it easy, these ingredients are good.”

“That… Do we really need to get off?” Wen Xiaotian timidly asked because it was extremely dangerous. But in the end of the world everything was dangerous! Especially looking for food, they had to take the risk of doing it.

Wen Xiaotian’s face was slightly pale. She was afraid. However, if Jiang Liushi needed her, she would be brave enough to get off.

“Hold on!” Jiang Liushi suddenly said.

“Ah?” Wen Xiaotian was frozen for a moment. She had not had time to say anything, hearing the roar of the car engine.


The minibus was like a raging bison and rushed out, directly hitting the door of the restaurant. The wooden door, along with the surrounding walls were all crashing down! Jiang Liushi was clear that the wall was simply too thin, so it wouldn’t withstand the collision. Actually, it was just a thin layer of metal, which was filled with the bubble, easy to be destroyed.

The wall fell and the whole roof was crumbling. Meanwhile, Jiang Liushi saw the scene inside the small restaurant. It was quite a bloody scene. Four zombies were lying on the ground, desperately scrambling for something. It was full of blood, internal organs and debris, and about five people were lying on the ground, it was not known how many bodies were actually there as Jiang Liushi couldn’t discriminate, surrounded by a pool of blood.

“OMG!” Wen Xiaotian could not help but start screaming, she immediately covered her mouth with her hand.

The scene was nauseating, but she had to start adapting. The zombies had stopped eating, and turned to see this minibus. Their eyes were scarlet, with their blood vessels protruding. Dripping blood and meat could be seen as they growled wildly rushing to the minibus.

Jiang Liushi didn’t say anything, pushing the pedal to the metal.

“Om – !!” The engine roared again, the minibus had hit the zombies and sent them flying to the wall.


The whole wall crumbled. The minibus pressed against the zombies till they hit the backyard walls. Flesh and blood splashed on the windshield, four zombies were killed by Jiang Liushi!

“Wooo–” Jiang Liushi took a deep breath. Watching the stains on the windshield, he hesitated for a bit, and then pressed the wiper. The wiper started wiping the windshield, after that washing liquid was sprayed out, diluting the blood, which was slowly swept down. Jiang Liushi was silently looking at all this, he seemed accustomed to bearing such a bloody and killing scene.

Wen Xiaotian bit her lips, standing behind Jiang Liushi, watching the blood being swept down, she didn’t know what to say. Jiang Liushi’s reaction was very calm. Wen Xiaotian knew that in order to survive they should be calm.

“I … I’m going to find food.” Wen Xiaotian suddenly woke up, volunteering to get off to find food. It was dangerous, but she should do something.

“I will open the door,” Wen Xiaotian reminded. She didn’t push the door until Jiang Liushi had agreed. Letting Wen Xiaotian get off, Jiang Liushi had no alternative way because the Starseed could only be controlled by him. Even if she was in danger, Jiang Liushi could try his best to save her. The small restaurant was in a mess. Wen Xiaotian effortlessly pushed the broken plates, and found the kitchen freezer.

The freezer was filled with all kinds of ingredients, such as chicken, duck, fish, eggs and a lot of vegetables. It was enough to feed dozens of people for two or three days.

The freezer was too large to be moved in the minibus. Wen Xiaotian used clean plastic bags to pack the food little by little. Jiang Liushi’s minibus also had a small freezer, but the capacity was too small. It was not enough to store so much food. It seemed that some ingredients needed to be eaten quickly.

“Brother Jiang, I would like to prepare dinner tonight.” Wen Xiaotian had enough confidence in her cooking skills. She had begun cooking since very young. In order to be more efficient, she also specifically moved oil, salt and vinegar, a small gas stove and a wok. Although there was a small kitchen in the minibus, the hardware facilities were limited only to one pot and one stove.

She had totally moved the kitchen to the living room and was ready to cook there. In that way, the minibus was basically filled with things. Fortunately, Wen Xiaotian was petite. She was really hungry. Although she had cooked noodles last night, she thought that food was not going to be enough, so she hadn’t eaten much. Now with so many ingredients, she could enjoy eating.

“Okay.” Jiang Liushi was also looking forward to it. It was already dark, so he wanted to take a break there. Seeing Wen Xiaotian so busy cooking, Jiang Liushi was really looking forward to the delicious meal.

The only flaw of the minibus was that its internal was too small. There was not enough space for many pots and stoves. They could only overlap. In fact, many things in the minibus could be folded, such as tables and beds. If the space could become a little bigger, they could store more gasoline and more food, adding more living facilities.

At that time, it would be the real mobile base. The sun had already set while Wen Xiaotian had prepared half of the food. The seductive scent attracted Jiang Liushi. He was busy preparing for the end of the world and had no time for eating. But then, suddenly …

“Roar-“As if a beast growled. The sound came from the distant darkness.

“What?” Jiang Liushi was scared!

That roar, in the quiet mountains, mixed with the wind, had brought a frightening feeling! Chapter 17: The MCV Has Broken Down

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

After doomsday, even if he had a MCV, Jiang Liushi was not negligent in the slightest. He had gotten a lot of information from the Starseed, knowing that the end of the world would not be so simple. If it only had to do with zombies, the situation could actually be controlled by the remnants of the government, and it wouldn’t be called the end of the world.

Jiang Liushi had been frightened by this strange roar and he had a strong sense of uneasiness.

“Put off the fire!” Jiang Liushi cried.

“Ah?” Wen Xiaotian was frozen for a moment. She had been cooking the meals for a while, and now turning off the fire, she was afraid that they couldn’t get the chance to eat. But Wen Xiaotian had also heard that unusual roar, so she quickly put the fire off, while Jiang Liushi turned off the MCV’s power switch.

The lights were off. Surrounded by darkness, the road was filled with extremely fresh air, and there was no light visible around the area. Jiang Liushi could see the dark blue sky, full of stars, through the window. A thin moon hung obliquely in the hills, above shedding its weak, cool light.

The night sky was beautiful. But at this moment, looking at the night sky, Jiang Liushi felt his blood freezing. In of the thin moon, he saw a huge shadow staring at the MCV. It looked like a monster, yet he did not know what on earth it was. Jiang Liushi did not dare to turn on the headlights. He held his breath, lowered his body and pulled down Xiaotian.

Thinking in this way, he was able to connect the dots. Some time ago, he was followed by a black Honda with several strangers, and was puzzled as to who sent them, but now it seemed like it had something to do with Zhou Dongcheng. It was him who told Guo Ziheng to let that boss come look for him after all.

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