But the speed at which he retreated was not as fast as Shi Xiaobai’s thrust forward. He was caught up in an instant!

Shi Xiaobai sneered, “This knife is named Pig Slaughtering Knife, meant to kill a pig like you!”

In a split second, the Pig Slaughtering Knife had reached the black-robed youth’s chest.

Intense fear arose in the black-robed youth’s heart. His intuition told him that if he was killed by the knife, he might not be able to revive again.

“Then let’s die together!”

The black-robed youth was a ruthless person. He instantly wiped the fear in his heart and allowed his hatred to preside over his will as he made the most vicious choice!

Shi Xiaobai’s knife had broken through all obstacles, stabbing straight into the black-robed youth’s chest!

Shi Xiaobai had a premonition of imminent disaster, so he hastened to release the psionic knife that seemed to sink into a pool of mud while retreating!


An explosion resounded as the black-robed youth was reduced to a bloody figure. And like a bomb exploding, the bloody figure was reduced to millions of drops of blood, with each scarlet drop of blood scattering in every direction like a rain of arrows!

Shi Xiaobai hurriedly produced Bladestorm to let the sword beams resist the blood-colored rain of arrows.


Drops of blood fell onto the trees, ground and rocks, producing sizzling noises. As though they were splashed by highly concentrated acid, the trees disintegrated and tiny black holes peppered the ground, as though they were honeycombs. Even most of the rocks had been eroded away.

As Shi Xiaobai was too close, he was still unable to perfectly defend against all the drops of blood even though he had retreated in time while producing Bladestorm.

A few drops of blood landed on his body. Shi Xiaobai’s expression changed as he hurriedly conjured psionic power to protect his skin, while Unleaking Turtle Aura and This Turtle Is Hardest simultaneously came into operation.

However, when these drops of blood landed on a human body, it was not like acid. Instead, it transformed into countless minute blood-colored worms that began boring through the pores on the skin.

Shi Xiaobai’s expression drastically changed as blood-colored worms entered his body. They immediately began to destroy his blood vessels, internal organs, and bone marrow. Even Unleaking Turtle Aura was insufficient to completely withstand such pain. Shi Xiaobai drew a gasp from the excruciating pain.

However, This Turtle Is Hardest began to produce a tremendous effect as well. At the moment it inhibited his sensory perception, it produced a force that began destroying the blood-colored worms that were wreaking havoc in his body.

In a few moments, all the blood-colored worms were cleansed, so even though a few drops of blood had landed on his body, a few seconds were enough to riddle Shi Xiaobai’s innards with holes. He had suffered a severe injury.

The black-robed youth’s self-destruction before death was truly terrifying. If not for his timely intuition for danger, Shi Xiaobai’s body would probably have been eroded away by the blood-colored worms.

Shi Xiaobai felt a lingering sense of fear, but his expression was calm. He appeared as though the injuries were nothing.

He quickly heard exclamations coming from the rookies in the distance.

“Heavens, the dragon instakilled the black-robed bloody figure?”

“Really…an instant kill.”

“The dragon is so strong? We…couldn’t even beat the black-robed youth. How are we to kill the dragon?”


The rookies exclaimed in horror. From their vantage point, what happened was sudden and brief. The dragon had turned around and charged at the black-robed youth, instantly killing the black-robed youth.

Most rookies quietly took a few steps back.

Most of the rookies were of the opinion that Ka Xiaozi had been devoured by the dragon. After so long, she had probably fallen, and with the dragon being able to instantly kill the bloody figure, how could they beat it?

Even if they killed the dragon, it was only considered revenge, but the difficulty of doing so was exaggeratedly high. Most rookies only admired Shi Xiaobai’s strength and enjoyed Ka Xiaozi’s beauty. It did not mean that they had deep feelings for Ka Xiaozi, so how would they be willing to take such a huge risk in order to help Ka Xiaozi and do something that they lacked confidence in?

Seeing the dragon had instantly killed the black-robed youth, most rookies were planning on retreating.

However, there were rookies like Mu Yuesheng, Mozzie, Kevin, Feng Yuanlin, Liu Yu, Zhou Chuchu, and An Mo, rookies who had protected Shi Xiaobai on the fifth level till the end. “Shi Xiaobai” had exhorted them to protect Ka Xiaozi well before he left, and now, having failed him, they could not give up revenge because of their guilt.

No matter how powerful the enemy was, they had to fight!

When Shi Xiaobai saw about ten rookies advancing forward instead of retreating, coming to the forefront of the crowd, he was slightly moved.

Obviously, he had chosen to kill the black-robed youth first to ‘serve as a warning’ to the rookies that had surrounded him, to make them fear him.

Clearly, he had succeeded as a vast majority of the rookies retreated because of the illusion that there existed a huge gap in strength.

Furthermore, the Absolute Choice did not declare failure after his killing of the black-robed youth.

It was possible that the black-robed youth did not arrive in Dragon Mountain Valley when the Absolute Choice appeared, or it was even possible that the black-robed youth was not even considered a ‘rookie’.

However, these were not things that Shi Xiaobai cared about at that very moment. He had killed the black-robed youth with a single knife strike, stopping the momentum of the attack of the surrounding rookies, but Mu Yuesheng and company had not given up nor retreated.

Everything had developed according to his guesses and ideal situation, but what followed was key.

He had to investigate where Ka Xiaozi was!

Why did the rookies see him as a dragon!

Shi Xiaobai took a step forward and nearly stumbled to the ground.

Heh, the cartilage in his knees had been chewed through by the blood-colored worms. He could not even stand properly!

On the dark cloud concealed in the sky.

The white-masked aristocrat, the dual-blade demon, the lion-headed demonic beast, and the gigantic Nightmare Terror were each standing in four different directions. In the middle of them, there was an array formation consisting of golden lines.

The four monsters were situated at four corners of an array formation. They were like conduit columns that connected the golden lines together.

As pillars of the array formation, the four monsters were immobile, but they were looking at the forest below them.

Suddenly, the dual-blade demon spoke, “Killing the black-haired youth is your Plan F?”

The white-masked aristocrat said with a nod, “That’s right.”

The dual-blade demon fell silent for a moment before asking, “This human is rather unique, but what good does killing him have to do with killing this pixie? The God Slaughtering Formation can only trap her for about ten minutes. What are we to do after ten minutes?”

At this moment, the lion-headed demonic beast said with a heavy voice, “I think we will all get screwed by Aristocrat. By killing this human, the pixie will only be further enraged. Ten minutes later, we will die even more miserably.”

The gigantic Nightmare Terror said with a heavy voice, “I asked you of the plan previously, but you said there was no time to explain. Are you trying to kill us all? If I knew your plan were so dumb, I would have never agreed.”

When the white-masked aristocrat noticed how the other two monsters were condemning it, it immediately said angrily, “Fools! What short-sighted bastards! Think carefully. This pixie has to be on full alert every second while imprisoned in the God Slaughtering Formation due to the killer moves within. If we were to project the youth’s wretched state into the God Slaughtering Formation, with the feelings the pixie has for that youth, wouldn’t she be distracted? If the youth were killed, to the point of having his closest companions tear him apart, what do you think the pixie’s outcome would be? Pixies are emotional creatures. They have the purest of emotions. Therefore, they are also the easiest to collapse mentally! When the time comes, her mind will be in disarray, so she will definitely not be able to defend against the attacks of the God Slaughtering Formation.”

The white-masked aristocrat’s words made the other two monsters fall into silence. What it said did sound rather reasonable.

The gigantic Nightmare Terror could not help but mumble, “What if the pixie survives it?”

The white-masked aristocrat said with a sneer, “There is always a possibility in everything. Do you think there is an absolute method to kill the pixie? No, if you can provide a method that has a higher success rate than mine, I won’t say a second word. I’ll kneel down before you and call you daddy.”

Obviously, the gigantic Nightmare Terror couldn’t think of anything, so he said embarrassedly, “Hmph, boorish Aristocrat.”


The dual-blade demon shouted to stop the silly argument. It said, “Killing the pixie with only the four of us was extremely difficult to begin with. Taking some risks is only natural. What Aristocrat proposed has greatly increased our prospects for success, and having already gone so far, we can only wait silently for the outcome.

And at this moment, in the woods, Shi Xiaobai had killed the black-robed youth with a single knife strike. The rookies began to retreat in fear.

The monsters looked at each other blankly.

The gigantic Nightmare Terror sneered, “Your plan is very reasonable, but what use is it? From the looks of it, it would be pretty good if all these people aren’t killed. How can that human be killed?”

The lion-headed demonic beast said in panic, “What do we do? How can this black-haired youth be so strong. None of us can move, so who can kill him?”

The white-masked aristocrat said with a heavy tone, “This human has indeed taken me by surprise. I have to say that he has astounded me several times, but it’s fine. Aristocrats always leave a trick up their sleeves. He won’t live.”

The dual-blade demon also said with a sneer, “You might not have noticed. The youth might look calm, but he is actually severely injured. There’s no need for Aristocrat’s trick. I can let him die now. Don’t forget this is a world I preside over. In this world, I have ten thousand ways to let him die.”

The white-masked aristocrat chuckled and said, “Remember to let the youth die miserably. Let the pixie watch with her own eyes the tragic death of her loved one. I refuse to believe that she will be able to calmly defend against the attacks of the God Slaughtering Formation. Heh heh, to think a peerless mighty figure sealed herself to the Psionic Mortal Realm. She would pay the terrible price for her foolishness.”

… Chapter 324: The Light in a Hopeless Situation

Shi Xiaobai’s instakill of the black-robed youth created an extremely strong deterrent. It made a vast majority of the rookies to vanquish the idea of surrounding the ‘dragon’. However, the black-robed youth’s self-destruction before death had caused him to pay a tragic price.

If not for ‘Unleaking Turtle Aura’ allowing him to persist on, he might not even be able to stand up straight. However, Shi Xiaobai presented an image that he was as stable as a bedrock, an illusion that he was uninjured when he instakilled the black-robed youth, making the rookies believe that this dragon was not something they could mess with.

It was within Shi Xiaobai’s expectations that a vast majority would retreat a few steps.

Mu Yuesheng and company’s advancement was also within his expectations.

Shi Xiaobai sighed softly as he felt embroiled in mixed emotions. He obviously would not blame the rookies who were trying to kill him. After all, he was a dragon in their eyes that had eaten Ka Xiaozi. However, for him to fight his partners in a life and death battle would be somewhat depressing regardless of the reason.

“Sorry, This King needs to calm all of you down.”

Shi Xiaobai shifted the black sword into his right hand and said to the few people standing in front of the crowd. He could only settle the situation of him being pursued before he could untangle the curiosities of the situation. For this, he had to make Mu Yuesheng and company lose their ability to fight without harming their lives.

However, in the rookies’ ears, what Shi Xiaobai said was just a dragon’s roar.

Shi Xiaobai gave a self-deprecating smile and did not speak further. He waited silently for the few people to attack him.

Without waiting for long, the attacks came as though they were scheduled.

The first to reach him was still Mu Yuesheng’s electric bolt. Shi Xiaobai did not dodge, but clashed at it with a slash of his sword.


The sword beam and electric bolt clashed in mid-air before exploding.

Amid the explosive rumbles, a sonic blast surged at him. It was An Mo’s flute music!

“Indeed, the tune sucks.”

Shi Xiaobai cursed in a way no one could understand. He ignored the flute’s tune. The flute tune which was intolerable to others had no effect on him.

As the flute tunes permeated the air, a gigantic boulder came flying over.

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes lit up and he slashed at the boulder. As the stone fragments crumbled after the boulder shattered, he sensed the surging power in it.

Shi Xiaobai raised his sword to block as he took a tiny step back.

“Haha, nice one.”

This was the first time Shi Xiaobai saw Kevin’s boulder throwing move. Immediately he found it very fresh and innovative. It had synergized with Kevin’s superpower, allowing him to pave a brand new road for himself. Shi Xiaobai could not help but be happy for him.

At this moment, an inferno trail swept at him!

“It has improved!”

Shi Xiaobai gave an exclamatory praise. He felt that Mozzie’s Grilling Hammer had made considerable progress, having not wasted his teachings.

Shi Xiaobai grinned and slashed out again. Sword beams transformed into shimmering water waves that engulfed the inferno. With sizzling sounds, the flames turned into billowing steam.

This strike was the Kun Peng’s Sword of Water he had stolen from Heartless!

Steam billowed and turned into white mist. In the lingering mist, dozens of golden charms fell from the sky, surrounding Shi Xiaobai. The charms glowed with a golden luminosity, as though they were gathering strength.

Shi Xiaobai took a deep breath and endured the pain in his knees. Like a top, he spun around causing sword beams to swirl into a tornado that swept the Daoist charms.

Using Bladestorm, the dozens of charms were torn apart, dropping to the ground as paper shreds.

At this moment, an armored youth charged forward. He held one gigantic shield in each of his hands. He was crying out loudly and had quite an imposing stance, but it was rather humorous as well.

And so the village’s crisis was averted. The Monster never reached the village, and no casualties arose. Hiiro’s slaying of the Red Boar earned him quite a bit of attention.

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