Movement times could also be shortened greatly, allowing near

instantaneous mobility and the option to disengage from the battlefield.

Incoming attacks could be evaded using divine speed with absolutely no

chance of being countered.

Grasping this dominance firmly in his hands, battles could be ended in one

fell swoop. This was Alec’s usual method and path towards victory. He

took great pains to shorten the time spent moving at divine speed, as if

trying as much as possible not to squander it.

Probably because divine speed was a difficult authority to control, it was

being used in this manner.

Experienced with the same ability, Godou understood this point. First of all,

simply using it placed the body and mind under great strain. Particularly in

Godou’s case, this burden manifested in the form of a time limit.

In addition, precise movements were very difficult.

Learning to switch between fast and slow moves had allowed him to fight

effectively. However, each time Godou accelerated or decelerated, he had

to divert a substantial amount of concentration…

Regardless of which manner of usage, it was readily apparent that Alec

was an expert in divine speed.

Godou had no hope of winning a battle decided by speed alone.

Nevertheless, the [Raptor] — the incarnation of god speed was still


The opponent’s advantage was obvious indeed, but looking at it the other

way, was it really impossible to expose an opening-

Just as Alec made a thrust with his fountain pen again, Godou activated

the [Raptor]. Like his opponent, he only applied god speed for an instant,

evading the pen tip as quickly as lightning.

As a result, the [Boar] rampaging in the sea disappeared.

“I was wondering when you’d finally use this. Now is the time, I see.”

Witnessing Godou’s god speed, Alec commented with great interest.

At last, Alec raised his speed to the maximum and began running across

the deck. Godou also sped up to the same speed to pursue after him.

Once he tangled with the Black Prince, he would probably be able to

imitate that “efficient manner” of attack.

With this goal in mind, Godou ran after Alec. But he could not catch up.

Though it was true that their speeds were equal, their skill in speed

adjustment differed too greatly.

Alec had been running with divine speed fully unleashed. Godou pursued

at the same speed.

Then Alec suddenly shifted from high gear to low gear, causing Godou

who continued at top speed to overtake the decelerated Black Prince.

This resulted in a reversal in position with a huge gap of separation.

Next, Alec jumped into the air.

Godou ran towards the place Alec was poised to land. But Alec reduced

his god speed, thereby ignoring the existences of free fall and gravity, and

descended at reduced speed.

Consequently, Alec leisurely landed at a spot where Godou had already

run past.

Yes. So-called god speed was actually not the ability to “move at high

speed from Point A to Point B.” Rather, it was the ability to “ridiculously

shorten the time taken to travel from Point A to Point B.”

As a result, it was able to perform movements that were physically


An ordinary person’s running motion was bound to a two-dimensional

plane. When using the [Raptor], Godou’s body became exceptionally light,

allowing him to move in three dimensions.

However, Alexandre Gascoigne’s god speed was four dimensional.

With even time under his control, it was truly four dimensional movement.

Catching up to an opponent like this man was impossible!

Thus time ticked away fruitlessly.

“Well then… Your current condition means things have come to an end,


Alec finally declared before Godou.

Kusanagi Godou was crouching on the ground, his hand pressing against

his chest. During the chase, the [Raptor]’s time limit ran out. As intense

pain filled his heart, the body began to paralyze.

“The god speed you possess, turns out to be the type where the strain

builds up with persisted use. From the fact that you could reach top speed

in an instant, I already suspected that much.”

Alec explained calmly. Was he that assured of victory?

In that case, this was probably the best opportunity…

“In contrast, the type that increases their speed gradually usually suffers

much less strain. Well, since this is something you cannot choose, there’s

nothing you can do about it. Luck — or rather, your manner of usage is no


Not really. Godou eyed his prey, waiting for the right moment.

Crouching in his stiffened state, Godou was in no condition for direct

combat. However, this was precisely how he could tempt Alec to become

careless… Hopefully.

“Just as I mentioned, I’m not some benevolent soul who would give up on

an opportunity to lay down a one-sided beating on someone helpless. No

matter what, I must catch up to that naive Guinevere and end the show.”

The Black Prince declared and took out his fountain pen.

Indeed it was time for Godou to reveal his real trump card.

“Ah yes, really… It’s time to end things. Go forth, Ama no Murakumo!”

Enduring the pain in his heart, Godou summoned the partner residing in

his right arm.

Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi suddenly manifested. Godou swiftly sliced

using the divine sword — or not. He was unable to depend on this stiff body

to perform such an action. However, the self-aware divine sword flew by

itself towards Alec.

The tip of the blade was going to pierce Alec’s heart-!

However, Alec naturally held the swiftness of god speed. Even against a

sudden slashing attack, he could simply evade.

As expected, sparks exploded all over his body. This was the sign he was

about to use god speed.


Alec displayed shock instead.

Everything occurred as Godou had planned. This [Steel] had the power to

Jiang Chen reminded.

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