If I had left immediately when I discovered the possibility of danger, I would have been thousands of miles from here. If only I had trusted my own intuition when I saw Cheng Zi Ang. If only I didn’t have the desire Chu Yang and left right away, I would be free right now…

Even at the moment I saw Chu Yang and I made a quick decision to leave immediately, then I would still be safe.

In the worst case scenario, if I did not leave right away but made my move immediately, this King of Hell Chu could have died by my hands.

However, time and time again, I did not act as I should have. Instead, I wanted to have a battle of wits and compare strategies with my opponent. I just wanted to repay my opponent with a thousand times for how he had humiliated me…

I can’t believe that I lost! My plan was so close to bearing fruit, yet had failed in the end. Now my life is being held in the hands of someone else!

The enemy has calculated with extreme precision. He secretly made his move while acting nonchalant!

Tang Xin Sheng had to admit defeat in front of Chu Yang. But in his heart, there was a strong frustration from this defeat. He was exceedingly resourceful, a meticulous tactician. Everything was in the palm of his hand. He entered Iron Cloud alone and with his intellect and the support of the spy network, he was able to advance quickly in rank. All of the Iron Cloud officials were pawns in the palm of his hand. He was a spy who was at the same time hailed as a living said in Iron Cloud Nation.

If he had not been exposed so early, then when Diwu Qing Rou would have waged a war after Tie Bu Tian is killed. This would leave Iron Cloud in a state of chaos like a snake without a head. At this moment, he only needed to stir the people and he would have been able to topple Iron Cloud.

Ten thousand things were already prepared, all waiting for just the right moment. But now, the world had slipped from his grasp.

Moreover, the person that defeated him was a boy this young! How could Tang Xin Sheng admit defeat? It was this stubbornness that made him abandon thoughts of escaping and determined to seek revenge. Tang Xin Sheng was an arrogant man! When people like him faced an opponent, they would search for ways in order to get back at the individual especially if they humiliated him or looked down on him.

Therefore Tang Xin Sheng had vowed to give Chu yang the greatest humiliation. It was the sort of humiliation that would take him down at the peak of his satisfaction. He had thought that his plans were perfect. Moreover, the moment that Chu Yang discovered him would be the moment of his downfall and he would kill him with his own two hands.

For an intelligent man, a failed strategy had the greatest impact on his pride.

Tang Xin Sheng hated Chu Yang to the core! He had put to waste more than ten years of intricate planning and manipulation. It was all because of the appearance of Chu Yang that laid waste to all of his plans…

Chu Yang used the indignation and blind thirst for revenge to set a trap which would lead him to victory. By the time Tang Xin Sheng opened his eyes, there would be nowhere for him left to run to.

Before Tang Xin Sheng even thought about having a battle of wits with Chu Yang, Chu Yang had already made his move and had calculated every single move he would make to build up towards exposing his true identity. The moment that he wanted to have a battle of wits, his opponent had to finally use force. It was at that very moment when he wanted to take action and use force that he would no longer be able to…

Unscrupulous? Clearly, his methods were unscrupulous… However, Chu Yang’s strategies had left Tang Xin Sheng in awe. The moment he admitted his true identity to Chu Yang, Chu Yang had led him by the nose! He was supposed to be the one in control of the situation, yet somehow, in a blink of an eye, he realised that he was the one who was in control!

In the end, Tang Xin Sheng asked himself: If I was in his position, would I be able to do the same thing? Could I use the cultivation of a Martial Warrior to defeat and capture a ninth grade Revered Martial Artist? Furthermore, without the aid of anyone else…

The answer was of course: I would not be able to.

I was not defeated by someone who used brute force in martial arts but was defeated in terms of tactics! Even with my wisdom, I still walked right into their trap without even noticing! What more is there left to say?

Therefore Tang Xing Sheng sighed and resigned himself to his fate. He did not curse at Chu Yang; he just closed his eyes and let himself go.

However, there was one thing that Tang Xin Sheng was not aware of. His desire for revenge along with his arrogance that made him leave his manor before receiving word from Diwu Qing Rou. Consequently, this had led to Diwu Qing Rou’s note falling into Chu Yang’s hands.

This was his biggest mistake…

When Chu Yang saw that Tang Xin Sheng had gone from the feeling of extreme hatred to a sudden calmness, he felt a slight chill run down his spine.

Tang Xin Sheng had fallen into a state of utter despair and yet he could still remain calm. He was able to instantly quell his anger… this was indeed a powerful person!

No wonder Diwu Qing Rou had placed so much hope on him.

“People! Take this old man away! Lock him in Bu Tian Pavilion, and use the heaviest of shackles!” The person giving orders was Cheng Zi Ang. As for Chu Yang, he had quietly moved away from the centre of attention, vanishing without a trace. By the time the black outfitted assassins of Bu Tian Pavilion converged, they only caught a glimpse of a mysterious figure…

Other than Cheng Zi Ang, no one else knew that young man was none other than the famed King of Hell Chu…

Cheng Zi Ang’s eyes showed a hint of respect as he looked at Chu Yang’s silhouette. Minister Chu most definitely live up to his name and position! He was able to turn a formidable enemy powerless by just laughing and talking. Without creating a huge commotion, he had managed to capture the mastermind! With just the cultivation of Martial Warrior, and he accomplished this much; who else would dare to compare?

Cheng Zi Ang suddenly shuddered. Cold sweat poured out; it was not until now that he felt terrified. Ninth grade Revered Martial Artist! This weak looking scholar, Tang Xin Sheng, was a ninth grade Revered Martial Artist! A high-level master!

Oh god! I am only a third grade Revered Saber Artist, and Chen Yu Tong is only a first grade Revered Martial Artist. If we got into a fight with Tang Xin Sheng… all of our people here would probably die! And after that, Tang Xin Sheng will merrily walk away! Ninth grade Revered Martial Artist… If he wanted to run, how many people in Iron Cloud Citadel could stop him? Moreover, Tang Xin Sheng is an extremely cunning person…

It became clear why he was so confident and arrogant. He had the guts to set up a trap in front of his own home and used himself as bait in order to humiliate and kill the King of Hell Chu.

As his thoughts reached this point, Cheng Zi Ang felt a chill from his head to his toes. He recalled the spot Chu Yang was standing at earlier. On the off chance that Tang Xin Sheng immediately took a shot at Chu Yang, he would have been obliterated… there was no chance of survival!

However, at that time, Chu Yang’s demeanour remained at ease as he happily talked, and had not shown the least bit of stress. Chu Yang’s mental capability was truly formidable.

Little did Cheng Zi Ang know, Chu Yang was actually soaking in cold sweat during the interaction with Tang Xin Sheng.

The moment the order was given, the people in black outfits immediately grabbed that “old man,” and carefully brought him back to Bu Tian Pavilion.

Ah! An old man… was an old man! Tang Xin Sheng did not tell people who he was and thus Cheng Zi Ang chose not reveal it as it would only cause problems.

As for Tang Xin Sheng’s family, Minister Chu had told him, “Don’t touch them! Leave them there!”

As Chu Yang uttered those words, Cheng Zi Ang was sure that not only he but even Prince Bu Tian and General Tie Long Cheng would probably not dare to touch them…

Chu Yang returned to Bu Tian Pavilion.

The back of his shirt was drenched in sweat; he was scared almost to the point that his spirit was about to leave his body… The first thing Chu Yang did was to summon everyone from Heavenly Secret Hall and started yelling at them. Chen Yu Tong’s people were the unlucky ones and even though their heads were covered in saliva, they did not dare to say a word back!

Chu Yang’s voice boomed, almost to the extent that at any moment the roof could collapse. He angrily enlightened them, “Are you all pigs? No, pigs are more intelligent than you! Pigs do their duties well! Damn it… What should I compare you to? Grass? Or what?”

“What are you gathering information for? Just die. Telling you people to go back home and work on the farm is insulting for the hoe! You eat rice every day, have you become grass-eating cows? The whole group, damn, damn! You’re so dumb even the sun and moon can’t shine…”

The fury of King of Hell Chu made all of Bu Tian’s pavilion tremble in fear! The ones who took the brunt of the scolding had pale faces and did not even dare to raise their heads. The others outside were not much better as they trembled uncontrollably, their faces extremely anxious…

Chen Yu Tong who stood in front suffered the brunt of the scolding. His entire body was soaked yet he did not dare to open his mouth to speak a single word.

Initially, Heavenly Secret Hall had brought back the following information: Tang Xin Sheng was a frail scholar who had superior intelligence and was a first-rate tactician. Though without martial art skill, he is good at scheming and manipulation. A Meticulous planner…

This information, as per Chu Yang’s request, was verified three times and was written by Chen Yu Tong’s own hand. And this misinformation had exposed Chu Yang to unnecessary dangers and risks.

A frail scholar had in fact been a ninth grade Revered Martial Artist! This misinformation was extremely serious, its difference was that of heaven and earth! Such an error was simply unforgivable. If something unfortunate had happened to King of Hell Chu, then Tie Bu Tian would probably have had executed all of Heavenly Secret Hall and their families…

If only it was reported that he had an “unknown cultivation” or “no one had ever witnessed him use martial power” or something of that sort… If it was like that, it would have greatly reduced the shock that Chu Yang had today.

If it was not for Chu Yang being through countless life-threatening situations in his previous life, he would not have developed a habit of being careful and always having an exit strategy. Plus, if it was not for Chu Yang always following the mantra ‘A lion should use full force even if attacking just a rabbit,’ then today would have been tantamount to Chu Yang serving himself up to Tang Xin Sheng to be killed…

Chu Yang was still startled. This is an outrage! Even though I managed to achieve my goal and return safely in the end, such a mistake cannot be tolerated!

If I just let them off easily, when we face one insidious Diwu Qing Rou, the whole army could be wiped out…

As Chu Yang’s roar shook the entire Bu Tian Pavilion, Cheng Zi Ang arrived back. He was triumphantly escorting Tang Xin Sheng, dressed as an old man, back to Bu Tian Pavilion.

The moment he returned, he immediately diverted King of Hell Chu’s attention.

“Minister! I was fortunate enough to complete my task and brought back this old man to be arrested! I have come to let you know myself!” Cheng Zi Ang looked arrogantly at Chen Yu Tong who was drenched in saliva. The more he looked, the more joyful he felt at another’s suffering. On one hand, he was showing off his courage and success; on the other hand, he was glaring at Chen Yu Tong and smiling to the point that his eyes were completely closed, exposing his full set of yellow teeth.

Nice! Really nice! Watching someone else getting scolded is great.

Chen Yu Tong’s mouth twitched in annoyance. He glared back in anger, and quietly cursed all eight generations of Cheng Zi Ang’s ancestors… This creep is gloating!

When Chang Zi Ang entered, Chu Yang was feeling a little thirsty from all the yelling, picked up a cup of tea and took a big gulp. Upon hearing Cheng Zi Ang reported with self-satisfaction, he immediately spat the entire thing on Cheng Zi Ang’s face and began to cough violently

Cheng Zi Ang’s countenance suddenly changed. He was previously smiling and joyful but in the blink of an eye, everything changed. He wiped his face with his hand, catching a few tea leaves with it as well. His entire mood had changed as he became repentant and crestfallen…

He took a sneak peek at King of Hell Chu, and thought, King of Hell Chu, you are…?

“Ha ha…” Having witnessed Cheng Zi Ang’s embarrassment, Chen Yu Tong suddenly unwittingly laughed. But as soon as he realized his mistake and shut his mouth. I have done a great sin, how can I be so happy? So he quickly became quiet and glanced up to find King of Hell Chu still busy coughing. He then settled back to his old regretful expression and set his head back down…

“Koff koff…” Chu Yang coughed for a long time before looking up with his reddened face and yelled, “You still have the nerve to stand in front of me with self-satisfaction? Let me ask you; what did I send you to do? Huh? Huh?”

Cheng Zi Ang choked as he stared in surprise. His entire expression was now in surprise. His jaw dropped and was speechless…

“You tell me!” Chu Yang yelled angrily, “Did you do well… huh? I sent you to watch and what happened in the end? Ah! You put yourself in front of them so they could watch you? To call you a pig is too much of an insult to pigs!”

“Koff.. koff..” Chen Yu Tong coughed nonstop. This is too good; I can’t hold it down any more…

Cheng Zi Ang was red from embarrassment and did not know what to do to appease Chu Yang.

“They sat behind your ass for two days! Motherf*… when you farted, they had to cover their nose. And you dare to talk to me cheerfully about watermelon seeds…?” Chu Yang was so angry, that it seemed as though smoke was coming out of his ears. Chu Yang was furious. He grounded his teeth and pointed at Cheng Zi Ang’s face. He shouted, “You… You… I told you to spy on them. But you were spied on instead. You even caused me to walk right into their trap! Yet, you dare to stand here all smug?!”

“You… you… you…” Chu Yang’s finger trembled in anger and disbelief. “Do you know how the pig’s grandmother died?”

Cheng Zi Ang was scolded to the point he was feeling dizzy. When he suddenly heard a question, he unconsciously responded without thinking, “How did it die?”

“From stupidity!!!” Unable to contain his anger, Chu Yang screamed, “You barely even contributed and you have the guts to come here and take credit? Along with that smug look of yours. Do you feel intelligent? It seemed as though your arrogance knows no bounds! You were arrogant enough to laugh at others? You are really thick skinned!”

“Hahahaha…” Chen Yu Tong was no longer able to contain himself. He held his stomach and fell to the floor, laughing. Tears and snot were everywhere. He smacked the floor, barely able to breathe; his whole body was convulsing.

I can’t control myself anymore… Even if I were to lose my head, I must laugh.

After his burst of rage after venting, Chu Yang said coldly, “Do you people have anything more to say?”

Chen Yu Tong and Cheng Zi Ang answered dejectedly, “No!”

Cheng Zi Ang felt extremely dejected almost like he had just lost his family. Chen Yu Tong was a little better off. However, both of them were so ashamed of themselves that they wanted to hide their faces.

“If there is nothing else, why are you people still loitering around? Don’t you feel useless enough already?” Chu Yang slammed the table which rattled everyone. Then he roared, “Hurry and invite the prince here! Do I need to teach you this as well? Have I not scolded you enough yet? Huh?!!”

The moment he said this, they hurriedly got up and vanished from the main hall without a trace, moving as fast as they could.

In the small room, Wu Qian Qian had a brush in one hand, and the other held onto her stomach as she laughed uncontrollably. Straining to keep quiet, she placed a hand over her mouth so tightly that she was barely able to breathe, and her shoulders shook uncontrollably.

It was the first time she witnessed Chu Yang so angry. If nothing else, Chu Yang’s anger could cause people to laugh to death.

Of course, the victim of said anger could not laugh.

A little later, Chu Yang came in with a cup of tea. Wu Qian Qian was still dying from laughter. Chu Yang asked in surprise, “Is it that funny?”

Wu Qian Qian let out the word, “Mother!” Her stomach almost burst from laughter upon hearing this question. A long while after, she finally managed to control her laughter but she was still trembling slightly from all the laughing.

“Chu Yang… Phew…” Wu Qian Qian tried hard to hold down her laughter, “Wouldn’t the way you scolded them create hostility?”

“Absolutely not!” Chu Yang said confidently, “Scolding has to be artfully balanced. Both of them were scolded therefore are in the same boat, neither would feel too bad. Moreover, the mistakes that they made were unforgivable. If I don’t reprimand them now, they will cause bigger problems in the future.”

Then Chu Yang sighed, somewhat discouraged.

Wu Qian Qian laughed, and said, “Still, you were a little hot-tempered.”

“I had to let it out!” Chu Yang sighed, “Bu Tian Pavilion is currently in no shape to fight. Our strength is still inadequate to fight against Diwu Qing Rou. Every little mistake must be immediately corrected. Over time, they will gradually become stronger and better!”

“If I am always gentle with them, I am afraid they will have the same irresponsible attitude when Diwu Qing Rou attacks…” Chu Yang took a deep breath and said, “If I reprimand them now, we will suffer fewer losses in the future…”

“You should bear in mind that strong minds and the fortified morale of soldiers are a result of fighting and scolding!” Chu Yang said slowly.

With an ‘uh’, Wu Qian Qian became pensive about what Chu Yang had said.

Soon after, the sound of horses stamping on the ground grew louder and louder as it approached Bu Tian Pavilion. Tie Bu Tian strode in wearing a white cloak and his white royal attire. He appeared radiant but his gaze was cold and electrifying.

He was followed by two men.

Chu Yang smiled and walked out to greet him. Suddenly, his eyes perked up. He felt that those two people were by no means ordinary…

They were walking behind Tie Bu Tian in broad daylight but Chu Yang still got a hazy feeling. It was as though they were two shadows rather than two living beings.

When the two men walked, one would step forward with his left leg and the other one with his right; it was chaotic at first glance, but it was done in perfect harmony. One would complement the other. Moreover, when the two stood in place, it felt as though those two people were one!

Their walking seemed extremely slow. But upon careful observation, each step was a few yards, equivalent to seven or eight steps of an ordinary person.

They were not walking, but drifting?

The two stayed close to Tie Bu Tian. Chu Yang suddenly felt as if there was a fortified metal wall around Tie Bu Tian, it was so strong that it seemed that even a needle would not be able to penetrate this area around him!

While Chu Yang was observing them, they were quietly judging him. At this moment, Chu Yang felt a chill over his entire body; he suddenly became anxious and the hair on his back stood on end. This kind of feeling… was like being haunted by demons, countless of them!

Chu Yang finally had to move his gaze, but he continued to think to himself. Those two people are by no means ordinary or simple!

Could it be that these two people were the Tie Bu Tian’s hidden aces? Perhaps they were the reason why Diwu Qing Rou’s plan to assassinate Tie Bu Tian had not succeeded even up till now?

The golden pills were extremely dazzling within the ashes and released a medicinal fragrance. The big red bird stared at them.

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