It was already three in the afternoon when Ji Yi made her way over to director Liang’s office.

She didn’t have an appointment, so as soon as she entered the lobby, she was stopped by a young, beautiful lady at the front desk. “Miss, may I ask who you’re looking for?”

“Director Liang Wenxin,” replied Ji Yi.

The lady at the front desk picked up the phone and made a call. After a few words in a quiet voice, she put the phone down and gave a polite smile. She raised her head and said to Ji Yi, “Miss, I’m sorry but Director Liang isn’t in the office.”

Director Liang isn’t in the office? Ji Yi thought to herself for two seconds, then changed the question. “Excuse me, is Xu Yi still director Liang’s assistant?”

Xu Yi was director Liang’s assistant before her accident. When she was on set for Infinite Grace , she was considerably close to him.


“Is he in the office?”

“Yes, Madam please wait.” The lady at the front desk picked up the phone, “Assistant Xu, there’s a …”

The lady at the front desk paused, then looked at Ji Yi. Before she could ask for her name, Ji Yi responded, “Ji Yi.”

The lady at the front desk continued to speak over the phone, “Miss Ji Yi is here for you.”

She didn’t know what Xu Yi said over the phone, but the lady replied with an “alright” then hung up the phone. Then she escorted Ji Yi to the elevators. “Assistant Xu is on the seventh floor.”

Ji Yi took the elevator up, and when she reached the first floor, the elevator doors opened. There, she suddenly bumped into Xu Yi himself.

Compared to four years ago, Xu Yi had aged a little. He still remembered her, so he chuckled and cried “Xiao Yi” the moment he saw her. Then, he escorted her to his office.

Since Xu Yi had worked in the industry for a long time, of course he knew Ji Yi was there to see him for something. After some casual conversation, he cut right to the chase. “You’re here for director Liang’s new movie, right?”

“Yeah,” openly admitted Ji Yi, without any holding back. “I saw on the news today that director Liang is casting for this new movie, so I came to see what’s up.”

To her surprise, Xu Yi was still a sentimental person. After hearing her words, he didn’t hesitate to tell her, “Xiao Yi, you know I don’t have the power to cast people, so I can’t guarantee that you can feature in director Liang’s new movie. However, I can recommend you to director Liang. It’s up to you if you can actually get the part.”

After a pause, Xu Yi said, “It’s like this: I’m seeing director Liang tonight, so I’ll casually mention you to him. When the time comes, I’ll give you a call.”

With that, Xu Yi looked like he just remembered something. “Oh right, what’s your number?”

Ji Yi gave her thanks and left her number with him. Seeing how Xu Yi was probably busy since his phone rang non-stop on his desk, she politely said her goodbyes and left.

After coming out of Xu Yi’s office, Ji Yi walked towards the elevator, then heard her name being called with a hesitant voice, “Ji…Yi?”

Ji Yi suddenly froze. After some time, she turned her head. A pretty figure was reflected in her eyes.

It was someone Ji Yi could not be more familiar with.

If He Jichen was the person she was most unwilling to see in the world, then this woman was not far behind.

Her name was Qian Ge. From Sucheng to B-film, Ji Yi had known her for ten whole years. Chapter 48: Somewhere in Plain Sight (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi once thought of Qian Ge as the most important friend in her life, but Qian Ge never reciprocated the feeling. As things changed over the years, so did their strong, supposedly everlasting friendship.

When she was young, she and Qian Ge had the same dream to be a star.

However, Qian Ge was luckier than she was, yet also unluckier in other ways.

What’s lucky was that Qian Ge first went on TV at the age of six and was crowned as a “child actor”.

What’s unlucky was that although Qian Ge clearly had a good start, she never made it big.

She and Qian Ge made a pact when they were in senior high: if there came a day when either of them made it big, neither one would leave the other behind.

She remembered their pact well, so four years ago, she used her nationwide fame from Infinite Grace and The Queens to recommend Qian Ge to the director, which helped Qian Ge land the role of supporting female.

Not every supporting actress was lucky enough to become popular. After The Queens became popular, everyone remembered Ji Yi and didn’t pay attention to Qian Ge.

She knew she was upset, and she even tried to comfort her. When she took on commercials, she always recommended Qian Ge to investors. Of course, while she took on new projects, she never forgot to help her friend get roles. When she obtained an office, she even let Qian Ge be one of her partners.

She hadn’t changed, so she thought Qian Ge hadn’t either. However, she wasn’t Qian Ge, and she didn’t understand how it psychologically affected Qian Ge to be the weaker of the two after having such a strong start.

When she got into the accident, she hadn’t suspected Qian Ge in the slightest; she assumed that the accident was simply because of drunk driving. It wasn’t until half a year after she woke up that she realized that her office had become Qian Ge’s, and Xie Siyao, who stole the supporting actress role on The Queens, was now one of her partners. Then she realized that the drunk driver three years ago was one of Xie Siyao’s boyfriends. She connected that with the fact that the only person who knew about her accident was Qian Ge, and she was meant to be in the car with her that night on her way back to B-film. However, Qian Ge found an excuse to get out of the car en route just before the accident happened…

That’s when she realized her car accident was no ordinary accident. It was jointly planned by Qian Ge and Xie Siyao.

When she found out the truth, three long years had passed, so there was no way to investigate it.

Her unexpected accident happened at the beginning of filming the drama, when Qian Ge landed the role as the supporting actress. After the accident, Qian Ge’s role was given to Xie Siyao to play.

Ji Yi had personally chosen the script, as the topics were fresh and original, and the storylines were sufficient. Just as she predicted, that drama blew up as soon as it aired, enabling Qian Ge, who made her first public appearance at six years old and had fourteen whole years of experience, to finally make it.

From then on, Qian Ge had been doing exceedingly well in the entertainment industry. In three short years, she became an A-lister in the entertainment industry.

Not only that, but Qian Ge stole her office, which was put on the market in the beginning of the year for an estimated four billion in value.

And as for Ji Yi, who Qian Ge trampled on?

The glory she had before was gone. The office she established from scratch was gone, all the people she studied university with had graduated, and she was forced to finish her studies at B-film alone.

For Ji Yi, who had thought back to all of this in an instant, stared at Qian Ge with a dark expression in her eyes. Chapter 49: Somewhere in Plain Sight (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

She was struggling at the bottom, while Qian Ge had everything that once belonged to her. She now stood at the peak, where things were smooth sailing for her. How could I not be hurt by this? How could I not be angry?

“Ah, it really is you, Xiao Yi.” Compared to how Ji Yi struggled to contain her thoughts, Qian Ge appeared far calmer than her. “I thought I was mistaking someone else for you just now.”

As Qian Ge said that, she glanced over at the two assistants behind her, hinting for them to leave.

When it was just Qian Ge and Ji Yi alone, Qian Ge strode over elegantly in her heels towards Ji Yi.

She looked Ji Yi up and down then put on a smile and said, “Long time no see, Xiao Yi.”

There were some things on both of their minds, but before exposing her, Ji Yi tried to become just as calm and even-tempered as Qian Ge was.

At that thought, Ji Yi blinked and snapped back to reality. The corners of her lips curved into a sweet and beautiful smile. She answered warmly, “Yeah, we haven’t seen each other for a while.”

Seeing Ji Yi smile, Qian Ge’s smile turned even brighter. “Xiao Yi, when did you wake up? You probably know from the tabloids that I’ve been busy for two years taking on jobs non-stop, so I haven’t had much time for anything else.”

Of course, Ji Yi noticed how Qian Ge emphasized the word “jobs.” Ji Yi got the message. She was showing off and trying to make her lose her temper. Ji Yi lowered her eyes slightly and kept the smile plastered on her face as though she hadn’t heard Qian Ge’s hint. She used the same tone of voice and continued, “I’ve been awake for half a year now.”

“Oh I see…” responded Qian Ge half-heartedly as she realized that her “weapon” had turned into a cotton bud and it looked like nothing could trigger Ji Yi. She turned to look at the door next to Ji Yi and casually asked, “Looking for Xu Yi about director Liang’s new movie?”

Ji Yi pursed her lips and admitted honestly, “Yeah.”

Qian Ge lowered her eyes slightly and put on a smile. “Director Liang’s movies aren’t easy to get into now. Compared to four years ago, casting has become far more demanding.” With a pause, Qian Ge lifted her eyelids, stared at Ji Yi, and said half-jokingly yet also provokingly, “What’s more, Xiao Yi, you aren’t the same person you were four years ago.”

Of course, Ji Yi knew Qian Ge was trying to provoke her, but what a shame… Ji Yi wasn’t the weak type, and she never allowed herself to lose shamefully.

At that thought, Ji Yi glanced calmly over at Qian Ge and replied nonchalantly, “Of course, I’m not the same as I was four years ago. Now, I want to claim my rightful title as Queen Bee of the entertainment industry…”

With a pause, Ji Yi copied Qian Ge’s tone of voice. She sounded like she was joking but her reply was also threatening, “…So Qian Ge, you have to be careful now. Don’t let me steal your thunder and take your spot.”

Qian Ge froze at Ji Yi’s words. The coldness in her smiling eyes seemed far more obvious than before. She seemed afraid to get a taste of her own medicine after stealing Ji Yi’s title. She lowered her head to glance at her watch and changed the topic, “I have some other business to attend to; I’m gonna take off. If we get some time, let’s talk again.” Chapter 50: Somewhere in Plain Sight (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi didn’t say anything but smiled as she watched Qian Ge leave. Ji Yi’s eyes didn’t turn completely cold until Qian Ge disappeared out of sight.

She wasn’t joking with Qian Ge; her threat was genuine.

Ji Yi definitely wasn’t the type to let people bully her without fighting back. In her book, these words were of utmost importance: Never let anyone get away with threatening you.

She definitely wouldn’t allow Qian Ge to steal her title and live a bright and beautiful life that she didn’t deserve.

She would use all her power to make Qian Ge and Xie Siyao give back every little thing they owed her.

No matter if it was her spot as Queen Bee, her office, or even their current success… She wanted them to give it all back!

Director Liang’s company was quite close to Ji Yi’s parent’s house. Since she accidentally left her cafeteria card there on her last visit and had been temporarily using Tang Huahua’s card, she hailed a taxi and went straight to her parent’s house to pick it up.

After dinner, Ji Yi noticed it was still early, so she sat on her sofa and started to watch TV.

Her mother cut up some fruit and brought it to her as she took a seat and watched TV with her for a while. Then, she suddenly looked like she remembered something and turned her head to ask Ji Yi, “Xiao Yi, how is Jichen these days?”

As her mother said this, the words He Jichen said to her yesterday at his house suddenly rang in her ears. He told her, “I’m warning you, don’t talk about me ever again!”

Ji Yi paused as she was about to pick up an apple slice. She really didn’t want to reply.

“Xiao Yi?! Mama’s asking a question!” said Ji Yi’s mother emphatically as she watched her daughter remain silent for some time.

After Ji Yi slowly swallowed the apple, she unwilling replied, “Quite good.”

Her mother could tell this was a half-hearted reply. “Forget it, I can’t trust you.”

Ji Yi figured it was over, but then her mother said, “When you were back in Sucheng, your He Ayi looked after you so well. Now that Jichen is in Beijing, we haven’t done anything for him. Xiao Yi, don’t you live quite close to Jichen? On your way home, why don’t you stop by his place and drop off some nutrient supplements I prepared for him.”

Ji Yi instinctively declined, “I don’t know where he lives.”

After a pause, Ji Yi added, “What’s more, I don’t even have his number, so I can’t even call him. How am I supposed to give…”

Before Ji Yi could finish, her mum held up her phone and pressed a few buttons. With that, the phone in Ji Yi’s hands rang “ding-dong.” She looked down to find that her mum had sent her a text with eleven digits.

Her mum didn’t need to explain; she knew it was He Jichen’s number.

Ji Yi knew if her mum wanted something done, nobody could say “no.” Since her mum would probably pester her about this non-stop, she figured it’d be best to just get on with it.

Worst comes to worst, she could just take the supplements back to the dorm and give them to Bo He and Tang Huahua…

Ji Yi’s plan was foiled all too soon as she had only punched half the digits into her phone before her mother snatched the phone from her. Before she could even react, her mother quickly punched in the rest of the numbers. “Jichen ah… It’s your Ji Bomu 1 .” Chapter 51: Shut Your Mouth (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi sat right next to her mum. She could hear He Jichen’s polite voice through the phone over the sound of the television, “Hello Ji Bomu.”

Ji Yi wasn’t sure if she was hearing things, but He Jichen’s voice sounded slightly hoarse, a little weak.

Her mum noticed it too as she said worriedly, “Jichen, what’s wrong? You don’t sound too good. Are you sick?”

“No, I just woke up.” He Jichen cleared his throat and reverted back to his usual elegant and polite voice.

“Oh that’s good…” Her mother let out a sigh of relief then cut to the chase. “…It’s like this, Jichen. Your Ji Bofu 1 went on a business trip a while back and bought some nutritional supplements. We figured that since you’re in Beijing, we wanted to give you some. Ji Yi happened to come back home today, and since she lives close to your house, I’ll have her bring some over for you. What time is most convenient for you?”

Maybe it was because it was her mum instead of her speaking, but He Jichen didn’t reveal any annoyance or hatred about Ji Yi coming over. In fact, his tone of voice was still as elegant and polite as usual. “Anytime is good for me.”

When Ji Yi’s mum heard He Jichen say this, she decided to set a time. “Then, how about later tonight? The supplements have expiry dates and since Xiao Yi has class tomorrow, she might not have time later on when she gets busy.”

“Thank you, Ji Bomu.”

“You’re welcome.” Ji Yi’s mother was left grinning from ear to ear by He Jichen’s politeness. Before she hung up the phone, she suddenly remembered that she didn’t have his address and said, “Jichen, text your address to this number. It’s Ji Yi’s number.”

After hanging up the phone, the tone “ding-dong” was heard through Ji Yi’s phone.

It was a text from the same eleven digits that her mother just dialed. Aside from the name of the residential area and apartment number, there were no words accompanying the address. That was just He Jichen’s style.

Strictness cultivates one’s body, while looseness raises worries. He had to become stricter!

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