[Item abilities: 1. Storage. The staff can contain spells: Rank 9 (1), Rank 7 (3), Rank 5 (5). (Currently Empty) 2. Blazing Skyfire, legendary spell. (Can be used once every twenty days). 3. Domain of Terror. 4. Blaze: Absorbing the strength of divine souls, the staff can deal a one-time mental attack or boost itself. Will harm the imprisoned soul. 5. Fire Immunity.]

[Description: This staff once imprisoned a powerful legendary dragon soul, but its owner attempted a more terrifying experiment, sealing the soul of a divine being. All who use it without permission will suffer the wrath of gods!]

‘What I gave Tiff was symbolic of the church. This suits me better…’ When he conquered Debanks Island, Leylin did indeed come into possession of the flesh and souls of other demigods. However, this staff was still his most perfect creation. Although what he’d given Tiff was a demigod weapon, it was impossible to upgrade it. This staff had a limitless future!

‘I can upgrade this staff at any time as long as the materials I have on hand are suitable. It could even become a divine weapon…’ Leylin was very confident in this.

Having completed the Blazing Sceptre, Leylin did not opt to rest, instead going to another room. He closed his eyes as if in meditation, but his mind was actually communicating with the A.I. Chip. ‘A.I. Chip, how goes the task I set you on?’

[Beep! Analysis of legendary arcane spell, Chain Contingency at 100%. Transmitting into Host’s mind. Beginning preliminary branding…]

The A.I. Chip’s robotic voice sounded. It had never let Leylin down before.

“On the continent, a demigod means power at the apex. The Debanks Island is too remote, and it’s impossible to dispatch large armies and labourers to go on long journeys here. So… if they really want to deal with me, there are only a few methods. This is the one with the best chances of working…”

Leylin pursed his lips as tremendous spiritual force and arcane energy declined. A continuous stream of divine force made up for the losses just in time, creating a unique cycle.

After a night of this, he finally set up the Chain Contingency on himself.

While he had his own conjectures, he still chose to do as had been planned. After all, it was just foolish to offend a goddess without any evidence.

Besides, he had his own plans as well, and he needed her cooperation to complete them.

“I hope all this is all in my head… But it’s not bad to make preparations against it, right?”

Immense divine force surged out, erasing the spell branding aura on Leylin’s body and hiding it in the aura of a god.

Not long after Leylin completed all this, Bishop Xena visited him.

“Our church already has leads on the Scepter of Savras. However, we need some help from Sire!”

Xena looked respectfully as she spoke, eyes showing she was not faking any of this.

“Looks like this bishop always thought that the true mission was finding the scepter…”

Leylin sighed, and then smiled, “As long as we do things according to our agreement, I’m fine with it…”


At the borders of the Dambrath Kingdom, at the west of the werejackal mountains.

As the climate and food here was suitable, there were huge numbers of werejackals around. There were even high-ranked bloodline holders and professionals in their midst who possessed greater intelligence than their peers. They monopolised the whole mountain, becoming a man-made dangerous area.

All races that were not werejackals only had one fate in the mountains- They would be torn to the bone to be eaten!

There was little the Dambrath Kingdom could do about this. Even a legend that had been employed could only retreat in defeat.

As time passed, the werejackal mountains became a forbidden area. There were even rumours that in the depths of the werejackal mountains, there was a mysterious large door that went straight into the abyss, where there was the god of the werejackals, a sovereign king who loved flesh!

The nearer it was to the werejackal mountains, the more desolate the villages were around the area. On this path, however, there was a group of knights who were hastening on their journey.

Just from their unruffled aura, it was evident that they were not mere elites of the kingdom.

In the middle guarded by knights, were a young man and woman on two handsome horses. However, when it came to the might they had, it was hard to tell who was being protected…

“The lead for Savras’ Scepter is in the town up ahead?”

Leylin sniffed at the air, frowning slightly.

“Yes, Sire!”

This was Xena speaking. Ever since the bishop found out that Leylin had attained a realm she could never hope to reach, she had become increasingly respectful to him. She had even taken to addressing him as ‘sire’, and if Leylin had not stopped her, she might even call Leylin, ‘Your Highness’.

“Based on what the hunter in the village said, he once accidentally entered the werejackal mountain and, at the outer regions of the valleys, saw a terrifying statue and the illusion of a scepter emitting multi-coloured rays.”

“That’s all?”

Leylin’s eyebrows raised.

“After that, we dispatched the legendaries in our church, but… Even two legendaries weren’t enough to break through the layer at the outer regions of the valley. However, the two legends also saw the scepter emitting multi-coloured rays, and the likeness to Savras’ Scepter is recorded in historical records is above 90%…”

As she still needed Leylin’s help, Xena laughed wryly as she explained.

“A boundary that even legends can’t enter? And the scepter?” Leylin nodded.

“In that case, this trip is worth it… But I’ve been staying at the outer seas recently. What’s happening on the continent?”

After hearing that this was not confidential information, Xena gave him a simple rundown of the situation on the continent.

First was the north. The unrest here had attracted the attention of the entire prime material plane, and it might escalate even further.

The two greater gods, the Weave Goddess and God of Justice working together was something the orc gods all feared.

They had first wiped out the reinforcements of Malar and a few other orc gods, and then supported Alustriel as she started war at what had been the north.

After a few large-scaled battles, Alustriel had successfully gathered a few revolutionary forces and taken over a decent amount of land. With the support of a few great noble families in the north, she had ascended the throne a few months ago and reestablished the Silverymoon Alliance.

However, the orcs were still as powerful as before. Orc Emperor Saladin had the help of the divine weapon, Thunder God’s Hammer, and was still one of the most powerful on the prime material plane. If not for Alustriel blocking Saladin personally in a few battles, as well as the orc being afraid of the side effects from using the weapon, success would not have come so easily.

With all this happening, the orc empire that had been dealt a heavy blow raged and began to gather their armies.

Silverymoon trained hard as well, obtaining more support from the nobles and gods of the north.

It wasn’t hard to imagine that sometime in the future, there would definitely be an even more terrifying war breaking out. That would be greatest test for the newly-formed Silverymoon Alliance.

On top of that, there was the short-lived reappearance of the western desert’s floating city.

A number of legendaries had fallen there. The death of just one was enough to stun the entire continent, and on top of that, it had to do with the floating city.

It was just that the western desert was remote, and had blocked off means of communication. News was only being sent out now.

A few churches had verified that the floating city had been robbed by a mysterious person, and they had come up with great rewards for this. It was said that this had caused a mad flurry in the dark world.

Numerous old monsters had been startled out of their shells, pursuing traces of the lich Ilyo. It had to be said that the reason Leylin had kept Ilyo was so that the lich could bear the brunt of the blame. “System, do I need to make preparations for the Lotus Root Starch dish myself?” Yuan Zhou took a look and decided to make things clear first.

Yuan Zhou knew a little about the method of making Lotus Root Starch. For example, the Lotus Root Starch was basically considered to be artificial unless somebody actually witnessed the whole process. The ingredients sold on the market were actually all fakes with tapioca starch.

The tapioca starch was originally white and would become transparent after being soaked in hot water. The genuine Lotus Root Starch, nevertheless, would have a beautiful light pink color. Although the fragrance was not strong, it would linger on.

The reason why it appeared to be light pink was that the genuine Lotus Root Starch contained much iron and low sugar. After it came in contact with air, it would oxidize.

The system displayed, “Host, you can check on your own.”

“It seems that I have to receive it first if I want to know,” Yuan Zhou muttered to himself.

He tapped to receive the reward. Then all the skills streamed into Yuan Zhou’s mind in just a little while.

Then, Yuan Zhou found that he still underestimated the system. This simple Lotus Root Starch was far more detailed than what it was supposed to be. He was really a green hand.

It had strict requirements and criteria on selecting lotus seeds to grow, blossoming, and bearing the lotus root.

Currently, Yuan Zhou had an extraordinary enthusiasm toward new dishes.

Yuan Zhou spent all night long grinding Lotus Root Starch. He needed to grind the Lotus Root Starch with the stone mill as required by the system.

Even if he had the system to back him up, Yuan Zhou still failed in making much.

According to the number of visitors entering Yuan Zhou’s restaurant, however, the amount was only sufficient for two days. Every time when he laboriously cooked the tasty dishes, Yuan Zhou would eat two extra bowls as his reward. This time was no exception.

Having busied himself for a whole night, Yuan Zhou opened the door spiritedly, following a sound of “Hua La”.

“Boss, morning,” while entering the restaurant, Mu Xiaoyun watched Yuan Zhou’s face curiously.

“Um, your medicine has a good effect,” Yuan Zhou had a relatively mild look today and his panda eye had basically disappeared.

“Boss Yuan, good morning. We will start now,” after the four guys went up and greeted Yuan Zhou, they started to diligently do the work that they had agreed on yesterday. They didn’t make any more apologies. After all, it mattered more to do the work well.

“Humm,” the four guys didn’t leave Yuan Zhou any good impression; therefore, Yuan Zhou’s expression seemed to be rather formulated.

“It’s so rare, Boss Yuan. You are finally willing to open the restaurant,” Ling Hong gnashed his teeth in anger before saying that.

“It’s been a long time since I saw you last time,” Yuan Zhou was quite enthusiastic towards his regular customers.

“Ho Ho. You rested so many days just for the bruise?” Ling Hong straightforwardly complained.

“Yes. I’m not like you. I live off my capabilities and my face,” Yuan Zhou primly spoke of words that made Ling Hong speechless.

“Huh, huh. You live off your face? You’d better live off your culinary skills,” Ling Hong was quite speechless toward Yuan Zhou’s mysterious confidence.

“Yes. As well as my craftsmanship in cooking,” Yuan Zhou nodded shamelessly, not revealing any bit of flush.

Speaking of the most handsome face or anything else, he was probably not number 1. But on the aspect of cooking, he was definitely the first and best.

Yuan Zhou always believed he was number 1 on cooking and number 2 in being good-looking.

“If you don’t order dishes, please make way for others,” from behind of Ling Hong came a resentful voice.

“I’m startled. You don’t eat much recently,” Ling Hong said affirmatively.

“I’m not like you,” Wu Hai’s expression of contempt was beyond what words could describe. He just didn’t express directly that Ling Hong was like a pig, eating everything.

“Boss Yuan, what delicious dishes are you serving this morning?” To Wu Hai, the best way to take revenge was to disregard him and order dishes first to make him envious.

“I am providing Lotus Root Starch this morning. Nothing more,” Yuan Zhou pointed at the new price list and then said.

“So that’s why you painted the lotus flower over here?” Ling Hong felt slightly speechless when he saw lotus flowers all over the wall incomprehensibly.

“Not really. This is the restaurant’s flower,” Yuan Zhou answered primly.

When Ling Hong heard Yuan Zhou answer that way, he instantly didn’t want to know about the restaurant flower anymore and decisively started to order his dishes.

“I haven’t eaten the snacks of the southern region for long. So serve me one bowl of that,” Ling Hong often went to the south of Yangtze River.

In that region, there was warm water and tender girls as well as mild streets and people.

More importantly, there were various exquisite snacks there.

“I also want one serving,” Wu Hai said immediately.

“One moment, please,” Yuan Zhou answered after a nod. Then he took up the Lotus Root Starch that had been prepared last night and prepared to soak it.

It was easy for senior foodies to distinguish the Lotus Root Starch.

“It seems Boss Yuan also uses the West Lake lotus root,” looking at the quality of the Lotus Root Starch, Wu Hai said.

“What Boss Yuan uses is definitely the lotus root reaped in Sanjia Village. The texture is fine and smooth while the color is white with a hint of red,” Ling Hong brought out which place it was from more confidently.

Yuan Zhou didn’t answer him in words but just nodded to confirm that Ling Hong was right. The only difference, however, was that the lotus root selected by Yuan Zhou was not only from Sanjia Village but also the best one among the produce.

The ingredients provided by the system would naturally match his status.

The lotus root produced from the pointy white lotus had small holes, thick flesh, and a sweet and mellow taste.

Others would definitely use the old lotus root to make the starch. That way, they can get more starch and the fragrance would also be stronger. However, things were different for Yuan Zhou. He liked to use the fresh lotus root; moreover, he used only the third node in the middle.

The Lotus Root Starch made out of the node had a pleasant white color with a tinge of faint red; the texture was fine and smooth; moreover, it was clean and fragrant.

It was different from the sweet fragrance of the old lotus root. The scent of fresh lotus root was, nevertheless, light and lingered at the nose with an air of freshness.

And in the third second, Ye Xiu didn’t even need to look at his status bar to know that the Sacred Fire’s Silence was gone. With the status effect gone, how could he be afraid of facing the Striker? The two characters clashed; the Striker punched forward, but Lord Grim suddenly ducked and then countered.

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