Jian Chen’s comprehension of the Laws of the Sword had reached late Godking already. He only needed to take another step, and he would reach the Primordial realm. Not only did his soul change, allowing him to comprehend the laws of the world with greater clarity now, but he also possessed the fortune jade. He believed that this entire process would not take him long.

As a result, it would be a little too wasteful if he used the golden core of laws with the Laws of the Sword. If Qing Yixuan inherited it, not only would he be able to assist his acquaintance, but he would be able to use the golden core of laws to its full capacity as well.

Qing Yixuan was pushed forwards by Jian Chen. She had no idea what was going on. Afterwards, when she heard Jian Chen mention the legacy, she immediately became stunned. She was at a loss.

The illusionary human expert who hovered in the air looked at Qing Yixuan. After studying her slightly, he nodded in satisfaction, “She can.”

He did not even ask for Qing Yixuan’s agreement. With that, the golden core of laws hovering before him turned into a golden streak of light and shot into Qing Yixuan’s head.

Immediately, Qing Yixuan exploded with golden light. Extremely pure strands of power from the Laws of the Sword revolved around her, causing her to close her eyes uncontrollably and enter a state of comprehension. She was accepting the legacy.

As if the human expert’s final wish had been completed, he smiled in liberation, and his illusionary body began to vanish. A while later, it had completely dispersed.

Jian Chen secretly sighed when he looked at how the human expert’s consciousness had vanished. He knew that a righteous human expert had completely disappeared from the world.

“Kai Ya, you comprehend the Laws of Creation, Destruction, and Fire, so you should inherit those three laws,” Jian Chen dismissed his thoughts and said to Kai Ya.

However, Kai Ya remained calm. She did not become excited at all. She glanced at the three golden cores of laws indifferently and said, “I don’t need it. It’s best if you inherit it.”

“Kai Ya!” Jian Chen frowned.

“Jian Chen, you should know that my comprehension of laws is different from others, and there’s only a limited amount of comprehension remaining in these golden cores of laws. They really won’t be of any use to me,” Kai Ya said seriously.

Jian Chen thought of the possibility that Kai Ya was the reincarnation of a certain expert from that, and he no longer said anything more. Then he looked at Hei Ya and asked him which law he wanted to inherit.

“His talent is far too ordinary. Let alone the fact that it’ll be a huge waste if we give him a golden core of laws, but it’ll be detrimental to him as well to comprehend two laws of the same time with his talent.”

“That’s right. He only needs to focus on comprehending his own law with his talent. Before he becomes a Grand Prime, there’s no need to comprehend a second law.”

The seven experts objected.

“Thank you for you bestowment, master, but I think it’s better to follow the recommendations of the seniors and focus on my own law,” Hei Ya added as well.

“Fair enough,” Jian Chen sighed gently. Hei Ya’s talent was indeed nothing special. It was obvious with how he had never made it onto the Godkings’ Throne even after becoming a peak Godking.

He also knew that even when Hei Ya reached the Primordial realm, he would only be a regular Primordial realm expert. The top ten of the Godkings’ Throne would be able to hold their ground against him.

Even Shui Yunlan could defeat him if she was still a Godking.

“I’ll inherit the seven remaining laws then,” Jian Chen said helplessly. Afterwards, he let Kai Ya and Qing Yixuan, who was still in a state of comprehension, into the Anatta Tower and let Hei Ya back into the divine hall. He formally accepted the legacies from the seven experts.

Under the control of the seven experts, the seven shining golden cores of laws shot into Jian Chen’s forehead as streaks of light.

In that instance, Jian Chen shone brightly. The power of the seven laws revolved around him as the laws of the world seemed to resonate.

The consciousnesses of the seven experts did not disperse. They remained in the surroundings, staring straight at Jian Chen. Excitement and eagerness filled their faces.

“This kid’s soul is extremely strange. I hope we can benefit from his soul…”

“Moreover, he cultivates the Chaotic Body and has attained quite the accomplishment with it. His vital energy is extremely dense. It’s enough to nourish the fragment of our souls…”

“It’s just a pity that swordmaster Yun Chi was simply too stubborn, unwilling to follow us. He has truly died…”

“I can sense that this kid’s soul seems to be able to contain all the laws of the world. That’s extremely rare. If we can obtain a fragment of his soul and refine it into our own souls, it’ll be a huge fortuitous encounter without a doubt…”

“Everyone, we’ll meet again in the future. I’ll be leaving first…”

Afterwards, the huge cavern fell completely silent. The consciousnesses of the seven experts all dispersed in the surroundings. Having already entered a state of comprehension, Jian Chen did not seem to hear the conversation between the seven experts. Currently, a layer of dazzling golden light surrounded him. Various laws revolved around him as he entered a state of selflessness where he devoted himself to the comprehension of laws.

The Laws of Creation, Destruction, Fire, Strength, Space, Corrosion, and Curses would appear from time to time, enveloping him. It made the space around him resonate with the laws of the world.

Comprehending seven different laws simultaneously was an especially great challenge to any cultivator or even impossible. Not only did it require an absolutely astonishing aptitude for comprehension, but there was also a need for an extremely great affinity with the laws of the world.

However, it did not seem too difficult for Jian Chen.

Jian Chen was able to sense all three thousand laws. Coupled with the unbelievable transformation of his soul after fusing with the strand of true Chaotic Force, he became even closer to the laws of the world and was able to sense them with even greater clarity.

As a result, Jian Chen basically had no difficulties in comprehending the seven laws.

Moreover, he had already grasped the Laws of Destruction out of the seven laws, so he only truly needed to comprehend the remaining six.

In just seven days, Jian Chen comprehended the first law. He grasped the laws of creation and reached a rudimentary level of comprehension that would be akin to Deities.

Jian Chen immediately stopped comprehending the Laws of Creation after reaching this rudimentary level, turning his attention to a second law.

In the blink of an eye, three months had passed, and Jian Chen finally roused from cultivation. Apart from the Laws of Destruction, he had comprehended all six remaining laws during that time. They had all formally reached the level of Deity. He had grasped them all.

Seven golden core of laws hovered silently within his soul. The power within them had not decreased significantly.

Clearly, Jian Chen had not depleted the golden core of laws by much at all when he was comprehending the six new laws.

“The eight seniors said that a single golden core of laws is enough for a Deity to reach the Primordial realm in a thousand years. However, I don’t need a thousand years at all to comprehend them to the Primordial realm.” Jian Chen opened his eyes, and the light in them flickered. He showed great confidence before taking out the piece of fortune jade he had placed in the Anatta Tower.

“Fortune jade, it’ll all up to you for me to comprehend all these laws to Godking.” Undisguised excitement filled Jian Chen’s face as he looked at the shining fortune jade.

Afterwards, he placed the fortune jade on the ground and sat down on it. He began to comprehend the laws of the world.

Now, he needed to raise his comprehension of the laws from Deity to Godking.

Only with the power of Godking level laws would he be able to awaken the final amount of power hidden within the eight experts.

Immediately, a profound power of fortune radiated out from below along with the presence of laws.

Jian Chen promptly felt like he had ingested some Comprehension Tea. His head cleared up as many ideas flickered through his head. Immediately, he felt his affinity for comprehension skyrocket, where the profound laws of the world became easier to sense and understand.

“My Laws of Destruction have already reached late Overgod. I only need one more step to break through to Godking, so let’s raise the Laws of Destruction first,” Jian Chen thought. Afterwards, his consciousness began to revolve around the golden core of laws for the Laws of Destruction in his soul, using what was hidden in there to comprehend.

Strands of pure power of laws drifted out from the golden core of laws.

Jian Chen did not absorb the power of laws directly. Instead, he used them to comprehend the truths of the world within. Whenever he came to a realisation about something, a sliver of the power would fuse into his soul, truly absorbing it. It allowed his comprehension of the Laws of Destruction to constantly deepen.

However, before long, Jian Chen suddenly felt agitated.

He instinctively stopped cultivating. When he opened his eyes, he was already frowning.

Jian Chen sat on the fortune jade as the resplendent power of fortune completely enveloped him. He sank into his thoughts with his eyes opened.

He had entered a state of selflessness as he cultivated, having truly settled down like still water. However, he had suddenly felt agitated for no reason.

Moreover, the agitation immediately vanished completely after he stopped cultivating. Jian Chen felt that something was off.

He sat on the fortune jade in thought for a very long time as the light in his eyes flickered uneasily. Afterwards, he pushed the sensitivity of the senses of his soul to the limit to inspect every nook and cranny of his body. The seven golden cores of laws in his soul became his point of focus.

In the end, he failed to find any irregularities.

Jian Chen thought silently. A strange light flickered through his eyes, and his gaze gradually deepened. A while later, he closed his eyes and continued to comprehend the Laws of Destruction.

Afterwards, he did not feel agitated again, allowing him to comprehend the Laws of Destruction extraordinarily smoothly.

A month later, the power of Godking level laws descended and enveloped Jian Chen.

His Laws of Destruction had finally reached Godking.

Now, his Laws of the Sword and Laws of Destruction had both reached the level of Godking.

His Laws of the Sword was already at late Godking, equivalent to the great perfection of sword spirit. If he took one more step, he would reach the Primordial realm, which was equivalent to Sword Immortal.

However, Jian Chen also knew that this step could not be taken easily. Even though his soul was different from before, which allowed him to comprehend the laws of the world with greater clarity, reaching Sword Immortal was still not something he could achieve in a single day even with the assistance of the fortune jade. The further he went, the more difficult the comprehension and breakthroughs of laws would become. He needed to accumulate understanding and comprehension over time.

“There really is a secret technique hidden within the golden core of laws. It’s just that this secret technique is of quite a high grade. Grasping it will require quite a lot of time for comprehension, but I don’t have that time right now.”

“Whatever, I’ll just comprehend the secret technique in the future. Let’s continue comprehending the laws,” thought Jian Chen. He did not stop at all, continuing his comprehension of a second law, the Laws of Space.

In Jian Chen’s opinion, since he had already grasped the Laws of the Sword and the Laws of Destruction, he was not in need of offensive laws. As a result, out of the remaining laws, the Laws of Space would clearly be more useful.

He had to start from scratch with comprehending the Laws of Space. Naturally, he would not be able to comprehend it as quickly as the Laws of Destruction.

However, even with that being the case, he only used half a year to reach the level of Godkings with the Laws of Space.

Of course, this was not indicative of how impressive Jian Chen’s talent was. Aside from the crucial assistance of the fortune jade, the greatest reason why he could advance so fast was because of the golden core of laws.

Jian Chen had only achieved this thanks to the golden core of laws. Like a miracle, he comprehended the law from its rudimentary level to Godking in a single sitting.

“Spatial Devouring Technique!”

“Cosmos Shift!”

Jian Chen had also inherited the two spatial secret techniques after comprehending the Laws of Space to Godking. They were both of extremely high grades. The Spatial Devouring Technique was an offensive technique, while Cosmos Shift seemed more like a technique for escape from its description. Chapter 352

Berson Group is Attacked Part II

Half month later……

Yu Ao Tian work performance is getting more excellent and very quickly he got promoted to enter the State Council Executive Director, this position.

Just to know, the person who is able to have this position basically those who have minimum 3 years, moreover they must completely back up by family who as public figure. Someone alike Yu Ao Tian who no need to wait until 3 years, and he stills single this is really rare. It can be seen that how powerful and stronger he become within this half month.

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‘Knock knock’ (knocking sound)

“Director Yu, this is the document that sent by today, please take look at it.”

“En, it’s okay just put it here.”

His today’s works simply to say so similar with the ancient emperor’s works, every day there are endless pile of documents, endless files need to check. And finally he realized what it mean by the higher officer position, the more scarce the hair. Hah, he really afraid himself before four years he would change to be ‘middle bald head’.

© 2011-2016 azurro4cielo.wordpress.com ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from azurro4cielo.wordpress.com, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

‘knock knock’ (knocking sound)

“Come in.”

The Financial Secretary is smiled, slowly he walking inside Yu Ao Tian’s office room: “Leader, still busy?”

“Haha, officer Liu, it seen as you said.”

“I am not wrong right? My official position only five stars, but now yours are three stars officer who is after General Director and Prime Minister. If I don’t call you as leader, what should I call you?”

Yu Ao Tian helplessly smiles, pointing at the chair inside his office room: “Have seat, Office Liu.”

“Aiya, I remembered years ago when first time I met you, I knew you are an extraordinary talent. But never thought, you just step into politician world half month, directly being promoted two stars. You are simply a legend.”

Listened to the way Officer Liu praising, Yu Ao Tian who is reading his document smiling while said: “If you have words go straightly.”

“Ugh…. hahaha.” Officer Liu always admire Yu Ao Tian observation ability, he felt that he had covered up well enough, but never thought he could reveal it so soon. “Actually, I am coming here to make a red line (match making).”

“Which family of girl that you want to introduce to me?”

“This time coming from strong family. General Director Qi’s daughter! She is so beautiful. Still young, very youth. You think it carefully, okay?”

After Yu Ao Tian heard, his head still head-down to read his document: “Officer Liu, if you are not afraid the girl will cry because of me, it seems you can introduce her to me.”

“Sst….Ao Tian, see what you said, you are already 8, it’s time for you to have family. Moreover….” When Officer Liu said to this point, suddenly his expression changed to be stern: “If you still want to climb to higher position, your wife must be someone who can be used. If you are married General Director Qi’s daughter, that Vice General Director position that still empty until now might be yours!”

© 2011-2016 azurro4cielo.wordpress.com ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If you are not reading this from azurro4cielo.wordpress.com, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

That’s right!

Cold Resistance: Lv 4

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