Jiang Chen reminded.

“Xiao Chen Zi, what is your background? How come I have a feeling that you know everything? Besides, the Buddha’s Heart Sutra that you gave me, it’s the most advanced secret Buddhism scroll, even those of the Buddhism Sect in the Western Continent don’t have anything similar. Besides, you can absorb and merge with the wings of a demon beast, and when you fought with Li Wu Shuang, the skill you used was an Earth level combat skill… I don’t think a rogue cultivator has access to all of this?”

Han Yan was puzzled, there was no way for him to stop doubting. Jiang Chen’s performance was just not something someone ordinary could have accomplished. And he can also easily take out an advanced Buddhism scroll like the Buddha’s Heart Sutra, this was just too amazing.

“I obtained all of this by chance.”

Jiang Chen shrugged. The fact that he was reincarnated from another life would just frighten anyone who listened.

“Alright then.”

Han Yan shrugged too. Everyone had their own secrets, and if Jiang Chen isn’t willing to tell him his secrets, then he won’t ask again.

After that, Guan Yi Yun led all of the 200 outer circle disciples on flying demon beasts and started traveling towards the Black Sect. The Black Sect was located near the northern parts of the Qi Province, and the distance between the Whirling Sun Square and the Black Sect was more than 100,000 miles. Even when flying on demon beasts with full speed, it would still take more than 2-3 days.

Within the courtyard, Jiang Chen and Yan Chen Yu sat beside a stone table leisurely.

“Big Bro Jiang Chen, where did Big Yellow go? We can’t just sit here all day and wait.”

Yan Chen Yu asked.

“Don’t worry, that dog will definitely come and find us here. We’ll just sit here and wait, and if nothing goes wrong, by the end of tonight, Big Yellow will be here.”

Jiang Chen said. He had very high confidence in Big Yellow, this dog’s abilities were really extraordinary.

“Big Bro Jiang Chen, look at this.”

Yan Chen Yu flipped her palm and took out a light yellow colored storage bag and put it in front of Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen grabbed the bag with a puzzled expression. He scanned the bag with his Divine Sense, and his eyes immediately widened, “So many Mortal Restoration Pills, it seems like there’s at least 30 thousand in it! Xiao Yu, where did you get so many Mortal Restoration pills?”

“Haha, from the men who Big Yellow cheated!”

Yan Chen Yu giggled, then she explained how Big Yellow had used Jiang Chen to make bets with others. Jiang Chen was startled upon hearing the entire story.


Jiang Chen couldn’t stop laughing, “This evil-minded dog is really talented, what a beautiful job he did! Those guys were badly cheated by a dog, I’m sure they’re so upset they’re probably going to vomit blood!”

Even Jiang Chen had to admit that Big Yellow was a rare genius in the world of geniuses. No matter where he went, he wouldn’t forget to cheat others with his evil mind. This time he really did something beautiful, what Jiang Chen needs the most right now is Mortal Restoration Pills. The more he has the better, because every time he levels up, he would need to consume a huge amount of them. Lin Fan kept himself hidden in the void. He was long afraid of being set up by the Boundless Future Buddha Lord just like before; therefore, he was naturally more cautious right now. Being such a crafty fella, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was definitely not someone whom Lin Fan could scam and kill that easily.

Even though Lin Fan was always extravagant in his actions from the past, he wasn’t some little expert who would throw himself into the pits of death. Everything would only take place after he had the utmost confidence of it working out.

At that moment, Lin Fan started contemplating. Should he start with killing the Boundless Future Buddha Lord or the other five Master Gods later on?

This was truly a question that was worth pondering over.

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord was not a simple foe. Even if he were injured, he still definitely wasn’t someone that Lin Fan could f*ck over just like that. As for the other five Master Gods, they didn’t seem all that strong. Even if they weren’t injured, Lin Fan would have the confidence of killing them all, let alone in a situation as such right now.

Nevertheless, he had to play it safe!

Even though he really wanted to have the Boundless Future Buddha Lord killed, he had better not get himself into a situation where he would get nothing in the end. In that case, he would suffer one hell of a loss. Therefore, his final conclusion was to get those five Master Gods killed first. As for the Boundless Future Buddha Lord, there was no hurry about that. If he got lucky, he could just get this guy killed as well. But if he didn’t, then he would just leave him for the future. After all, he was already getting one hell of a profit from this affair this time around.

At that moment, Lin Fan was still camping in wait without coming out at all.

Once again, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord and the five Master Gods went at one another, causing a boundless surge of power to burst out. The void rattled out violently; this was a fight involving pure brute power. Anyone below the state of Immortal Kings would definitely find themselves minced into shreds if they were sucked into this situation.


Yet another clash took place. While the Boundless Future Buddha Lord wasn’t injured, the light around him seemed to have diminished slightly. As for the five Master Gods, their injuries seemed somewhat on the serious side.

Lin Fan felt that it was about time for him to strike now.


Instantly, Lin Fan appeared behind the back of the five Master Gods. Gathering his aura, he hurled out a punch and was prepared to first have the five Master Gods killed.

The brows of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord twitched with joy. “He’s here…”


The void quaked out, and those initially severely injured Master Gods recovered to full health all of a sudden.

When Lin Fan caught sight of the situation, he froze up for a moment – he seemed to have been set up by them once more! The aura of the five Master Gods was way stronger than before, and at the same time, they seem to have been prepared for this!

“Indigenous Being, you’ve finally come.” In a flash, the five Master Gods turned around as a series of formidable God Powers exploded out.


Lin Fan cussed out in his heart. The way things were right now, even if he could not deal with it, he still would have to go deal with it! He had decided to come at them after such a difficult decision. No matter what, he would have to take at least one of them down!


The powers within Lin Fan’s hands burst forth as he bolted for one of the Master Gods right in the middle of everyone. That Master God’s face changed immediately as he yelped out, “He’s trying to kill me!”

“Benefactor, Your Buddha Lord here has long seen through your antics and predicted that you would come. Therefore, I’ve been waiting here for a long time now.” The Boundless Future Buddha Lord spoke up and appeared behind Lin Fan’s back instantly, striking out at him with a palm strike from behind.

While Lin Fan could totally disregard the attacks of those few Master Gods, he could definitely not ignore the power that was being sent forth by the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. The strength of that fella was far from normal – a single palm strike from him was definitely more than enough to have Lin Fan sustaining severe injuries.

Grabbing out at one of those Master Gods with his arm, Lin Fan took out a fake soap in his other hand and threw it out at the Boundless Future Buddha Lord.

“HAHA! Bald monk! You thought that I was trying to kill these Master Gods? I was trying to lure you over so that I can have you killed by this soap!”

Lin Fan roared out into laughter. When the Boundless Future Buddha Lord caught sight of the soap, his entire expression changed. He was someone who knew about just how powerful that soap was, and this was even more so when it was used by this crafty lad. The other time around, that lad had used a fake one to try and scam him. So, he was initially skeptical about everything this time around.

But, when he heard the lad saying that he was only attacking the Master Gods to lure him over, he was startled and retreated back furiously right away. He did not want to bet on this, neither did he dare to. In his eyes, the risk involved was not worth taking.


The other four Master Gods slammed their attacks onto Lin Fan’s body. However, the latter still threw out his palm strike regardless and struck at the Master God right in the middle.


A tragic wail rang out as that Master God was torn into four-five pieces due to Lin Fan’s palm strike. A boundless amount of power surged right through his entire body, destroying it entirely.

Carefree and easy, it was extremely simple.

‘Ding… Congratulations on killing Sky Master God.’

‘Ding… Experience Points + …’

The strike from those four Master Gods sent Lin Fan flying off as the blood within his body rumbled out furiously, causing him to spit out a mouthful of fresh blood into the skies. He then used his Mythical Parasol Tree to send a large stream of life force gushing into his body so that his wounds could be healed up.

As for that soap that was thrown out, it had the Boundless Future Buddha Lord scared half to death. But when he realized that the soap was nothing but a fake, he was so mad that he was about to explode from anger.

“DAMN IT! YOU’VE TRICKED ME AGAIN!” The Boundless Future Buddha Lord howled out. He had not expected that he would be deceived by that lad once again.

Lin Fan floated gently up in the void and was just cussing out in his heart, ‘His f*cking chicken wh*re of a mother! That bald monk WAS indeed trying to set me up! Bloody hell! And here I was thinking about how the Boundless Future Buddha Lord could possibly arrive this quickly. Not only that, all of those Master Gods had managed to come in time as well. Seems like everything was but a show for me! Damn it! F*cking scary people these guys are.’

“So what if I’ve tricked you? What I want to do IS to trick a big idiot like you!” Lin Fan scolded out at that Boundless Future Buddha Lord. Bloody hell! Something as underhanded as such could have only been conceived by that bald monk. Otherwise, who else could manage that?

Crafty and despicable, he had even bloody put on an act with the five Master Gods to try and lure Yours Truly out! And the worst thing was that Lin Fan had fallen for their hoodwinking, and was really drawn out.

If not for the fact that his Physical Body State was extremely tough, and coupled with the fact that the strength of those five Master Gods wasn’t that strong either, he might have really been killed with a single palm strike of theirs!

Nevertheless, it was still a gain for him at the moment. To think that he would have earned the kill of a Master God in a short span of time still. Right now, there was going to be one less Master Gods out there, dropping their numbers down to sixty six.

Looking at the remaining four Master Gods, Lin Fan WAS starting to have some ideas about them. He had a good mind of killing all four of them at one go.

Looking at how the Sky Master God was killed by that Indigenous Being, those four Master Gods felt their hearts clenching up and being filled with a boundless rage. They raised their heads up at the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. “Why are you still not striking out! Are you actually colluding with this Indigenous Being here?”

At that moment earlier on, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord clearly had a good chance to strike out and have that Indigenous Being killed! But, to think that he would have suddenly vanished, wasting that one and only precious chance they had.

And now that he was still not striking out, that was something that had the other four Master Gods feeling entirely infuriated.

“Gosh, you guys! Do you just have to spill the beans? This bald monk is truly my partner from the start. But no matter, telling you guys today will make no difference anyway. After all, all four of you are going to die here today. Perhaps, you guys don’t know this yet, but the Water Master God and the Radiant Master God were both killed by me. And, my accomplice was none other than the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. Hehehe…!” Lin Fan roared out in laughter.

“Shut up! Don’t malign me with your lies!” The Boundless Future Buddha Lord roared out.

Lin Fan’s lips curled into a grin.

Perhaps if he were to take it slow and kill them, he could mow down all of these Master Gods cleanly.

By then, Yours Truly would be lauded as the great hero that had saved the entire Endless Mainland. Chapter 101 – Found a Secret Treasure

That same night, the moon was shining brightly in the sky. Moonlight sprinkled down like silver grains. Within the courtyard, Yan Chen Yu was laying in Jiang Chen’s arms while appreciating the moonlight. Right at that moment, a phantom-like figure suddenly came from afar. In just a split second, it landed in front of Jiang Chen and Yan Chen Yu. This phantom-like figure was none other than Big Yellow.

“Puppy dog, where did you go?”

Upon seeing Big Yellow arrive, Yan Chen Yu immediately became happy.

“Pooh, damn it, those idiots from the Heavenly Sword Sect tried to catch me, their father? They haven’t even looked into the mirror to see what they look like! An awesome being like me is not someone who can be caught easily!”

Big Yellow spat out and raised his head with pride. Then he looked at Jiang Chen with satisfaction, “Kid, not a bad performance today, I never expected you to have so much guts! You really made me, your father, have a new level of respect towards you!”

“Fuck off.”

Jiang Chen gazed at Big Yellow. This fellow, besides his evil-mind, there was only was his narcissism.

“You asked Xiao Yu to tell me there’s some treasure in this Whirling Sun City, what treasure?”

Jiang Chen couldn’t wait any longer and asked. He didn’t follow Han Yan and the rest back to the Black Sect all because of the treasure that was mentioned by Big Yellow.

“I also do not know what it is, but I can feel the place where that treasure is hidden. It is right within a wasteland behind the Whirling Sun City, and my feeling is definitely not wrong. Besides, since that treasure can be sensed by me, it is definitely going to be an extraordinary one!”

Big Yellow’s eyes lit up.

Looking at how Big Yellow was behaving, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but laugh. A treasure that can make Big Yellow behave like this was surely something extraordinary.

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s hurry up and find it.”

Jiang Chen urged. In his past life, he had seen all kinds of treasures, but now everything had changed. He was so poor that he had to start gathering all his treasures again.

“What’s the rush? Give me, your father a cup of tea, I’m tired.”

Big Yellow acted like a human and sat down on a stool standing next to the stone table. He was waiting for Jiang Chen to serve him tea.

Jiang Chen grabbed Big Yellow’s ear and pulled him up from the stool, “You damn dog, I gave you some light and then you started glowing. I showed you some respect, then you started acting like a master. What kind of damned dog drinks tea?”

Jiang Chen knew this dog very well. He was one who absolutely couldn’t be spoiled. The evil-minded dog never knew the meaning of give him an inch, and he’ll want a mile.

“Ruff, damn you, let your father go!”

Big Yellow showed his teeth and was thrown a few feet away by Jiang Chen. In the end, he unwillingly led Jiang Chen out from the courtyard and started walking towards the north side of Whirling Sun City.

“Can’t even let me have a cup of tea, you’re inhuman!”

“Asking I, your father to help you find treasure, but you don’t even show any respect for I, your father, fuck!”

“Little bastard, when there’s a chance, I will definitely bite your butt into dozens of pieces!”


Along the way, Big Yellow kept muttering. This was his method of trying to release his dissatisfaction. Jiang Chen and Yan Chen Yu weren’t bothered by him, they just followed behind.

The trio were walking a pretty remote path, that’s why they didn’t bump into anyone along their way. This was much better, as it would save them from unwanted trouble.

At the north side of the Whirling Sun City, there was a huge wasteland that was both desolate and uninhabited. This was a deserted area, and on a normal day, people would rarely come here. This deserted area was very big, it covered more than 20 miles of area in diameter. There were some buildings within the area, but they looked old and were in pretty bad shape.

Everyone began a flurry of discussions.

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