Lin Yi is one of the shareholders in Daddy’s company? Chu Mengyao widened her eyes in disbelief. Did daddy give shares to Lin Yi? Really?

Although Chu Mengyao didn’t value money that much, she didn’t think that her Daddy could give shares to an outsider so easily. Perhaps there was really an agreement between Daddy and Lin Yi?

Otherwise, why would Daddy give shares to Lin Yi? Wouldn’t he hold the authority to decision making? As soon as Lin Yi’s shares are transferred to others, wouldn’t her father’s position be in danger?

Despite all this, Chu Mengyao didn’t think that Lin Yi was an ungrateful person.

Chu Pengzhan saw his daughter’s confused glance and smiled at Lin Yi, “Yaoyao doesn’t know that you are a shareholder? You didn’t tell her?”

“I never treated myself as a shareholder, and if you didn’t mention it, I would probably forget about it…” Lin Yi smiled bitterly.

Lin Yi’s words shocked Chu Pengzhan. Lin Yi was probably the only person to think in this way. If someone else held such a large portion of shares, they would be thinking of where to travel to and how to spend money. Who would take the 30,000 yuan salary and continue to follow Miss?

Chu Mengyao was also surprised. Lin Yi doesn’t care about it? Well, Lin Yi didn’t seem to care about the previous three million either. So he wasn’t someone who valued money?

“Yaoyao, Lil’ Yi is now the second biggest shareholder in Pengzhan Industry,” Chu Pengzhan informed his daughter.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

“The second biggest?” Chu Mengyao was even more confused. It was correct that her father was the biggest shareholder in the company, but even if he split his shares into two equal portions, there wasn’t enough to be the third biggest shareholder in the company!

Her father wouldn’t possibly give the majority of his shares to Lin Yi and leave only a small portion to himself, would he?

“Yes, Xie Guangbo transferred his shares to Lil’ Yi,” Chu Pengzhan siad.

It finally made sense to Chu Mengyao. So, another shareholder gave his shares to Lin Yi? Although she didn’t know the details, Lin Yi now valued over ten million, and that was an unarguable fact. With that, why would he stay in the mansion?

At this moment, Chu Mengyao was glad. Did he treat her as a friend? Is that why he stayed in the mansion?

In fact, Chu Mengyao didn’t know that Lin Yi’s mission had nothing much to do with money. Lin Yi only took on this mission because his Old Man agreed to let him retire after this one!

Lin Yi was tired of the homeless and miserable life and wanted to settle down.

“Alright, let’s not talk about it. Lil’ Yi, hurry up and eat. You must be hungry. There are no rules for a family dinner. Just make yourselves full,” Chu Pengzhan spoke as he picked up a piece of meat and chewed.

Lin Yi was hungry and when he was about to eat, he suddenly realized that there was a cream bun in his plate with a row of teeth marks and some saliva?

This… This was the bun Chen Yushu bit a while ago? Miss took it out and chucked it in his plate?

Lin Yi naturally didn’t think it was dirty. He performed CPR on her, and this was nothing. Not to mention that Lin Yi thought Chen Yushu was cute and adored her. Hence, Lin Yi picked up the bun and ate it without hesitation.

“That bun…” Chu Mengyao watched Lin Yi from the corners of her eye and warned him when he suddenly put the bun Chen Yushu bit before in his mouth.

Chu Mengyao saw that Lin Yi already ate it and there was nothing she could do. Lin Yi ate Shu’s saliva? She shook her head. Does that count as an indirect kiss? Indirect? Didn’t they kiss directly already?

Lin Yi gave Shu CPR, was that not a kiss?

Shu didn’t really care… Huh? Chu Mengyao suddenly realized something. Shu’s attitude seemed different to other boys?

Ever since she was a child, Shu did nothing but to trick and prank other boys. Only the boys who liked Chen Yushu understood how miserable life was. They were either constantly pranked by her, or they were either getting beaten to death by Chen Yutian.

However, Shu never pranked Lin Yi before? Chu Mengyao thought and realized that it was quite possible! Shu obviously treated Lin Yi differently to other boys. Although she never thought too much about it, she realized the problems after thinking through it thoroughly…

However, Chu Mengyao was unsure. Perhaps it was because Chen Yushu thought that she wouldn’t succeed in pranking Lin Yi and felt happy to have a pranking partner. That’s why she acted differently. Or… Perhaps, there are other reasons behind it? Blood-Curdling Screech From The Mansion

Chu Mengyao was extremely distracted during dinner, and she didn’t even hear her father calling her.

“Huh?” Chu Mengyao stared blankly at him, “Daddy, did you just call me?”

“Yaoyao, what are you thinking? I wanted you to give Lin Yi a toast. If it wasn’t for him yesterday, I don’t know if I could still see you today…” Chu Pengzhan grinned.

“Ah… Ok…” Chu Mengyao raised her glass unconsciously and realized that the glass was empty.

Chen Yushu quickly filled it for her before she raised the glass again. She glanced at Lin Yi and felt shy upon recalling what happened yesterday. She lowered her eyes and said, “Thank you.”

“You thanked me a few times already,” Lin Yi was stunned as he rarely saw her shy side. But she seemed prettier that way? Perhaps if she wasn’t his employer, he might even pursue her?

“Mhm…” Chu Mengyao replied softly and drank all the juice inside her glass, “I finished it.”

Lin Yi also finished it all. It looked like she wasn’t used to social niceties. Chu Pengzhan rarely brought her along to banquets of noble houses. It was probably why she wasn’t tainted with unhealthy habits.

Miss was a simple and honest person. Although she seemed cold to strangers, she cared for him after becoming more familiar with him. Although she never verbally expressed it, Lin Yi could feel it.

Chu Pengzhan never intentioned to educate Chu Mengyao into a strong and independent business woman, and it was confusing to Lin Yi. Was he not planning to let her take over the company in the future? Or, perhaps he is adopting the more trendy method overseas, letting Chu Mengyao hold the shares of the company but not letting her participate in the operation of the company.

Of course, it wasn’t a problem for Lin Yi to worry about. As for his shares in the company, he never really treated it with care! He didn’t even care about the operation of his medical company, why would he care about Pengzhan Industry?

They had dinner harmoniously. It has been a while since Chu Pengzhan ate with Chu Mengyao, Chen Yushu, and Lin Yi together. Especially after his daughter and the company’s trouble were solved, he was even more delighted.

After dinner, Chu Pengzhan had to return to the office and got off outside the company. The follow-up effects of the poisoning event hadn’t completely died down yet and he had to be at the company in person to help the police and legal department gather evidence.

Like when Lin Yi came, he drove his old van back to the mansion while Uncle Fu drove Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu back in a Bentley. Lin Yi didn’t want to bother Uncle Fu since he could drive both of them back, but Miss declined the offer, “Didn’t I tell you to drive the SS before?”

LIn Yi smiled bitterly. Perhaps he didn’t even have to consider buying a new car after this one anymore.

When these two cars stopped in front of mansion one after another, ferocious barking burst from the inside of the mansion. It was General Weiwu!

Lin Yi became tense subconsciously and touched the jade pendant resting on his chest. The pendant sent a signal, and Lin Yi entered combat mode.

General Weiwu never barked for no reason, especially when it was Chu Mengyao and him outside. If it was a stranger, perhaps it might bark. But right now, they were all people it knew well!

General Weiwu was extremely familiar with Lin Yi, Chu Mengyao, Chen Yushu, and even Uncle Fu.

Hence, something must have happened. General Weiwu’s unusual barking must indicate something! Even the jade pendant resting on Lin Yi’s chest sent him a signal similar to a warning.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

At this time, Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu also got off the car and they were shocked at the barks.

“Don’t go in yet, it’s dangerous,” Lin Yi shook his head at the two.

Uncle Fu also jumped down. Since he was of the gold division, he also sensed that something was not right.

Before Chu Mengyao could ask any questions, a blood-curdling screech came from inside the mansion. It was General Weiwu and it was dead silence after.

“General Weiwu!” Chu Mengyao was shocked and her heart skipped a beat. She opened the door and wanted to dash inside.

General Weiwu grew up together with Chu Mengyao and accompanied her through childhood up until now, creating a deep bond between them. Before Lin Yi came to the mansion, Chu Mengyao’s only friend other than Chen Yushu was General Weiwu.

Chu Mengyao was extremely worried at General Weiwu’s yelp. The only thought in her mind was to see whether General Weiwu was safe or not!

General Weiwu’s screech changed Lin Yi’s plan. He planned to infiltrate the mansion to check for danger, but the situation was now clearly different.

Chu Mengyao dashed in and so did Chen Yushu. Although her relationship with General Weiwu wasn’t as profound as Chu Mengyao, she cared nonetheless. Not to mention that it saved their lives before!

When they were at Mountain Shuangyan, how could Lin Yi find them so soon if it wasn’t for General Weiwu?

As the two sprinted inside, Lin Yi and Uncle Fu didn’t fall behind.

Chu Mengyao turned the hall’s chandelier on and saw that General Weiwu curled up together on the ground with blood all around its mouth, uncertain whether it was still dead or alive. Not far from General Weiwu, there stood a man in black!

After Yu Kun left Lai Changyi’s company, he infiltrated Lai Changyi’s mansion by the water. He didn’t believe what Lai Changyi said and he must search for the piece of map himself.

However, he got nothing out of Fatty Lai’s residence. He was confident in his searching ability. He even found the key to the safe beneath the floor yet there was no sign of the map. Yu Kun was certain that it was not hidden in Lai Changyi’s residence.

However, Yu Kun didn’t give up. According to his previous research, it told him that another two people attended the auction with Lai Changyi. One was Lin Yi, the other was Guan Xueming!

Lin Yi was the young man he met in front of the chemist. Without knowing why Yu Kun thought that Lin Yi was more problematic than Fatty Lai and Guan Xueming. It was also because of Lin Yi that his plan to follow them in secret failed!

Although Lin Yi was the youngest out of them, Yu Kun thought that he wasn’t simple as he attended the auction with the other two. Hence, he began to collect Lin Yi’s background information after he arrived at Songshan. Uninvited Guest in the Villa

Lin Yi was Chu Mengyao’s follower? He was staying in Chu Mengyao’s villa as Songshan’s First School’s student?

The result found was beyond Yu Kun’s expectations. He thought that Lin Yi might have some close connections with either Guan Xuemin or Lai Changyi, but who guess that he was hired to be Miss Chu Mengyao’s bodyguard?!

However, because of this reason, Yu Kun found this whole situation suspicious. Why would a Miss’ bodyguard go all the way to Yanjing to attend House Yu’s auction? If Chu Pengzhan as a businessman who came to the auction, it would still be reasonable. But Lin Yi? Just who was this guy? Why did he need to attend the auction?

Just what sort of relationship did Lin Yi, Guan Xuemin, and Lai Changyi have? And why would figures like Guan Xuemin and Lai Changyi be on good terms with a Miss’ follower? This was totally absurd!

So after leaving Fatty Lai’s villa, with all those doubts in his mind, he locked on Lin Yi as his next target! He thought that Lin Yi was more suspicious than Guan Xuemin! If the fragment of the map was not in Fatty Lai’s villa, then it must be in Lin Yi’s.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Yu Kun’s second targeted location was Chu Mengyao’s villa. With much luck, there was no one in the villa, only a dog was seen in sight.

However, this dog was smart and not looking for troubles itself. It shrank into a ball, not bothering Yu Kun.

Since the dog was not looking for trouble, Yu Kun was too lazy to be bothered as well. Hence, he started his search.

Fortunately, he started with the room on the first floor and found out that the room belonged to Lin Yi!

He could tell that much due to the laundry in the room. According to his research, Chu Mengyao only had one man in the villa staying with her under the same roof. Other than Lin Yi, there shouldn’t be anyone else! He went in and searched for the items.

Lin Yi only casually placed the items Yu Kun needed in the drawer. Yu Kun was rewarded with the remains of the maps and Wannianchun box in the drawer!

This box was bought back from House Kang by Fatty Lai after the auction. Yu Kun didn’t know anything about the box, but since it was placed with the remains of the map, he would just steal the box too!

Yu Kun found the items he was looking for without much effort!

Yu Kun couldn’t believe that his first mission was this easy. Not only did he obtain the previous fragment, but he also found another piece inside the drawer as well as this mysterious unknown box!

Seeing how Lin Yi just casually placed the fragments of the map inside a drawer, Yu Kun knew that Lin Yi was unaware of the usage of the map and also the box. Otherwise, he’d never just simply put them in a drawer. If he knew, he would least secure them in a more clandestine place!

So he was able to deduce that Lin Yi only bid for the fragment of the map during the auction because of having another piece in his possession. He wanted to combine them together and figure out the use of this map, but just what secret could he discover with only two pieces of fragments?

Yu Kun curled his lips. Was Lin Yi a dumbass? Didn’t he know that House Yu was throwing out the map on purpose? In order to lure out snakes from their hole?

House Yu already had three pieces in their possession. The one Lin Yi had bid for was one of it. House Yu wanted to collect more of the remains, so they used this method to pull the strings- attracting the people who had the remains and who knew the secrets of the map to reveal themselves! After knowing who they were, House Yu would go look for them and snatch everything they had away from them!

This method may be despicable, but the people in House Yu were all very skilful. Even if someone were to question them, they didn’t have any evidence to point towards House Yu.

At this time, Yu Kun, himself, couldn’t believe that things were going so smoothly!

However, when the fragments of the map and Wannianchunmu box were in his hand, the dog in the living room started barking crazily. This gave Yu Kun a good fright!

What was going on with this dog? It was all good and quite just now, but all of a sudden after touching the map and the box, this dog just had to go crazy? Could it be that the dog was barking because of Yu Kun stealing the villa’s items?

Yu Kun was annoyed by the dog and didn’t give much thought about it. Naturally, he neglected the car’s sound from the yard!

In fact, there were always cars passing by the villa, this area was meant for rich people and normally rich people only come back late the night, so Yu Kun didn’t expect the owner of this villa to return.

He still thought that the dog went into a frenzy because of him stealing the things in the villa. There was a reason why he was thinking like this. The reason was that things were already going so well. Everything was falling in the right place. Yu Kun stealing the map and the box and Lin Yi and the gang coming back at the same time.

General Weiwu didn’t make a sound when Yu Kun stepped into the villa due to fear. Yu Kun was emitting a dangerous aura, and this made General Weiwu scared! It was the same pressure given by Lin Yi when he entered the villa, so General Weiwu was afraid of Yu Kun by nature.

General Weiwu was afraid Yu Kun attacking him so he shrank into a ball and didn’t bother him! Of course, General Weiwu knew that Yu Kun’s appearance was definitely not a good thing!

However, now that Mengyao’d come back home, General Weiwu didn’t want Yu Kun to injure her. That was the reason why he had the courage to bark. It wanted to warn Mengyao that there was danger in the villa and didn’t want her to enter!

Chu Mengyao was nice to General Weiwu, and General Weiwu was returning the favor. It was absolutely beautiful, nothing was wrong. However, Yu Kun misunderstood the dog’s intention. He thought that the dog was unhappy with him stealing the items!

The irritation was building up in Yu Kun’s heart. What a broken dog. I even spared your life when I entered, why can’t you just sit still and be a good boy instead of barking? Piece of unworthy shit!

How strong was Yu Kun? Being a late phase golden class master, he sent a kick directly to General Weiwu, greatly damaging the internal organs and sent the dog to the ground, coughing out blood. General Weiwu didn’t seem like he could survive the blow.

Meanwhile, Chu Mengyao entered the villa to see a half dead General Weiwu on the ground, and beside it was a man in black. Her heart jumped for a second, learning the reason why General Weiwu was in a sudden uproar!

Chu Mengyao and General Weiwu had been together since young. Mengyao was very familiar with General Weiwu’s character. This dog was a coward who bullied the weak and feared the strong. The best example was Lin Yi. General Weiwu became all soft after meeting Lin Yi! Although Chu Mengyao didn’t comment about it, she was aware of it and knew it better than anyone.

The good part was that Lin Yi was here to protect her if General Weiwu couldn’t stand up against him, it didn’t really matter.

However, the man in black invading the villa was obviously no good news. Chu Mengyao believed that if they didn’t return home suddenly, General Weiwu would definitely hide well and wouldn’t simply anger the intruder. Mengyao couldn’t really care much if someone stole anything from her villa. Show Mercy!

But, General Weiwu barked out loud the moment Mengyao came out from the car. General Weiwu obviously tried to warn her not to enter the villa because there was danger inside!

The happy negotiations ended here. Tianchen Commerce dragged back their defeated army, everyone supporting each other as they headed back dejected.

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