Magic : 250 Energy : 60 Recovery : 42 Heal : 40

Control : 250

Unassigned Point : 0

Reinforcement Stone Re-Absorption Delay Time

Strength : 12 Agility : 31 Stamina : 7 Wisdom : 480

Magic : 27 Energy : 6 Recovery : 11 Heal : 5

Control : 3

He had invested most of his bonus points into Control and Magic. He was increasing his Stat with the Reinforcement Stones, but as he continued to absorb the Reinforcement Stones, the delay time kept increasing.

Every Stat had different absorption time. In the case of a Stat like Wisdom, he was reaching a limit. He had taken a Reinforcement Stone couple days ago yet it wasn’t fully absorbed yet.

Currently, Woojin could control 250 of his summoned beings.

If he blended the Skeleton Soldiers and the Skeleton Magicians, he could put forth a large troop.

If he wanted to maximize the power of the Skeleton Soldiers then he needed commanders. This would require the presence of Death Knights. Still, Woojin was quite good at commanding the Skeleton Soldiers himself.

Diversity wasn’t a strong point in Woojin’s troops.


The Baejiks ran towards him, while letting out horrible shrieks. Monsters that seemed to be a hybrid between a spider and ant lifting its head was seen behind the Baejiks.

“It’s a Launcher.”

These bastards spat thorns that was akin to tentacles. It had a long range, and its power puts a bullet to shame. They were quite troublesome to deal with.

“There are also Rantoes.”

There were only one in sight right now. It was as big as an elephant, and it was surrounded by an enormous carapace. It had a high resistance to magic, and the carapace had outstanding defensive power. The Skeleton Soldier’s swords, and the magic of the Skeleton Magicians wouldn’t work against this opponent.

Either a Death Knight’s Dark Blade or Lich’s magic could threaten this monster. Woojin couldn’t summon these familiars, so he would have to used the powerful attacks of the Warrior Class.

“Dolsae make a path for me.”

Goo goo goo.

Dolsae caused vibrations as he charged towards the center of the enemies.

The Skeleton Soldiers stood in lines as they readied to charge. In the back, the bones of the Skeleton Magicians appeared, and they raised their hands to create and maintain their magic. They readied themselves to fire.

Soo soo sook.

Woojin summoned his Phantom Steed. He got on then he changed his Warrior’s Weapon in to its Axe form.

These were the Warrior Class skills that had be unsealed after he reached level 50.

When his weapon changed into an axe, he could use ‘Smash’ and ‘Whirl’. The destructive power was increased by a notch.

“Let’s go, kids!”

“Kee kee keek.”

Woojin spurred his Phantom Steed to gain some good momentum, and Dolsae caught up to him from behind. He summoned Bone Spears, and he threw them towards various locations. When the time was right, he erected Bone Walls to restrict the movements of his enemy’s forces.

Hooong, kwahjeek!


As blood flew everywhere, Woojin charge between the monsters, and he cut down the Baejiks with his deadly axe. Every time he split an enemy open a new Skeleton Soldier was summoned.

The number of Skeletons following Woojin kept increasing, but the number of Trahnet’s monster gathering in this location was much larger.

Woojin burst into laughter when he saw the enemies swarm towards him.

“I guess my level will increase by a fair amount.”

Trahnet would invade earth sooner or later. He just had to get stronger quickly to oppose Trahnet.

He watched his Achievement Points increase continuously, and Woojin’s axe danced.


*In the middle of the colony.*

Woojin watched the bizarre creatures that wriggled together to form a shape.

“I’m curious which bastard is here-nyahng.”

“They are all the same to me.”

“Hmmm. It seems earth will start to see Trahnet’s subordinates-nyahng.”

“It’s about that time.”

Woojin headed towards the center of the colony as he looked around with an indifferent gaze. If this had been allowed to be completed then one of Trahnet’s commander would have shown up.

Even now the Baejiks and Launchers were continuously being born from the hideous hatcheries.

“Let’s end this and go out.”

It took him 12 days to wipe out the entire colony. Three days should have passed outside. It was about time for him to go out.

“Nyahong. I wanted to go sight seeing in North Korea. Too bad-ahong.”

Woojin grinned, and he marched forward the corpses of Baejiks and Launchers he had readied near the colony.

The level of Resurrection was still low, so the corpses had only 50% of their original abilities. However, he hadn’t raised them, because of their ability to fight.

The corpses latched themselves on to the headquarter and the hatcheries. When this was done, he let out all his magic at once.


The Corpse Explosion caused a storm of blood. Woojin covered his face to block the aftermath of the Corpse Explosion.

“Hooo. This brought me up two level.”

During the 12 days of hunting, he had leveled up twice. He still had the 15 days he would be able to use this Dungeon, so it would be possible for him to reach level 60.

A crater formed from the effect of the explosions, and the Return Stone was floating in the middle. However, besides the green Return Stone, there was another purple gem that looked similar to a Return Stone.

“There are two Return Stones?”

Woojin took the two gems.


Woojin was confused, so he used his Identification magic to find out the gem’s sealed information. Chapter 63 – Shout from Pyongyang (3)

(TLN: This is a sponsored chapter. Thank you John and Tyler for the donation. Please turn off adblockers if you are able to. Thanks and enjoy.)

It is a miraculous fragment making up the material world.

It is an ingredient used to make the Dimensional Domain.


Woojin stroked his chin. He held up the bright purple gem, and he looked it over. However, no more information popped up.

“Bibi. Do you know anything about the Dimensional Domain?”

“Oing? I have no idea.”

This was the first time Bibi had heard about it, so Woojin didn’t ask any further questions. He wouldn’t get any answer from worrying over it, so he decided it would be better to ignore it.

He put the Dimensional Fragment into his inventory. Then he walked away with the Return Stone in his hand. It was time for him to exit the Dungeon.


The barrier was disappearing.

The eyes of the two North Korean soldiers guarding the entrance to the Gwangmyung Station widened.

“Hey, look at that. What is that?”

“Uh-hook. The barrier is disappearing.”

“That son of a bitch from South Korea really succeeded. Hurry up and report it to our superior.”

While the North Korean soldiers moved busily, foreign reporters were hiding nearby. They took pictures of Woojin walking up the stairs. They raised their telephoto lens.

“Shit. This doesn’t make any sense.”

“This is crazy. He soloed a 6 star Dungeon. This will be a huge topic.”

“An amazing Roused has appeared in Korea.”

“This right here… Won’t this Roused be hot as Melody, who showed up in America?”

“Hurry up and contact the headquarters.”

While the reporters busied themselves, Woojin looked at the personcoming towards him after he left the Dungeon. The soldiers were still manning the line of defense, but Woojin could see reporters scattered amongst them.

Unlike South Korea, the reporters didn’t run forward to ask aggressively for an interview. They just watched him.

After receiving the urgent message, Lieutenant Che-haesol had come running over to the Dungeon. She didn’t hide her elation.

“I knew you would succeed. Good work.”

“Well, didn’t we come here knowing I will succeed?”

“Ha ha ha. Of course. However, I am still surprised you were able to pull this off.”

There had been no volunteers who wanted to go into this Dungeon yet Woojin cleared the Dungeon in triumph. Moreover, the access to this Dungeon had been restricted, so no one was able to gather information on it. It took a brave person to attempt this Dungeon, and it was more surprising that someone had succeeded in clearing it.

“Did the negotiation group arrive?”

“Yes. Both the North and South delegations are waiting for the news as to whether the Dungeon was cleared or not.”

She didn’t tell him they were getting ready to start the negotiations assuming there was a 70% chance he would fail.

“Then you guys take care of the negotiations. I’m going into the Dungeon again. Since there won’t be a Dungeon Break any more, tell the army to back off.”

“What? You are going to re-attempt it without taking a break?”

Che-haesol was very surprised. Three days had passed. He would have spent 4 times the amount of time inside the Dungeon. He spent an incredible amount of time in a tense battlefield, yet he wasn’t going to take a break? He would instead re-enter the Dungeon?

“Well, this isn’t difficult work, so why would I need to rest?”


He spoke of going into the 6 star Dungeon as if he was going to a playground. What was Woojin’s true ability? What ability would allow him to clear a Dungeon so easily?

They waited and waited, they felt even more uneasy than when they were advancing levels themselves. On one hand, they had to worry about the people on the outside breaking through the array, and on the other hand, they were worried that something may have happened to Feng Jiu inside.

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