[Item abilities: 1. Storage. The staff can contain spells: Rank 9 (1), Rank 7 (3), Rank 5 (5). (Currently Empty) 2. Blazing Skyfire, legendary spell. (Can be used once every twenty days). 3. Domain of Terror. 4. Blaze: Absorbing the strength of divine souls, the staff can deal a one-time mental attack or boost itself. Will harm the imprisoned soul. 5. Fire Immunity.]

[Description: This staff once imprisoned a powerful legendary dragon soul, but its ...
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Naturally, Mo Qingcheng would also be mentioned along with him. The her right now had a countenance filled with happiness and excitement. When she stared at the three dazzling golden characters on the top row of the ranking monument, her eyes turned slightly red as though she wanted to say something. But because he hadn’t exited the realm yet, she didn’t know who to say the words she wanted to say to.

The maidens from the Medicine Sovereign Valley behind her were completely speechless. ...
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