A small tier 3 subsidiary city that actually had a prince of the 4-star strength surprised Fei a little. Besides the [Five Eagles], there were also the [Ten Elites], [Nine Warriors], [Eight Pro], [Seven Wolves], [Six Heroes], [Four Blades], [Three Mad], [Two Hidden], [One Sword]. These people were obviously not some insignificant characters, especially the 10 people in front of the 4-star level [Five Eagles]; their power was obviously terrifying.

This discovery made Fei suddenly feel a sense of urgency and made ...
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This sword strike was even vaster than the previous one, and it contained the profundities of the Myriad Netherwave Palm. He’d accumulated the might of his sword strikes like successive waves that overlapped with each other before being slashed out with the Creation Sword Insight. The might of this sword technique was sufficient to annihilate both Yin and Yang and crush the world, and it carried an all-powerful and fierce aura.

Thousand Fortune Granny’s expression was unsightly while the tip of her feet ...
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