The carriage was steadily moving forward.

Isabelle was very weak. Even though her potential had been unlocked, leaving Madeline carriage while bringing Marvin was obviously very taxing.

She had overworked herself too much.

Marvin looked at the pale stubborn little girl and felt pained.

This child was truly too outstanding.

He carried her in his arm and and gently asked her what she went through. The latter slowly recounted what had happened to her since they parted ways.

After Marvin single-handedly annihilated the Acheron gang, he gave her some money.

She was about to use this money to save her mother’s life. But things didn’t go as expected.

Her mother wasn’t able to hold on until Isabelle brought a Priest of the Silver Church. She had already died in her small slum house.

“When she died, a man suddenly rushed in. If not for the Priest protecting me, I might have already been taken away.”

“They stole all the money you gave me, saying my mother owed them a debt when she was alive. This was simply impossible. My mother never owed anyone money.”

“The young Priest didn’t have a solution. Those people were very powerful, it was another gang. He kindly offered to help me bury mom, in that lousy cemetery. I refused.”

“I wanted to get money to properly bury my mother.”

The girl’s voice was very calm, but the story became more and more frightening.

“Roughly at the same time, there was a man in the slum a lot older than me. He drunkenly tried to catch me for reasons I ignored, so I fought back.”

“I used the dagger you gave me to kill him.”

“This was my first kill. But I didn’t feel very disgusted. I got money from his body.”

“That was when I suddenly realized that killing was a good way to make money.”

“Thus, I started killing.”

Her two crimson eyes began to blink. There wasn’t any change in the girl’s expression.

Killing, it seemed to be something very casual to her.

Marvin shook his head in silence.

“Killing is bad,” the Priest to the side interrupted.

“I paid the transportation fees.” Marvin glanced at him. The latter shrugged and closed his eyes to rest.

There wasn’t much to say about what happened next. The originally gifted Isabelle soon became like a fish in water in the muddy slums.

Marvin had trouble imagining how a 6 year old little could transform into a frightening killer under the pressure of cruel reality.

She managed to get enough money to bury her mother by killing gang members.

Later, she was found and fancied by The River Shore City Lord during the city’s reorganization. She was brought back to the Wizard’s tower and was trained as a maid, and a true Assassin.

In the Wizard’s tower, there was even a 3rd rank Assassin acting as her teacher. Madeline clearly saw through Isabelle’s talent.

But she might have not known the meaning behind those crimson eyes.

A quest he did in his past life flashed in Marvin’s mind. That boy crazily rushing into the enemy lines while recklessly killing left a deep impression. And like Isabelle, that boy also had a pair of crimson eyes.

Killing might be the fate of that race.

They were Innate Assassins, the successors of Shar’s will. They had a trace of the Ancient God’s power in their blood. This power made them stand out from the masses right from their birth.

They claimed to be “Hammons”. Three hundreds years ago, this race lived in the island of Hammon in the north and had very little contact with the outside world.

But something unexpected happened and a great Wizard clan was attracted by the favorable terrain on Hammon Island, and intended to develop it. The inhabiting race naturally strongly resisted.

Both sides fought a frightening bloody battle and ultimately, the Hammons were wiped out by magic, with only a few of them left alive because they had been away.

And that Wizard clan also greatly suffered after that battle and could only barely manage to occupy Hammon Island and their original territory. The development wasn’t too good.

The reason was very simple: Hammons were Innate Assassins, they were an unprecedented threat to the Wizards.

Isabelle for example was merely a 6 year old little girl, but she knew a skill that could let her enter and leave a carriage enchanted by a 4th rank Wizard.

In that battle, the Wizard lost too many experts.

Ever since then, Hammons had disappeared from Feinan’s history, only coming out occasionally. And if they met people from that Wizard clan, they would carry out their revenge. Later on, those who had the Hammon bloodline gradually forgot all of that.

There weren’t many God Players who knew about this part of history.

Marvin just happened to be one of them. He had participated in a quest called [Hammons’ Vengeance]. In that quest, he had to join hands with a Hammon ally and directly bomb Hammon Island.

Countless Wizards died by his hands, but that Hammon boy still killed twice as many Wizards as the Ruler of the Night Marvin!

And that boy was only at the 4th rank.

If he advanced to Legend… He would have been unimaginably powerful!

Marvin had seen some records saying that it’s very difficult for Hammons to advance to Legends. Many of them would be stuck at the 4th rank. Occasionally some would show signs of advancing but they would be eliminated by the Shadow Prince. Hammons were the most likely people to replace his position as a god. Thus Marvin even had suspicions that the conflict between that Wizard Clan and the Hammons might have been instigated by that bastard.

Marvin knew that after Hammons advanced to Legend, they would gain a legendary specialty, [Boundless Blink]!

This ability was stronger than that of the [Nether Lightning Spirit] from the Celestial Plane who could disappear to unknown places.

The only flaw was that Hammons would easily become bloodthirsty. They could effortlessly end people lives, making them easily feel indifferent toward life.

Marvin was equally murderous, but he loved life.

And Marvin could see pure indifference in Isabelle’s eyes.

This gave him a headache.

“Be at ease, since we met again, follow me.”

“I won’t let Madeline get a hold of you,” Marvin softly said as he gently pet Isabelle’s head.

The latter slightly nodded before suddenly asking, “Sir Master Twin Blades, I still don’t know your name?”

“Masked Twin Blades is White River Valley’s Baron Marvin. Everyone knows.” That Priest interrupted once again.

Marvin glanced at him and tacitly agreed.

Isabelle exclaimed, “Oh.”

From her expression, it seemed like Masked Twin Blades being Baron Marvin didn’t really matter.

What mattered was to remember this name.

In fact, she couldn’t forget the scene when she was beat up by the two hoodlums that day and Marvin appeared, and nimbly took care of them.

For this precocious girl who was forced to grow up under dire circumstances, Marvin was the only person who had extended a helping hand.

She remembered every word Marvin said. She even remembered how he gave her the dagger, and his smile as he said, “Hold on to it, Isabelle. We have a common enemy tonight.”

At that time, she secretly pledged an oath in her heart.

Her world was originally grey, but because of this oath, it became a bit more colorful.

‘Masked Twin Blades, White River Valley, Baron Marvin…’

She deeply looked at Marvin, as if she wanted to carve his looks in her heart.

Marvin sighed, thinking of a way to deal with Madeline.

He hadn’t expected the Priest to suddenly say, “Someone wants to come in. If you don’t want her to come in, you’ll have to pay extra.”

Suddenly, a Teleportation Portal appeared in the middle of the carriage.


Marvin’s eyelids twitched, his heart in chaos.

But that middle aged Priest suddenly reached out with his hand and softly pushed on it, unexpectedly closing the Teleportation Portal.

“I closed the first door for free,” he said.

This move seemed so easy that it shocked Marvin!

‘This guy…’

‘He was able to close Madeline’s Teleportation Portal so easily?’

‘What kind of strength is that?’

‘Hold on…’

Marvin stared at the Priest in front of him before finally thinking of something, “You are Sir Collins?”

The middle-aged Priest calmly nodded, “The next door will open in 8 seconds, Madeline seems very angry.”

White Gown Collins!

The highest ranked member of River Shore City’s Silver Church, 4th rank Half-Legend Cleric!

Marvin had been paying attention to Isabelle’s situation and actually hadn’t noticed that Isabelle sent them to the carriage of this high ranked Cleric!

This guy didn’t have the air of a powerhouse, so Marvin had just paid the money and overlooked him.

“How much to not let her in?” Marvin quickly asked.

Collins thought, and said, “It’s expensive.”

“Half the right to a gold mine. No smaller than the one that was found in the north of River Shore City,” Marvin quickly replied.

Collins sized up Marvin and doubtfully asked, “There is a gold mine in your territory?”

“There will be soon,” Marvin calmly answered, “A month at most.”

“Deal.” Collins smiled as he closed the door that just appeared.

Madeline’s roaring voice could be heard from the outside, “Collins, you bastard! What are you doing?!”

“Let this Lord in!”

“First tell me where the gold mine is.” Collins seriously watched Marvin.

As she was about to give up, he was still persisting with his laughable efforts.

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