The dark tone version was black, while the light tone version was white. These were the most ordinary colors, but it seemed that everything had come to life with his design.

Lu Li was originally worried that the clothes designed by the fashion designers would only be suitable for wear in the arena. Many of the uniforms that were worn in the arena would not be worn in the real world for fear of ridicule.

However, after seeing this design, he could let go of his worries. These were clothes that he didn’t mind wearing on the streets.

Zheng Jifeng said that this could be a guild uniform, and anyone could wear it. He said that he would continue and design another set for the club players, but these were still tentative ideas. For now, the Ruling Sword players could wear these two sets for their next matches.

The technology and design was all there, and the materials required were quite simple. Soon, everyone had a uniform that could be worn to show that they belonged to Ruling Sword. Level 60 was a very important milestone for Dawn players. It unlocked a bigger map, the Stronghold system, Siege warfare and the couples system…

However, level 60 wasn’t something that could be achieved overnight. Lu Li had to work hard to keep increasing his level; he had even been running around the map trying to do more quests. It didn’t matter that his Charisma value was low as there were quests that would be given if the trigger conditions were met. The only difficulties were finding the trigger condition and the location for the quest.

The trigger condition was often the clearance of an Instance Dungeon. For example, clearing Stratholme triggered the Tanaris Bounty Quest and the clearance of Blackrock Abyss would grant access to the maps surrounding that area. Reincarnated in Dragon Ball as a Majin As Lu Li had acquired the First Clear on Blackrock Abyss, many other players would not have met that condition yet. This was a rule imposed by the System, so the NPCs couldn’t release the quest even if it wanted to.

However, these weren’t difficult things for Lu Li. He had acquired the First Clear in many Instance Dungeons in the past, and had found many unknown Hidden Monsters. Bounty Quests awarded a good amount of EXP and good quality items. It was said that if you were lucky, you could even get an Enhanced Skill Book, but Lu Li scoffed at that idea.

After killing a rare monster in the hills of Hillsbrad, Lu Li suddenly thought of a way to quickly farm reputation at Ravenholdt Manor. There were many things he could have made use of from his previous life, but as time went on, his memories inevitably became a little blurry.

This method was not difficult and it could be used repeatedly. It would just consume a few of his gold coins.

This quest could be done by a single person, especially a strong Thief like Lu Li. However, Lu Li thought it would be easier with two people, so he contacted Water Fairy.

Water Fairy was probably in an Instance Dungeon, and couldn’t leave it instantly, but she didn’t keep Lu Li waiting for too long and appeared before him after a few minutes. She had obviously handed over the task of commanding the Instance Dungeon to someone else. Blackrock Abyss had already been conquered, so there was no reason for her to do it again herself.

After the two met, they went to the Southshore Inn together.

The Assassins League’s hostess were already very familiar with these two, and knew that they often appeared together. As such, she calmly made herself known and began chatting with the guests.

“You two haven’t been around for a while. I have a few quests here today; would you be interested?”

“Of course, but before that I have something want to ask,” Lu Li said, recalling the strategy for the quest. “I heard that Master Fahrad had been collecting heavy waste bins for recently. Is there anything we can help with for that?”

Fahrad was one of the strongest Thieves of Ravenholdt Manor. The name made it sound like he was a man, but he was actually a Blood Elf girl. As for her face, no one had ever seen it before because she always covered it up, but she probably didn’t have an ugly face, especially given the figure that had been designed for her.

“Fahrad? Have you seen her?” the hostess asked in surprise.

“No, I just heard about it, but I’m not sure if it was true. As a member of the Ravenholdt Manor, I feel like I can contribute,” Lu Li offered.

Water Fairy glanced at him and grinned.

“It seems that there is something that you could help with, but Fahrad is not easy to find. You might need to buy a map from me,” the hostess said as she rubbed her hands together and took out an item.

Sure enough, this was basically just a quest for money.

If they didn’t have the hostess’ map, they wouldn’t be able to find Fahrad, even if Lu Li knew where she was. This was a rule imposed by the System – the player had to pay to progress the quest.

There was no room here for bargaining, so Lu Li paid 20 gold coins for the map.

Although he couldn’t really afford the 20 gold coins, this was something he had to do. 20 gold coins was no small amount either. In the beginning, this was amount that he had sold himself into servitude of the Star Moon guild for.

To see Fahrad, you had to enter the labyrinth from the northeast of Hillsbrad. The trail had been explored by many players. Lu Li and Water Fairy also saw many other players who wanted to become famous for their adventures. These players were all trying to find their way through the labyrinth. Most would get lost and would either kill themselves or be condemned to wasting time wandering around. Even if they spent the whole day in there, they still might not be able to get out the other side.

The arrival of Lu Li and Water Fairy did not attract any attention. Everyone thought that these two players were just like themselves.

“Should we have a look at the map?” Water Fairy couldn’t help but ask after she noticed that Lu Li hadn’t even looked at the map. Drizzle Court had a senior member who was good at deciphering maze-like terrain. However, after trying for a long time, he had to ask a Warlock from the guild to summon a door to get him out.

“Didn’t you see it before? Just follow me and you won’t get lost.”

He memorized the map with just a glance like that?

Water Fairy should have doubted, but she actually believed Lu Li when she heard him say it.

As they walked along the trail, they went past countless crossings. After about half an hour, a magnificent manor was presented before them. It was in a remote place, and the terrain was very difficult to navigate. This seemed like quite a defensible position. From the outside, it seemed that there was a large number of crops planted in the manor. There were also many brightly colored herbs that could be used for poison making.

A blue stone trail stretched out from the manor and vanished behind the shaded fence.

Under normal circumstances, the people who came here would be drawn towards the Chest next to the blue stone trail. Its golden color and cool design made it difficult to ignore.

But how did they deal with it this time?

You could just open the chest. Perhaps it was Master Fahrad’s way to testing the player’s Unlock level. This wasn’t beyond the realm of possibility; there was no doubt that there were other Thieves here. The other professions couldn’t do much here even if they knew exactly how to find it. Lu Li, in his previous life, didn’t listen to everyone else and followed the route for several hours. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have remembered it so clearly.

You could also pretend not to see it. Perhaps this Chest was a test of character. A Thief didn’t necessarily have to steal, and Fahrad might be someone who hated players that used skills like Pick Pocket.

It was probably one of these two things, but Lu Li didn’t want to make a choice either way.

If he opened it, a level 50 Elite would come charging out. It wasn’t difficult to deal with and Lu Li could easily kill it himself, but they wouldn’t be able to enter after doing so. That naturally meant that they wouldn’t be able to get the quest.

The only way to prevent that from happening would be to stand still and be killed by the monster.

If they pretended not to see it, the manor wouldn’t open for them either. Although the manor seemed undefended, Fahrad’s disciples were everywhere inside. Any reckless actions would definitely result in both of them losing EXP.

“Have you learned any skills to detect traps?” Lu Li asked.

Water Fairy shook her head. There was little need for such skills, as Hunters didn’t have any traps yet and the traps that the players ran into were rather numerous.

Thieves that specialized in scouting could receive scout quests from specific NPCs, not only to learn this skill, but also skills that can disable traps.

“I haven’t learnt any yet, but I have a way,” Lu Li said, replacing the headgear he had on.

Berserker’s Horned Helmet (Steel): Armour 15, Agility +8, Special Effect: after use, Detection +5 and has a certain probability of detecting traps. Level Requirement: level 15. Durability 35/35.

This item had become obsolete a long time ago, but Lu Li actually managed to find it again.

This kind of equipment with special effects wasn’t useful for Instance Dungeons, so he had just thrown it into the guild warehouse. Now, it had become useful again.

Using this equipment at his current level made the probability much greater. It detected that there was a trap on the treasure chest. This was the trap that triggered the rune, which in turn summoned the monster.

It was natural to use detect on the Treasure Chest. Lu Li then took out scroll from his backpack and began to cast it on the run. Soon, the trap was disabled.

Now, they could open the Treasure Chest and acquire the gift that Master Fahrad had prepared for the players.

After Lu Li opened the chest, he found two items. One of the Skill Book for ‘Relentless Strikes’ and one was a scroll for ‘Nirvana’.

These items were much better than Lu Li expected, and it was likely because he and Water Fairy were the first ones to open this Treasure Chest. Lu Li recalled that Nirvana was one of Dawn’s most famous scrolls, as it allowed players to revive themselves on the spot with full HP.

This kind of scroll couldn’t be used in the arena or in Instance Dungeons. It could only be used in the wild.

It had to be used within 30 seconds of death to take effect, as it wouldn’t be effective afterwards. If a player wanted to die with this scroll and revive after his enemies had left, it wouldn’t work too well.

However, the players didn’t mind these restrictions at all.

As for Relentless Strikes, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that players with this skill could increase their total strength by 5% at least.

Relentless Strikes: Passive, your Ultimate Skill consumes a combo point have a 10% chance of generating 10 energy. Proficiency 1/5.

Energy for Thieves was the equivalent of mana for Mages. Many of Lu Li’s skills couldn’t be used too frequently because the energy wouldn’t sustain such frequent use. The regeneration was constant, but it still took time.

Relentless Strikes allowed for players to quickly restore their energy, which increased the use of their skills and therefore their overall strength. One item was a skill book and the other was a rare scroll, but both were very valuable.

Now the problem was how they would divide it between them. If they were two strangers, then it would be simple as they could just roll for it. However, Lu Li and Water Fairy were at a point in their relationship where they obviously couldn’t just roll for the item.

“If it weren’t for you, I don’t think I would have been able to reach this chest. You can take the items,” Water Fairy said.

She felt that if she had just directly gone for the chest, something bad would have happened. If Lu Li wasn’t there, she definitely would have just opened the chest. In fact, this is what 80% of Thieves would have done.

“I’ll take the Skill Book then,” Lu Li said. Although the Nirvana scroll was valuable, he already had the Darkmoon Card so he didn’t really need it.

Of course, the value of Nirvana was not much less than Relentless Strikes.

Water Fairy hesitated for a moment before taking the Nirvana scroll. She was often attacked by others in the wild, and would also face assassination attempts. With this scroll, she would have a little more survivability.

This was also a gift given to her by Lu Li, which made her feel a little strange.

This Treasure Chest was also incidental to what they were trying to do. If you wanted to enter the Fahrad estate, you had to face this chest and make the correct response. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to see Master Fahrad.

This test set up by Fahrad was called the ‘Deceitful Ceremony’.

The Deceitful Ceremony was to specifically test Thieves that had arrived at this location and were faced with the unknown chest. Many Thieves would just open the chest and either be killed by the monster or fail the quest. If they wanted to continue, they would still have to die at least once. There were no situations where the Thief didn’t lose something.

But why did no one warn the later players?

The players who had already lost something reasoned that everyone else might as lose something too. Why would any player freely tell another player about their hard-earned lessons? They didn’t want to be the only ones to suffer…

It was only quite some time later that someone would write a forum post about this which Lu Li had read.

When you approached the manor gate, there was another test. However, this test was quite unusual, as no one had ever given an incorrect answer to this question, no matter what they said.

The old man at the door would ask the question, “Is a Thief evil? Why?”

Lu Li had been thinking about this for a long time. He had also thought about this in his previous life. It wasn’t as though he was better; he still shamelessly took any equipment that he could.

After playing Thief in this life, he could consider this issue from a more personal perspective.

Firstly, he didn’t think that a Thief was a particularly sacred or just profession – that spot was reserved for the Paladin or the Priest. However, he didn’t think that the Thief was evil either. No one would think of him as evil because of what he was, but rather because of what he did.

Finally, Lu Li responded by saying that the Thief’s profession was unattractive to some, but justice and evil were things that could be found within the profession themselves.

This was a satisfactory answer. Water Fairy responded similarly but added an extra sentence. She felt that the Thief represented the dark side of the players’ hearts.

The old man didn’t react at all, and just opened the door. He let Lu Li and Water Fairy enter, and told them that Fahrad was waiting for them next to the fountain in the center of the manor.

There were many flowers and plants in the manor. There were some that Lu Li could recognize, but there were others that he had never seen before.

Technomancer: Genesis It wasn’t clear what Fahrad’s expertise was in, but it seemed to be related to alchemy or some kind of poison production. Currently, there were ordinary poisons sold in some stores, but high-end poisons still required alchemists to produce them.

Lu Li was still carrying the helmet that could detect traps, and could sense that there were traps everywhere in the garden. If the old man wasn’t leading the way, it would have been a very difficult trip.

This was the home of a Master Thief, so it made sense that it was set up like a wolf’s den.

Fahrad herself looked quite young and wasn’t shrouded in a cloak like Lu Li’s mentor. Her beauty gave the impression that the designer had poured their life into this design.

There was no doubt that Blood Elves were rarely ugly. In reality, the ugly girls that chose this profession had also improved their looks.

However, what was even more eye-catching was the sense of purity to Fahrad. It was like she was a princess who had never seen the outside world but from her glass tower.

As she stood in front of the mountain, the ripples of the water produced a gorgeous rainbow around her, giving a holy aura to her presence.

If the old man didn’t refer to her by Fahrad, no one would think that this was Fahrad, the Grand Master Thief of the legends. Most wouldn’t doubt it if they were told that this person was a Priest.

“We are some adventurers from the Assassins League. I heard that you are collecting some heavy waste bins for research. I’m not sure if we have the privilege to help you,” Lu Li looked down and greeted her respectfully.

Water Fairy looked at Fahrad, then immediately turned to Lu Li.

She saw the look of surprise on Lu Li’s face, but found that he had quickly scanned over Fahrad’s body. Lu Li hadn’t fixated his eyes on any particular part of Fahrad’s body.

Water Fairy wasn’t sure if this meant that Lu Li was just completely unaffected or if he was a man of discipline.

Ultimately, she was satisfied with her partner’s performance.

Any woman was afraid of being compared with. This was a female instinct that was given to her when God created her. The more beautiful the woman, the more concerned she would be with this issue.

“Oh, it was a failed experiment. I haven’t studied those bins for a few days now.”

Fahrad’s voice was not as charming or soft as her appearance. It was a little hoarse and she spoke a little bluntly, like someone who had suddenly started speaking after remaining silent for a while.

“Have you already given up on this research?” Lu Li asked.

“Of course not. Those seemingly useless heavy bins might be able to teach me some other things. Right now, I lack the fund to continue research,” Fahrad said regretfully.

It was as if the ancient battlefield’s dimensional space went on infinitely with no end!

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