They waited and waited, they felt even more uneasy than when they were advancing levels themselves. On one hand, they had to worry about the people on the outside breaking through the array, and on the other hand, they were worried that something may have happened to Feng Jiu inside.

After all, the success rate for people who advanced to the Golden Core stage was high, but the success rate for people who advanced to the Nascent Soul stage was not quite the same. Fortunately she was an alchemist and a pharmacist so she should have something to assist her. If it was other people, they would most definitely die.

The tribulation lightning of the Nascent Soul stage wasn’t easy to bear. If one had no medicine or elixir, who would dare try to break through to the Nascent Soul stage advancement?

The people on the outside were in a fluster because they wanted to get inside before the third thunder struck, otherwise they would be at a great disadvantage if the person inside were to attain advancement and their strength greatly increased.

However, the faster they wanted to get through, the more they couldn’t get past the array. Also, the array that Feng Jiu had laid out was mapped out one after another, it wouldn’t be so easy to break through.

After the first tribulation lightning had struck down, the second tribulation lightning still had not struck down by evening. The cultivators on the outside rejoiced in their hearts at this. When they saw the sky had darkened, they quickly had some people light up torches as they hoped to find a solution soon.

By this time, they had spent a whole day and broke two arrays consecutively. However, there were arrays within arrays and traps which made it unpredictable. The further back they reached, the longer it took for them to break the array.


At midnight, when the atmosphere of the whole forest was strange and the cultivators were unable to resist the intensity of the situation and rested nervously, a flash of lightning flew across the sky and a loud boom came crashing down again.

The second tribulation lightning had struck, startling everyone who was resting on the ground. They had jumped up in fright and rubbed their eyes then tried to break through the arrays again with the torches.

However, the dark night had brought a lot of inconvenience to the people who were trying to break through the arrays. Not only did they not succeed, some people died when they accidentally touched the hidden traps in the arrays. Ultimately, they stopped.

With the lack of light, they were unable to break through the arrays. They couldn’t disregard their lives for the sake of breaking through the arrays. They weren’t selfless enough to sacrifice their own lives for others.

Within the arrays, Duan Ye and the rest were afraid to close their eyes. They guarded the arrays and counted down the tribulation lightnings. When the second tribulation lightning fell, they exhaled lightly in relief.

After the second tribulation lightning had struck, there was one more tribulation lightning to go, it was just the last one left.

At first they thought that it would take a long time for Feng Jiu to advance into the Nascent Soul stage, maybe even ten days to half a month before advancement was completed. But now that the second tribulation lightning had struck, they only had to wait for the last one.

They believed that they didn’t have to wait much longer. When they thought about this, they couldn’t help but feel excited. As the first rays of morning light hit the forest, the warmth from the sunshine didn’t bring much warmth to everyone in the forest. The branches were bare and there were no green leaves, the weeds were withered and there was no water at all. Even the birds wouldn’t come to the forest knowing how strange the atmosphere was.

It was the same during the day once you got used to looking at it. However, at night it was like a ghost forest. It was no wonder that everyone was angry, because all the trees in the forest had died, the fierce beasts that were in the forest had fled elsewhere.

Some of the cultivators who wanted to hunt for fun couldn’t even find half a prey to hunt.

The dark clouds were still surging in the sky. From time to time when the gusts of wind blew through the forest, it felt even more like a ghost forest. The people in the forest felt that the wind blowing made the forest feel creepy.

“What’s going on? We’ve not been able to break through the array since yesterday. Should we try using a fire attack to see if we can burn our way in?” Someone suggested loudly but was opposed by others immediately.

“It won’t work. If a fire attack would work then we wouldn’t still be waiting here. This is array within arrays, one after another. It wasn’t easy to unlock the two of them.”

“Then what should we do? It’s been so long, if this continues, the person inside might advance.”

Upon hearing this, the two hundred odd people fell silent. They felt that there must be a treasure inside this place, otherwise no one would lay such complicated arrays and traps one after another one here.

“What about tunneling through the earth?” Someone shouted: “There are so many of us here, surely there is a cultivator with an earth element within us? We can tunnel through the earth underground and see what’s going on in there.”

However, after hearing that man’s words, everyone’s eyes fell on him and their faces had a strange expression, as if he had said something weird. After glancing at that cultivator, they ignored him and continued discussing with the people around them.

Upon seeing this, the man scratched his head and asked the person beside him: “What’s wrong with what I said?”

“That’s because you don’t understand the properties of earth. Even if someone knows how to tunnel through the earth, it’s useless because even if he gets past the arrays he won’t get past the boundary. Do you know how deep he will have to tunnel underground in order to get past the boundary?”

“No, I don’t. Do you not just tunnel under the earth?” The man asked.

“Hmph, if you don’t know then don’t shout.” The man beside him replied and said nothing more to him.

A day’s time passed once again, just like that. As evening approached, the sky gradually darkened and the surroundings became dark once again. Everyone couldn’t help but be anxious as they still weren’t able to break through the array. Would the third tribulation lightning strike down just like that?

Just as they were thinking about it, the clouds began rolling in the sky and a flash of lightning appeared followed by the last tribulation lightning rumbling down. In an instant, it was not just a breath that slowly swayed outwards, but a powerful pressure of a Nascent Soul cultivator’s strength.

It was like a huge boulder that was thrown into the sea causing big waves rolling in the sea. The powerful airflow and pressure that swayed outwards had come from within the array and rushed out like a huge wave.

When he saw that, Duan Ye pulled Ning Lang and shouted to Song Ming and Luo Fei: “Get down!”

The four of them along with Cloud Devouring Beast and Flaming Lion lay down on the ground as soon as his voice faded…… The powerful air currents blew over them like water ripples, each layer pushing outwards. As they were lying on the ground face down, they were unable to look up. The dust and fallen leaves rolled around in the wind and they had no choice but to close their eyes.

The powerful air current rushed out from the array, layers upon layers rolled outwards and pushed the cultivators within the array out of the way. Some of them were pushed into the hidden traps within the arrays and shot to death, some fled in fear and fell to the ground in their moment of panic.

As the air current rushed outside, the dust and leaves were rolled into the current and everyone was covered with dust and falling leaves. At this moment, everyone closed their eyes and used their clothes to wrap their heads to prevent the wind and sand from getting into their eyes.

Therefore, no one saw that in the first array, when the last tribulation lightning had shot down and the air current was surging, a blaze of flame had shot up into the sky. The flame had formed into the shape of a phoenix with its wings converging into the dark sky. It was extremely dazzling in the dark sky. A sound like that of a phoenix bird spread across the dark forest, echoing for a long time…..

No one around saw this, but some people in the depths of the forest saw it. As soon as the cultivators saw the flame of the phoenix rise into the sky and the shrill cry of the phoenix resounded through the forest, they set off on their flying swords immediately and came from all directions….

The strong men in the forest were from the Eight Great Empires, the place known as the City Of The Sky. With the strong men arriving, even with their magic weapons, they wouldn’t be able to get to the outer circle in a flash.

The fastest person to get to the outer circle was an old man dressed in grey clothes. It had taken him less than an hour to get here from the inner circle. The figure blew through the night like a shooting star. In the dark night, it was extremely bright like the moonlight.

When the old man stood in mid-air, a powerful coercion of his Nascent Soul strength pervaded from his body. When the pressure came out, the two hundred cultivators around paled in shock. They all knelt down one by one not daring to raise their heads.

“What are you all doing here?” The old and majestic voice was sharp and cold.

Everyone’s knees shuddered and no one dared to answer him. No one dared to look up and see who that person was either until that voice shouted again.


“Your, your honor, we, we are trying to break through the arrays, but, but we haven’t been able to get inside.” One person trembled as he replied.

In mid-air, when the strong man heard what the cultivator said, he glanced down and waved his sleeve. Sounds of banging could be heard, the fog disappeared and the arrays were broken revealing the scene inside.

After the arrays were broken, the old man came down from mid-air, his robe whisked slightly as he walked step by step forwards until he reached the front of the array and extended a finger.

A ray of light flashed swaying like water ripples and with a bang, the array gave way and the old man walked in.

When the crowd behind him heard the sounds, they lifted their heads slightly and carefully looked forwards. They saw only the back of the old man as he walked inside. As for what was inside, other than a burning flame, there was nothing else, not even the people they thought were advancing to the next level…… Without needing to walk in, the old man was able to use his spirit intent to sweep across the array and he knew that there was no one inside after the array was broken. With one hand behind his back, his eyes narrowed sharply and he stared at the cave dwelling for a long time before he turned around and asked.

“Who lived here originally?”

“Your, your Honor, we don’t know. We’ve never seen anyone come out from there.”

When he heard this, a flash of light gleamed in the old man’s eyes. They must have left, how eager.

He had rushed here from the depths of the forest because he had sensed the pressure of the ancient sacred breath. He hadn’t expected the person to have left even though he had rushed here as quickly as possible.

However, he could sense that the person had only just advanced and must not be of bad character and had a strong sense of crisis. It was unexpected that this kind of person would exist in lower grade countries.

“What’s wrong with the trees in this area? Why are they all withered?” He glanced at the surrounding trees and was surprised to see that all the trees had lost their life and vitality.

“Your Honor, it was the person inside advancing. Sudden gales of winds rolled into strong air currents absorbing the breath of spiritual energy around here and drew away the life and vitality of the trees. That’s what’s happened.”

When he heard this, the old man’s expression shifted slightly. Lost life? What kind of method was that? Was there such a method? This was someone from a lower grade country? Or was it someone from the Eight Great Empires practising here?

As soon as the idea came into his head, he rejected it immediately.

Although the formations and arrays were quite good, it was obvious that the person who laid there was not higher than Golden Core stage, so it couldn’t be possible that it was someone from the Eight Great Empires. So did the person have a treasure on him?

As he thought about that, he raised his sleeves and he lifted up into the air. It had taken him less than an hour to get here so if he were to search, he would search in this area.

After the old man left, the people on the ground waited for a while and when they couldn’t hear any movement, they raised their heads to look. When they couldn’t see anyone, they relaxed and stood up wiping their cold sweat and rubbing their legs.

“He must be a strong man from the Eight Great Empires. His coercion is too powerful.”

“My legs have gone soft from fear, luckily he didn’t kill us.”

“That’s right. The strong men from the Eight Great Empires aren’t the same. We tried for so long and still couldn’t break the arrays but he broke through them as soon as he arrived.”

“But where did the people inside go? Why are they not inside? We have been outside this whole time so they couldn’t have come out.”

“Could they have left from the other side of the mountain? Look at the mountain by the cave dwelling. Maybe they left from here in the middle of the night?”

“But why did the strong man want to find the person inside here? Did the person possess treasures? Otherwise, how can the strong men from the inner circle be enticed to come out here?”

As he spoke, there were several swooshes and many figures appeared in mid-air hovering above their heads in the sky.

Feeling the strong breath and power from the people hovering above them, the cultivators who had only just got up from the ground knelt back down again quickly.

“Greetings your, your Honors.”

They shuddered as they spoke, their faces pale as their foreheads touched the ground. Inside they were cursing the person who was inside the array for running away and leaving them here with this burden. Chapter Eighty Eight – The Scalping Zombie

Everyone was dumbstruck where they stood, their minds blank.

To say nothing of victory and defeat, but what the people had expected was fierce combat, exchanging blows back and forth, a tense situation, and end with a barely achieved victory. The result was three people were defeated by a single move. This result made everyone’s jaws drop to the ground. Even the Wu Kong Sword Sect disciples who had been full of confidence in Zuo Mo had lost their ability to speak.

Xiao Guo stared dazedly at Zuo Mo.

How Shixiong looked when he had been plundering from their bodies… …

Oh, why would she have used “plundering”? No, no, Shixiong was appropriating his spoils! Xiao Guo unconsciously defended Shixiong.

“For you,” Zuo Mo threw the thousand year Peach Wood hairpin that he took from Tao Zhu Er’s head to Xiao Guo.

Xiao Guo instinctively caught it. Inhales suddenly sounded among the female disciples. Their eyes suddenly became red as they looked at the Peach Wood hairpin on Xiao Guo’s hands. They were like a herd of rabbits locked onto one single carrot.

“It’s a pity that her ling armor is shattered. Otherwise, removing it to give to you would be nice.” Zuo Mo muttered regretfully. He completely hadn’t thought about just how inappropriate it was to take off a female xiuzhe’s armor in public.

A moment later, Xiao Guo refocused. Looking at the Peach Wood hairpin on her hand, her hand shook as though it had shocked her and almost threw it away, “Shixiong, this is too valuable!”

She might not recognize how good this Peach Wood hairpin was, but holding it in her hands, she could feel the extraordinariness of it. This Peach Wood hairpin, it was too valuable!

This kind of thing, Shixiong should keep it for himself! She thought.

Zuo Mo’s eyes scanned the unconscious three people, impatiently saying, “Just take it, and stop nagging.”

What Xiao Guo was most afraid of was Zuo Mo’s impatience. She instantly became timid and afraid of speaking.

Zuo Mo strongly controlled his impulse to plunder everything from the three people that were unconscious. He turned his face to look at Yan Ming Zi and Hu Shan.

“Do you guys want to fight again?” That voice, it was as warm as the wolf-grandmother.

Yan Ming Zi and Hu Shan both shuddered, their heads shaking like a rattle-drum.

“Really, neither of you wants to fight?”

The two then nodded quickly like a chicken eating rice, their hands over their chests and their feet unconsciously moved back two paces. In their eyes, Zuo Mo had completely transformed into the most terrifying demon.

“Such a disappointment,” When Zuo Mo expressionlessly said this sentence, his words were full of regret. Yan Ming Zi and Hu Shan’s hearts couldn’t help but jump furiously. Zuo Mo waved his hand, “Take them away. Do not bother me in the future.”

It was like they had been pardoned from death. Exchanging a look, the two hurriedly picked up the three who were unconscious and ran away. They looked like they hated that their parents didn’t give birth to them with two more legs.

After their figures disappeared, Zuo Mo couldn’t hold up any longer and crashed to the ground. Seeing the situation, Xiao Guo instantly was shocked and ran over to ask in panic, “Shixiong, are you wounded?”

Seeing the apple face full of concern, Zuo Mo’s heart warmed.

“Oh, nothing. Just a bit tired.” Zuo Mo waved his hand, pretending it was nothing. He then took out a dan from his bosom, and shoved it into his mouth. Folding his legs, he started to meditate.

Yan Ming Zi and Hu Shan only stopped when they couldn’t see Wu Kong Mountain anymore. The two panted.

“Is that guy even human?” Yan Ming Zi said breathlessly, “The difference here with our information is too big.”

“Lucky that we ran fast enough.” Hu Shan’s face was relieved.

Yan Ming Zi still had lingering fears, “Exactly! Didn’t you see his eyes as he looked at us? He wanted to strip us bare!”

The two couldn’t help but think of Zuo Mo’s eyes. As though they didn’t wear clothing on a snowy day, they shivered again and said at the same time, “So scary!”

After a while, the two gradually walked out from Zuo Mo’s shadow. Yan Ming Zi pointed at the three unconscious people, “What to do with them?”

Magic : 250 Energy : 60 Recovery : 42 Heal : 40

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