Thinking in this way, he was able to connect the dots. Some time ago, he was followed by a black Honda with several strangers, and was puzzled as to who sent them, but now it seemed like it had something to do with Zhou Dongcheng. It was him who told Guo Ziheng to let that boss come look for him after all.

Sure enough, after Zhou Dongcheng simply chatted with the people of the business and political world for a while, then carefreely looked towards Yang Chen while giving him a “lovely” smile.

Yang Chen originally thought that would be all, but after Zhou Dongcheng chatted with several of those big bosses for a while, under their astonished gazes, he walked with a strong ladies’ perfume smell to Yang Chen’s side, and sat down in a womanly manner.

“Hello mister, would you mind if I sat here?” Zhou Dongchen had a face that resembled male korean celebrities, thin lips and rosy face, looking at him closely now, his skin looked pretty smooth as well.

Although Yang Chen had met a number of men like this overseas, it’s the first time one sat so close to him. He forced a smile and spoke in a reserved manner, “You’ve already sat down, what’re you asking me for?”

“To sit is my right, I asked because I wanted to know your opinion.”

“Then can I not permit you to sit here?”

“You can’t.” Zhou Dongcheng spoke unreservedly.

Seeing the two who were strangers speak like they were familiar with each other, those who knew better revealed weird smiles; they naturally thought that the homo Zhou Dongcheng had already taken fancy to the male secretary Mo Qianni brought.

Mo Qianni’s mouth was hung open, amazed to the point that she couldn’t speak a word. She had just said that Zhou Dongcheng wouldn’t have interest in Yang Chen, but she didn’t expect her words to have the opposite effect. After seeing Yang Chen’s distressed look, Mo Qianni nearly couldn’t hold back her laughter.

The two’s conversation wasn’t in whispers, so a number of people in their surroundings heard it.

At this time, Zhou Dongcheng courteously asked, “I wonder how should I address you, Mister. My name is Zhou Dongcheng, currently Dongxing Group’s vice-chairman.”

Feigning ignorance? Yang Chen felt a burst of discomfort in his heart. He pouted and said, “My (laozi) surname is Yang, name’s Xijiu, Yang Xijiu! Yu Lei International’s PR Department’s number one male PR. Incidentally, there are a total of two men running for that position……”

[TL: Laozi is a rude way of saying ‘I’ to someone, could be referred to as ‘I, your father’ but it’d sound weird in this case. As for his made up name Xijiu ” , it’s to complement the name Dongcheng ” because together they form , which is a movie called The Eagle Shooting Heroes, a parody of Louis Cha’s Legend of Condor Heroes.] “Wow! It tastes really really good!” Chen Xiaobei could not help himself and shouted excitedly.

Nothing he had eaten so far could compare to the taste of the Ginseng fruit.

That magical feeling of pure ‘foodgasm’ was indescribable. After the first bite, he could not stop eating.

Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!

It was so crisp and juicy. Before Chen Xiaobei could fully appreciate its deliciousness, the whole Ginseng Fruit had already disappeared down his throat!

At least he was a little better than Zhu Bajie; at least Chen Xiaobei managed to taste the the true flavour of it in its entirety.

“Alright! Next, let’s take a look at my lifespan!”

Chen Xiaobei accessed his Netherspirit Battlescouter.


[Cultivation: Early phase of Celestial Cultivation; Lifespan: 5070 years; Health: 100,500; combat power, 80,100]

“Haha! My lifespan has increased! I can use the dark powers now!”

Chen Xiaobei immediately incited the Dark Neutron inside his heart and began to stir up the Dark Powers within!

“Rise!” Chen Xiaobei cried. His Celestial powers then raised the Beast Cores into the air.

“Burst!” Chen Xiaobei called out again, and the Beast Cores that were hovering in the air began to crack open, releasing its Beast Essence.

Chen Xiaobei took in a deep breath and sucked in all of the Beast Essence into his body.

The Beast Cores Gu Congwen had bought for him, combined with the ones he already had, could increase his combat power by 162,000.

Of course, it would not increase all at once. The absorption would take quite a while.

Without using the Sunlight Cache, it would take about seven to eight days. It felt like decades to Chen Xiaoebi.

“I cannot waste a second! I need to get back and head to Black Desert in three days!”

Chen Xiaobei crossed his legs and began to cultivate.

He used the Scripture of Heaven and Earth, of course. That way, the Beast Essences became like Spiritual Qi and it would enhance his cultivation slowly.

Of course, using the Dark Powers to absorb the Beast Essences would double the effect!

It took him a full 72 hours.

Chen Xiaobei had absorbed a portion of the Beast Cores, and his combat power and health had increased by 7,200 points.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

After a rough calculation of his combat power, Chen Xiaobei decided to round up the numbers and continued to cultivate for another 3 hours.

After three hours…

“Phew.” Chen Xiaobei breathed out a mouthful of filthy Qi, and opened his eyes. He felt refreshed and rejuvenated.

“Let me check my progress!” Chen Xiaobei was very eager.


[Cultivation: Early phase of Celestial Cultivation. Lifespan: 70 years; Health: 100,800; combat power, 87,600]

“F*ck! I only have 70 years left!” Chen Xiaobei felt sour. The supposedly super abundant and inexhaustible years that he had only three days and three hours ago had dwindled just like that. This was all thanks to the idiot Primordial Lord of Heaven who had changed the rules. How frustrating!

“Luckily, there are no changes to my cultivation rate! It’s already twice the efficiency of using Spiritual Stones. I’ve already gotten the best part of the bargain.”

But Chen Xiaobei did waste time dwelling on the issue. Even though so much of his life was used up, he had gotten twice the result with half the effort.

Storing so much life was useless anyway. He might as well turn them into cultivation, which was much more practical.

All in all, the 5,000 years was worth spending!

“87,600 combat power. With the Primordial Witch King Combat Enhancement Training Manual, I could wield 113,880 combat power!” Chen Xiaobei calculated. “But because of the limitation of my health, it is reduced to 108,000 combat power! I have to figure out a better and faster way to increase my health! I’m missing out on so much combat power because of the limitation! That’s not worth it at all! Hmm, I did get a lot of Spiritual Items from the Penglai Faction treasury though. If I use Xiao’er’s Special Ability, my health can be increased very quickly. But the problem is that every time I use it, I will fall into deep sleep. I need to return to Bei Xuan Faction tomorrow. There’s no time to sleep! I don’t have enough life to use the Daylight Cache. If I had enough, then this would not have been a problem! I better send a text to Old Leader and tell him to hurry up and upload more chapters already! F*ck, he’s simply too slow!”

Back in Bei Xuan Faction.

Luo Puti was already waiting for him. Once Chen Xiaobei arrived, she dragged him to the airport without so much as a hello.

“My darling wife, why are you in such a rush? I didn’t even have time to catch my breath!”

It looked like Chen Xiaobei would only get his rest when they got on the plane.

“Are you really asking that question?! Today is the day we agreed to meet Kunlun Faction’s Zhuo Qunfeng! If we’re late, they’ll leave without us! We have also prepared nothing!” Luo Puti said, the look on her face could have frozen hell over.

Chen Xiaobei looked at her. She was wearing a denim set and a pair of canvas shoes. She really was not prepared for the desert.

“Don’t worry. They won’t leave without us.” Chen Xiaobei shrugged. “At least Zhuo Qunfeng won’t!”

“Excuse me, he’s the young master of a top-tier ancient faction. Do you really think that he would just sit there patiently, waiting for us to arrive?”

“Is the young master’s fists as big as mine?!”

“…” Luo Puti was speechless.

The last time Zhuo Qunfeng put on the ‘young master’ attitude in front of Chen Xiaobei, he was taught a very painful lesson.

The other expedition members might leave but Zhuo Qunfeng would definitely not.

“You are overthinking it. When it’s comes to your parents, your IQ reverts back to zero. From now on, don’t think too much. Listen to me, and I promise that everything will go smoothly!” Chen Xiaobei said.

“You’re the one with zero IQ! Humph!”

Luo Puti turned away and ignored him all the way to the airport.

She knew that when it came to her parents, she would lose her cool and her common sense. She would often act on impulse and even make stupid decisions.

Her silence proved that she accepted Chen Xiaobei’s words and was ready to completely rely on Chen Xiaobei and listen to him.

This was an incredibly difficult concession for an ice queen.

Xijiang Airport.

When they exited the pathway, they saw that everything was as Chen Xiaobei had predicted.

Zhuo Qunfeng was waiting for them with a beautiful woman next to him. He dared not leave without them.

On top of that, Zhao Qunfeng’s grandfather had reminded him over and over again to foster a good relationship Chen Xiaobei. How could Zhuo Qunfeng let an opportunity like that go to waste?

“Mr. Chen! Ms. Luo! Welcome to Xijiang!” Zhuo Qunfeng greeted them warmly, “Let me introduce to you to our Kunlun Faction Fifth Elder’s granddaughter, Wang Mengyu. We’ve been friends since we were children!”

“How are you?” Luo Puti put out a hand politely, doing her best to appear friendly.


Wang Mengyu looked sideways at Luo Puti and ignored her outstretched arm. Seemingly, they were treating each other like enemies.

Chen Xiaobei narrowed his eyes, preparing to counterattack on the sly. If he was the one who had been given the cold shoulder, he would not have given a rat’s ass; but because the person who was being so rudely snubbed was Luo Puti, Chen Xiaobei miffed.

Zhuo Qunfeng was discerning enough and attempted to salvage the situation, “My Shi Mei has been staying in the mountains for too long, and she has abandoned some of the etiquettes of the outside world. I hope Mr. Chen and Ms. Luo would not take this to heart.”

“Oh, is that so? I thought it was because her self-esteem was so low, she was too shy to shake hands with my wife!” Chen Xiaobei curled his lips.

Even though Zhuo Qunfeng’s excuse was believable enough, even a fool could tell that Wang Mengyu’s refusal to shake Luo Puti’s hand was not because she had no regard for worldly customs but because she was deliberately being hostile.

Chen Xiaobei was the type of person who could tolerate inveigling but not intimidation. The woman’s belligerence would only tick Chen Xiaobei off.

“What did you just say? I am the granddaughter of the Kunlun Faction’s Fifth Elder! You can never, in your entire lifetime, hope to gain the position, authority, wealth and resources such as mine! Why should I feel inferior to you?”

Wang Mengyu was not going to go down without a fight, spilling out all the anger that had welled up in her.

“Well, because you are not as beautiful as my wife.”

Chen Xiaobei shrugged his shoulders.

“You… I…” Wang Mengyu was dumbstruck. All she could do was glare at Luo Puti, trying to find a flaw on her face that she could throw back at Chen Xiaobei.

But even through a woman’s eyes, Luo Puti was perfect. Wang Mengyu could see nothing wrong with her.

Full score for her beauty, full score for her temperament and a definite full score for her body.

Especially today, in the skin-tight jeans that clung to the delicious curves and dips of her long slender legs. Almost all the men around her were staring at her.

Wang Mengyu turned beet red with humiliation, grinding her teeth with an intense loathing of Luo Puti. How could such a beautiful woman exist? It was so infuriating!

“Hmph!” Wang Mengyu stamped her feet and walked away furiously.

“What’s her problem? What did we ever do to her? Why is she acting like we’re her enemies?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

“Sigh, this silly girl is head over heels for one of our elder Shixiongs. Because you were late, elder Shixiong and the others left her behind to me because her cultivation was the lowest.” Zhuo Qunfeng said. “Fifth Shimei is angry that she could not go with elder Shixiong. Please don’t mind her, Mr. Chen.”

“Oh, I understand now.” Chen Xiaobei nodded. “As long as she doesn’t bother my wife, I won’t mind.”

“Yes, yes, yes. I will talk to her later.” Zhuo Qunfeng nodded.

The truth was, Zhuo Qunfeng had already warned Wang Mengyu earlier not to rub Chen Xiaobei the wrong way.

But this little miss was too proud. She was used to being spoiled by her Shi Xiongs and Shi Dis, who would always give in to her. To her, Chen Xiaobei was only an ordinary mortal being, not someone she would bother to respect.

“Who are the others travelling with us?”

Chen Xiaobei jumped to the next topic.

Zhuo Qunfeng said, “There are sixteen of us from Kunlun faction. Other than the children and grandchildren of the faction leader and the five core elders, there are also another 10 core disciples. There will also be 16 other people from Xingxiu Faction who will be joining us too!”

“Xingxiu Faction? Oh, why are there people from other factions?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

Ancestor Green Lotus and Tyrant left the next morning.

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