This sword strike was even vaster than the previous one, and it contained the profundities of the Myriad Netherwave Palm. He’d accumulated the might of his sword strikes like successive waves that overlapped with each other before being slashed out with the Creation Sword Insight. The might of this sword technique was sufficient to annihilate both Yin and Yang and crush the world, and it carried an all-powerful and fierce aura.

Thousand Fortune Granny’s expression was unsightly while the tip of her feet that were tapping on midair raised, causing her to spin in a beautiful arc in midair, and she dodged to the side while still avoiding colliding head on with Chen Xi.

She’d already discerned that this kid’s strength was extremely strange, and he seemed to be only at the Nether Transformation Realm in cultivation, but his true combat strength was absolutely not so simple.

Chen Xi suddenly let out a long howl as his movements grew in speed. He was like an Emperor of the Dao of the Sword. His body surged with divine radiances while his sword moves raged through the sky like peerless waterfalls, and he was matchlessly bold, powerful, and resolute in slaughter. Moreover, his attacks surged towards Thousand Fortune Granny like a tide.

Instantly, both of them were locked in fierce battle. But the strange thing was that they didn’t collide head on from the beginning until the end. Thousand Fortune Granny was like a little boat that had fallen into an expanse of tempestuous waves, and not only was she unable to charge through the waves, she was moving along with the waves, causing it to become more and more difficult for her to dodge.

Under Chen Xi’s attacks, she was actually unable to find space to launch a counterattack!

This caused her expression to finally go grim because she noticed that the situation was bad. Originally, she just intended to probe his ability, yet never had she imagined that she would be like a worm that had fallen into the web of a spider and fall deeper and deeper.

Thousand Fortune Granny didn’t hesitate any longer. She gritted her teeth as a jet black devilish glow shot into the sky from her body, and she was like a savage and bloodthirsty ferocious beast that had gone berserk beneath the veil of the night. She swung the vulture headed cane out because she’d finally intended to counterattack.


The two of them collided. Thousand Fortune Granny let out a muffled groan while her face went completely pale as she staggered back.

On the other hand, Chen Xi seemed to have not been affected in the slightest, and he strode forward with large strides once again. He moved through the air like a shocking dragon that had left its lair, and the Talisman Armament in his right hand swung out like a blade that could plough through the sky as it slashed down at her!

This sword strike actually carried the terrifying rumbling of the Grand Dao, and it was deafening like the resonant rings of a bell. This was the manifestation of his strength erupting after being overlapped and accumulated to the limit.

At the critical moment of life and death, Thousand Fortune Granny completely gave up any thoughts of being lucky, and she decided to put her life on the line and utilize her trump card that she’d hadn’t been willing to utilize all along.


Glows of blood that were like circles of ripples suddenly surged out into the surroundings of Thousand Fortune Granny’s body, and then two snow white and sharp fangs suddenly stuck out from her mouth, causing her appearance to change greatly. She became savage, sinister, and her entire body was enveloped in a surging mist of blood.

Instantly, the aura she emanated threw the heavens and the earth into disorder, shattered space, and even the ground to seem as if it was unable to withstand this heavy burden, causing countless narrow and long rifts that were like spider webs to split open.

This was the ultimate technique of the Azure Winged Vampire Bat Clan, the ‘Rage of Bloodthirst.’ During the primeval times, the ancestor of the Azure Winged Vampire Bat Clan had relied on this technique to instantly suck the blood of a god dry, causing the god to transform into a withered corpse.

However, right at the moment she was about to attack, a palm suddenly stretched out from behind her and grabbed onto her neck, and then it raised her like a little chick before smashing her gaunt figure into the ground with a bang.


Instantly, Thousand Fortune Granny’s ‘Rage of Bloodthirst’ hadn’t been executed when she was smashed into the ground like a dead dog. Her entire face was covered in blood, her nose had collapsed while her mouth had split apart, and her appearance was completely distorted. Moreover, a mouthful of blood even sprayed from her mouth.

Never had she imagined that she would actually be taken by surprise from behind at this most critical moment in the battle, and she didn’t even notice the existence of this person in the slightest!

This caused her to be astounded, and she forcefully endured the violent pain in her entire body to turn her head. Instantly, she noticed an unbelievable scene. Another Chen Xi had actually appeared in the battlefield!

One wore green clothes, was upright, and revealed an extraordinary bearing.

One wore an apricot yellow Daoist robe and possessed seething vital blood.

Besides this, their appearances seemed as if it was carved from the same mold, and there wasn’t a trace of difference!


Thousand Fortune Granny’s eyes narrowed as a strange thought flashed within her mind. Could it be that these two fellows are twins?

This thought became the final thought before her death as well. In the next moment, she was annihilated by a sword strike, and she let out a shrill cry like that of a boar being slaughtered as she died on the spot.

Without using the Godslaughter Burst, so long as my main body cooperated with my clone, it’s sufficient for me to slaughter experts at the fifth level of the Earthly Immortal Realm… Chen Xi put away his clone and didn’t hesitate any longer to transform into a wisp of flowing light that flashed towards the battlefield.

The conversation with Thousand Fortune Granny earlier caused his heart to constrict as he clearly knew that it wasn’t only he who’d suffered a surprise attack, and Wen Tianxiao had probably fallen into a dangerous situation as well.

It was precisely because of this that he’d exerted his entire strength since the battle began to end it as soon as possible. So he didn’t hesitate to directly utilize his clone and had utterly no intention of bitterly wasting time with Thousand Fortune Granny.

Bastard, you better not die! Otherwise, who will return the debt you owe me?

Chen Xi took a deep breath and tried his best to restrain the bad premonition in his heart while his figure flashed beneath the pitch black veil of the night.

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Next Chapter Lifting his head up, he saw a majestic city hiding in a hazy shroud of rain.

The towering city walls stood imposingly. On the walls, people moved around

Chu Mu followed the road forward and slowly walked forward. Gradually, he could see the tidy ranks of soldiers on either side of the road. They raised their arrogant heads as they watched mockingly at the last people to decide to surrender…..

Every person walking into the city had heavy steps. Their thoughts were in shambles. Losing their stance, belief, and everything, they walked like living corpses. Even though they already stepped into the city gates, they still didn’t know whether this selection was right or wrong.

“Yo, there’s one more, any slower and the execution will start. Surrendering then will be meaningless.” City gate general Wind Absolute said.

Wind Absolute stood on the city gate. From his height, he could see a white clothed man slowly walk over.

“You few, wait for that buddy of yours so I don’t have to tell people to go to the executioning grounds twice to cross off more names.” Wind Absolute glanced at the group of people surrendering at the foot of the city wall.

The few people turned around to look at the white clothed man to see what kind of person he was.

However, at this moment, from the rainfog came a white organism that quickly went towards the white clothed man.

“Is that an immortal ming bird?” a seventh level title middle aged man from soul palace said with some surprise.

One could tell that it was an emperor rank immortal ming bird. The seventh level title man found it hard to believe that some executive of soul palace was also coming to surrender.


In the rain, Chu Mu lifted his head and looked at the pure white soul pet that slowly floated down.

“Brother Chu, I knew it would be you!” Chao Lengchuan jumped off the Immortal Ming Bird, and said excitedly to Chu Mu.

Seeing Chao Lengchuan fine, Chu Mu couldn’t help but smile. “I heard Shen Mo said you really got to be the hero once. However, it’s good to see you still alive, really.”

“Compared to what you’re doing today, my courage before really wasn’t much.” Chao Lengchuan was as modest as ever.

“You seem to be stronger.” Chu Mu felt that Chao Lengchuan’s soul remembrance grow stronger and also be wrapped in a special energy.

“Hehe, just a lucky occurrence. Brother Chu, I, Chao Lengchuan had something to ask of you.” Chao Lengchuan said.

Chu Mu nodded for him to continue.

“I understand my mother’s character. No matter what, she will never surrender to Soul Alliance. If Brother Chu can shatter the executioner’s platform, I hope you can save her.” Chao Lengchuan said politely.

Chu Mu was just about to agree when Chao Lengchuan’s tone suddenly became very serious. “Before that, unless I die, no one will touch a single hair of yours!”

Chu Mu looked into the firm eyes of prince chao and was moved. After a long pause, he slowly nodded.

Chao Lengchuan saw Chu Mu agree and felt more at ease.

He knew that as long as this man agreed, then he would try his absolute best to complete it. As long as he agreed, Chao Lengchuan was comfortable putting his life in his hands!

Chu Mu and Chao Lengchuan were just about to go further ahead when further chasing came from behind them. In a moment, a man flipped handsomely off a star wilderness devil colt and caught up to Chu Mu and Chao Lengchuan.

“Haha, from far away, I heard your voices. What a coincidence. Though I’m useless in front of dominator ranks, as long as I, Ye Wansheng, am here, the sixteen absolutes, eight desolation people won’t get to interrupt your heroic act. Of course, if I can’t beat them, I’ll still retreat.” Ye Wansheng laughed and said.

Chu Mu glanced at Ye Wansheng and was just about to speak when he continued calmly, “Don’t forget, I still owe you half my life.”

Hearing this, Chu Mu knew that he couldn’t stop Ye Wansheng’s decision anymore.

However, the battle was no longer him fighting alone!


“Stop being slow, if you don’t want your family to die then climb up quickly!!” Wind Absolute stood on the city wall, and yelled at the three of them lagging behind.

“Report your name and identity!” Wind Absolute said impatiently.

The three walked to the bottom of the wall. Only Ye Wansheng lifted his head, replying with a smile, “My name is Ima, last name Hoare.”

“Ima Hoare, what a bizarre name.” Wind Absolute cursed and was just about to ask for the others’ titles when he suddenly realized what he had just said, and turned cyan in anger!

“Capture these bastards!” Wind Absolute yelled out angrily.

After giving the command, the armies both in and out of the city all surrounded them.

Though most people who came to hand over surrender letters were emissaries, there were some higher level people who came themselves to surrender. To prevent these people from going berserk, there were quite a lot of troops outside.

Immediately, there were three circles of people around them staring at them viciously.

Ye Wansheng maintained his smile. When Chao Lengchuan and Chu Mu just walked into the vicinity of the city, they didn’t even lift their heads, choosing to continue emotionlessly.

“Bastards, I, your grandfather, am here to put you in your graves!” Ye Wansheng indeed had no mercy in his language, setting the entire army into anger with a single sentence of his.

“Chop him up!” Wind Absolute was even more furious. A failure daring to be this arrogant was truly just looking for death!!

After giving the command, a beast uproar sounded. Hundreds of beast type soul pets pounced forth, threatening to rip the three of them into pieces.

Ye Wansheng’s Star Wilderness Devil Colt lifted its forepaws, and heavily slammed them down towards the city bridge!!


The bridge snapped and shook. With the stamp, the hundred beast type soul pets all went flying, crushing a large part of the army behind them. As for those who were at the forefront of the charge, they were directly crushed by the stamp’s power!

Shrieks sounded all over. The army was rendered into bushels of wheat as they flew out through the air in a mess under the might of the star wilderness devil colt’s multiple stomps. Falling into other people, into the city wall, falling into the city moat, they were all flimsy!

Wind Absolute’s face instantly blackened as he was standing on the city wall. He didn’t expect this young man to be a top tier emperor rank expert. Looks like he had to fight himself!

“How about the other two?” Wind Absolute was just about to attack when he noticed the other two were gone.

“Boss, they entered the city already.” Sub commander ran to the other side of the wall and pointed at the two figures who kept going forth without cease.

Wind Absolute’s entire face was twitching.

These two people never even looked over at them a single time from beginning to end. They took no one seriously. This was truly a display of how little they cared for anyone there!!!

Wind Absolute was livid. Not only did the city gate he watched over get in trouble, two people even got in unauthorized. Even worse was the two seemingly just strolled in!

“Surround them!!” Wind Absolute roared as he quickly started an incantation too.

“Other than yelling your head off, what else can you do?” Suddenly, a cold laugh came into Wind Absolute’s ear.

Wind Absolute suddenly turned his head around just to find the man who previously insulted him now right in front of him. The star wilderness devil colt he rode was now a more powerful Multi Colored Devil Tiger!!

“Paragon…paragon emperor rank!” Wind Absolute was shocked. Paragon emperor rank aura coming caused Wind Absolute’s incantation to be interrupted, yet he had no time to redo it anymore.

“I heard Wind Absolute was the worst of the sixteen absolutes, looks like they were right.” Ye Wansheng smiled ruthlessly and gave a command!


Devil Tiger’s claw fell down onto the Wind Absolute’s head. Before the Wind Absolute could cast anything, he was ripped into two by the paragon emperor rank tiger, sloshing blood everywhere.


The same time Wind Absolute was ripped in half, the entire towering city wall was collapsed by a large tiger claw mark, pushing the structure itself down!

The outer city building was a hundred meters tall. To normal soul pet trainers, it was like a mountain. Yet, with one attack of the Multi Colored Devil Tiger, it collapsed. The soldiers posted around the city building all held their heads and fled frantically!


The building finally fell completely. A wave of turbidity lifted up in the rain. Blood leaked from between the ruins as corpses were scattered throughout.

In a moment, the outer city defending army was shocked. They started shivering as they watched the man smile as he walked by with his Multi Colored Devil Tiger.

This time, no one dared to stop him. They could only watch as this man slightly quickened his pace to catch up to the two people who walked ahead…….

A small tier 3 subsidiary city that actually had a prince of the 4-star strength surprised Fei a little. Besides the [Five Eagles], there were also the [Ten Elites], [Nine Warriors], [Eight Pro], [Seven Wolves], [Six Heroes], [Four Blades], [Three Mad], [Two Hidden], [One Sword]. These people were obviously not some insignificant characters, especially the 10 people in front of the 4-star level [Five Eagles]; their power was obviously terrifying.

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