Whispered gossip began among those in the know and those who weren’t. Soon after, news of Wang Zhong’s situation spread to everyone. When some of them learned of his situation, a trace of pity appeared as they looked at him. His talents were so high, yet he suffered from an illness that caused his soul power to be chaotic and uncondensed. He was just like an ordinary person whose power could only make his muscles twitch. He truly was a tragic character.

Contrary to expectations, Wang Zhong simply responded with a smile of indifference. “Many thanks to President Natasha, but I still think that the Prodigy Society is the best fit for me.”

Off to the side, Milami gave a cold snort. ‘It’s a good thing he responded tactfully. If he had been more daring, then he would have been as good as dead.’

Natasha regretfully nodded. Despite her position as the society’s president, she couldn’t do much to oppose Milami.

“Alright then. Anyone who isn’t joining our society can leave now. This place isn’t a supermarket!” Emily was already beginning to shoo everyone off, beginning with Milami.

Milami’s shot Emily a quick glance. “You will definitely regret your choice today. President, let’s not waste any more time here.”

Once the goddesses left, the doors to the Prodigy Society cleared up once again. The few people that had originally been attracted by Emily’s entry into their society were not a problem, but such a disturbance would give the Prodigy Society a headache for days. Who didn’t know that Senior Sister Milami also had the nickname of Viper Spinster. Catching her attention would bring nothing but trouble. Even Natasha was a bit wary of her.

Emily was just barely able to enter their academy as a special recruit after having gone through a series of in depth tests. Due to this, Ma Dong immediately packed up his stall in fear of others coming to try and seduce Emily away from them. Even if he used money to recruit people, it would be like collecting bits and pieces to make a whole. But with Emily’s strength, his Prodigy Society finally had hope.

Wang Zhong was reading in the library as usual, but today he felt jittery. Elemental Nations: Oni of the Leaf He felt as though his whole being was different. For most people, that amount of soul power would change little, but for Wang Zhong it had completely transformed him.

He put away the book and headed towards the OP Training Building that was next door to the library.

OP System. Its meaning was to “transcend perfection”.

Igniting one’s soul power was only the first step. The most important thing was the ability to cast one’s heroic soul. Once one’s heroic soul took a form, their soul power would experience an exponential increase and they would receive an explosive soul dominating skill. Furthermore, those who cast their heroic soul would definitely become one of the elites within the heroic soul academy. In the last few years, Tianjing’s standard hovered around eight or nine as there was little pressure on them. Due to this, many students lost their chance to become an elite and could only helplessly enter the ordinary army or take part in supply logistics work after graduation.

In order to form their heroic soul, every student would use every possible method to refine their soul power and technique. Once their heroic soul was condensed, there was only one method left to further improve – battle!

One couldn’t help but mention the scientist from the Freedom Federation, Charlton Copernicus, when it came to the OP system. Charlton Copernicus’s s dream had been to become a genius superhero, but due to his ordinary combat talent there wasn’t anyone who wanted to spar with him. Due to his inability to gain combat experience, he was ultimately unable to cast his heroic soul. For the sake of his dream, Charlton abandoned the martial way and integrated rune power into the virtual reality technology from olden times in order to create a battle simulator. The result was completely unexpected. The Fifth Dimension, commonly referred to as the Soul Space, was created. In modern times, it carried the OP System, created by Gullan Grasso, another great scientist that had changed the world.

OP was realized due to the Fifth Dimension. It’s entire maintenance system and energy system was organized by the super financial groups of the cities of the Freedom Federation. The system made it easy for students to cast their heroic souls and refine their battle techniques, bringing out the best achievements from their heroic souls. Medical Fees (3)

It was difficult enough to catch the lion, then they had to dodge the young man’s arrows. It was exhausting! As time passed, the number of soldiers dwindled because most of them were either injured, pinned unto the ground or the wall.

Ye Lang’s lion is impressive! Paired with his archery skills, they’re a terrifying presence, Li Yue thought privately.

“It’s your turn!” Li Yue had already killed her way to the front of the major. She was splattered with blood, intimidating as ever.

“No, don’t kill me!” yelled the major in a panic. He was already too scared just from looking at her.

“…” Li Yue did not speak, directly thrusting her sword through his throat. Fresh blood sprayed everywhere…

“The major is dead! The major is dead…”

When they saw the major collapse, the soldiers started to scatter and stopped fighting the two. Morale was already very low and after hearing the gruesome cries, they were terrified.

“Your medical fees are on your major’s body. Next time, please be smart and hope you don’t meet a Sorceress like my sister here!” Ye Lang left them with this piece of advice then rode off with Li Yue.

The Six Guns Li Yue rolled her eyes and ignored him.

The rest of the crying soldiers and the crowd who witnessed everything were exasperated. To them, when compared to the Sorceress, it seemed like he was the slightly scarier one. Most of the soldiers were wounded by his arrows.

However, at least the sibling duo was merciful enough. Most of the soldiers were heavily injured but the wounds were not fatal. Especially the ones who were shot- they did not die afterwards, just needed time for recuperation.


Within the Muyang Town Lieutenant-General’s study, a middle-aged man slammed a folder of documents on the desk. It was obvious he was furious at the outcome of the situation.

“You’re all telling me, a twenty-something-year-old boy and girl destroyed four hundred people? And you all let them kill your major?!”

“Yes sir…” the soldiers standing before him muttered nervously.

“You’re all useless piles of trash! What happened to all your training? What’s the use of the Tanlang military group spending precious resources on feeding all of you? Four hundred people, all defeated by two people! And it was up to them to be merciful, that’s why you’re alive!” the middle-aged man continued yelling.

“…” The soldiers did not dare speak.

“Do you know what was the cause of the conflict?” asked the man.

“We don’t know. Our subordinates tell us it was because the Sorceress cut off the arms and legs of more than ten of our men, that’s why the major had to step up.” Of course, the soldiers did not dare mention that they were at fault, especially not the twenty-five thousand gold coins they received.

“Hmmph! I don’t care who these two are, they killed someone of mine, then hurt hundreds of my people! This matter shall not end here! If we do not kill them, then there will be no dignity in our Tanlang military group!” he said coldly. “Gather the horses and men, catch up to the two.”

“Yes, sir!”

And just like that, the most elite fighters of Muyang Town was dispatched to kill Ye Lang and Li Yue- who by now were already far, far away. They did not seek help from other towns because they felt like it was too embarrassing and they would just be treated as a joke.

They were confident that they’d be able to defeat the two because Ye Lang and Li Yue looked very young. They should be at most Di earthly level fighters and these people were strong enough to defeat two Di level fighters.

This special task force was filled with master fighters. The Tanlang military group was no weak organisation- Muyang Town was a significant military base after all.

Ye Lang and Li Yue did not know they were being hunted down, completely unaware that someone was furious enough to send his best fighters after them to make sure they were killed.

Well, it wasn’t even started by the both of them, plus they’d paid the people twenty-five thousand gold coins. Any military group would’ve called the matter off once they received such compensation, maybe only blacklisting them.

Based on this logic, Ye Lang and Li Yue had a very relaxed journey. After a while, they set up camp next to a stream at the foot of a hill.

There were still bloodstains on them both, especially on Li Yue. The bloodstains on Ye Lang were from her- she’d jumped on the lion right after the fight and they’d been riding together since.

He’d already removed the stains using a purification alchemy formation, also cleaning the lion with the same procedures.

However, he just stripped off all his clothes and jumped into the river for a bath. His underwear was still on, of course. He wasn’t THAT open.

However, when Li Yue saw this, she looked away shyly and started a fire instead to prepare tonight’s dinner.

This was deja vu, as if she was back to the group hunt days. Those were memories she would never forget!

If only Ye Lang wasn’t lying and was genuinely nice to her, how nice would it be… Too bad he wasn’t, but it still felt so good… Sigh, what is happening to me? Have I fallen in love with the asshole already? No, that’s impossible! I hate him!

“Hmmph!” with a huff, Li Yue hurled a pebble as far as she could into the forest, scaring a flock of birds.

“Woah! Li Yue, Li Yue, Li Yue, look look look!” Ye Lang’s excited cries snapped her back to reality.

“What now?” Li Yue initially looked up scowling to scare Ye Lang but when she did, her jaw dropped.

“This… This…”

What shocked her? It was a fish. Of course, it was no ordinary fish. It was a huge fish, a gigantic fish.

As Ye Lang hugged the fish, it covered more than half of his body!

“This fish is huge, isn’t it?” he said excitedly.

“How did you catch it?” Li Yue asked incredulously. Ye Lang wasn’t even fishing, he was just playing in the stream.

“Hehe, it swam to me on its own! It must have known that I’m hungry so it delivered itself to me,” he said casually. He had never stopped to think about this phenomenon.

“Yeah, you’re the son of Lady Luck! So, son of Lady Luck, what should we do with this fish?” she asked with a grin. I Can’t Take It Anymore!

“Oh, no. I don’t have any affiliations with them. It’s just that my wife has recently invested in a film. I’ve received feedback that it’s best to get our special effects post-production done by that company but they seem a little hard to reach.

You know I’m quite impatient, especially towards things that I have zero interest in.

Since you know them, could you help tell them that Yu Lei Entertainment from Zhonghai, China is producing a film and would like ILM to work on its post-production? I am willing to pay above their usual rates as long as it’s not too ridiculous.”

Nothing Yang Chen said made sense to the rest of the cast and crew.

What was with his tone? Why did he sound like he owned Industrial Light & Magic?

His following statement sent chills down their spine.

“Just let them know. No need to beat around the bushes. Get them to send someone over to sign the contract. We’ll give them every penny they ask for. Don’t they dare delay my progress or I’ll…I’m sure you’re aware that I’ve demolished some other headquarters earlier. ILM would be significantly easier than that.”

Christen giggled on the other end. “Nothing has changed about you, always opting to scare the shit of others but I guess that’s what makes you Yang Chen. All I need to do is mention your name and have Lucas find out more about you from the American government. By then, not even the White House and Pentagon could stop you.”

Yang Chen grinned. “Well, it better be that way. Call me when you’re done, good night.”

“Good night.” Christen blew a kiss through the receptor, ending the call.

Yang Chen returned the phone back to his pocket and flashed a smile at Hui Lin along with a wink. “I got it under control.”

Hui Lin gaped a little before letting joy bloom over her face. “I almost forgot how capable you are, Brother Yang.”

Sheepishly, she started to pinch stray strands of her hair.

Yu Shuo attempted to pry with a beam. “Director Yang was that Miss Christen on the phone?”

Yang Chen nodded nonchalantly. “Yeah, that’s right.”

The answer triggered Yu Shuo’s guilt. How foolish was he to underestimate this man? How could he have forgotten that Yang Chen was able to invite Christen to attend their premiere in China?

Such a man certainly wasn’t any mere director of a sub-company.

The people around them started another round of heated questioning. “Director, Miss Christen? That Christen?”

“Yes, who else? Which other Christen do you know who could call ILM on a whim.” Yu Shuo smiled.

The crowd was shocked. They were in utter disbelief with the seemingly unfazed Yang Chen.

Zhang Kaiwei had extreme terror plastered all over his face too. His contact with one of ILM’s investors had stemmed from his first Hollywood cameo. He had to go through great lengths to please the person in accordance with the American preferences for the relationship.

But an International Diva like Christen was certainly out of reach for him. Chances of coming across each other were close to zero, let alone establishing a relation.

The man standing in front of him was average-looking at best. If he had stripped away his attire, there wouldn’t be any difference between him and a lowly roadside vendor. Weirdly, he was able to give Christen a random call and have her help him.

“Ah, I remember that Yu Lei International was the first company in China to invite Christen to join Stars of Yu Lei as a judge.”

“I thought that was just more of an official affair. I wasn’t expecting them to establish private contact.”

The crowd landed their gaze on Yang Chen once again, their expressions filled with wonder.

Yang Chen kept his calm, unassuming demeanor. Unknowingly, the crew acknowledged his superiority. A humble man like this was a worthy character of the upper class.

Such mannerism, such confidence and that hint of ego.

Had made his initial unbearable appearance look extremely applaudable now.

Yang Chen couldn’t help but feel a little disgusted by their stares. “Your trust doesn’t matter much to me. In the next few days, an ILM representative will be here to sign the papers. In other words, I’ve helped you solve your post-production woes. Those who still intend to force Hui Lin with the kiss scene can fuck off. If I could get the world’s best special effects company involved in this project, I can get an internationally renowned film crew to work instead.”

If he had spewed such words earlier, no one would’ve taken him seriously. Things were different now. No one dared to question the authenticity of it.

Undeniably, it was a sharp turn of events. Who would still wish to go against Yang Chen now?

The man could simply instruct Christen, an internationally famous diva, to work. Everyone else was literally no match for him.

Brushing that aside, if they continued to stay with the crew and did their best to appease Yang Chen, maybe they could leech off the benefits.

The crowd faked a smile. No one mentioned another word about the kiss scene.

Yu Shuo’s heart let out a sorrowful sigh. There really wasn’t much he could do about them.

Zhang Kaiwei averted his gaze to the ground, emotions stirring into a flurry within him. A flash of greed and jealousy glimmered in his eyes. He swallowed it back and then lifted his head. This time, his face was filled with what seemed like gratitude and joy.

“That’s great! With Director Yang’s networking, I’m sure this production will enjoy smooth progress. If Miss Hui Lin remains uncomfortable about the scene, we could all just stick to the plan and use a substitute for it. I’m sure everything will be fine as long as we capture from the right angle.”

The crowd agreed. “Kaiwei’s right. It shouldn’t be too big of an issue with Director Yu Shuo’s experience, we can pull this off!”

Suddenly, there was no objection to the initially controversial idea. Everyone had found Hui Lin’s decision to reject the kiss scene noble.

Yang Chen scoffed. The rising tension hardened everyone’s expression.

If I had left immediately when I discovered the possibility of danger, I would have been thousands of miles from here. If only I had trusted my own intuition when I saw Cheng Zi Ang. If only I didn’t have the desire Chu Yang and left right away, I would be free right now…

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